Top 10 great campervan hire companies in Ireland

One of the best ways to explore the Emerald Isle is by renting a campervan and going on a road trip. Here are ten great campervan hire companies in Ireland.

Whether you have been planning the ultimate Irish road trip with some friends, or you just want a relaxing way to explore all the sights Ireland has to offer, hiring a campervan is one of the best ways to travel around Ireland.

With more people than ever before booking staycations to explore what is right on their doorstep, there is no time like the present to make a break for it. Plus, Northern Ireland is one of the best places for a motorhome road trip in the U.K.

What are you waiting for? Here are ten great campervan hire companies in Ireland to help get you started on your next Irish adventure.

Ireland Before You Die’s top tips for caravan camping in Ireland

  • Some rural Irish roads can be narrow, windy and difficult to traverse! So, check your campervan is a suitable size and ensure you can navigate it.
  • Ireland’s weather is often unpredictable and prone to rain, so plan accordingly for your camping trip. Having waterproof clothing will be very useful.
  • Follow the Leave No Trace principle as you drive through Ireland in your campervan. Respect the environment and your surroundings.
  • Having your own campervan means you control the journey and can drive anywhere across the country, so head to some hidden gems and hit the off-the-beaten-path routes.
  • Wherever you stop, get out and wander and speak with the locals. Irish people are friendly and welcoming and this will only add to your experience.

10. Craic n Campers – for comfort seekers

Craic n Campers are a great option for comfort seekers.
Credit: Instagram / @craicncampersrental

Their spacious and comfortable campervans come fully equipped with everything you might need for an adventure on the road.

For those arriving into the country, you can arrange to be picked up from any of the major airports so you can start your journey hassle-free.

More information: Here.

9. Ireland West Motorhomes – friendly and personal

Next up on our list of campervan hire in Ireland is Ireland West Motorhomes.
Credit: Instagram / @irelandwestmotorhomes

This family-run campervan hire company ensures that you have an incredible experience renting a campervan with them.

From walking you through all the equipment on board to having an on-demand phone service you can call if you need help or advice, you will definitely feel like you are in safe hands!

More information: Here.

8. Bunk Campers – suits all budgets

Bunk Campers are one of the best companies in Ireland.
Credit: Instagram / @flitzemork

Based just outside Dublin, this campervan depot has options to suit all budgets and tastes.

Whether you’re a young driver, or are looking for some extra comfort on your road trip, Bunk Campers has a campervan for you.

Add some of their extras, like their outdoor tables and chairs, to make your trip even more comfortable!

More information: Here.

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7. Spaceships Rentals – for unlimited fun

For great campervan hire in Ireland, try Spaceships.
Credit: Instagram / @spaceshipsuk

Offering unlimited miles and 24-hour roadside assistance, Spaceships Rentals allows for a worry-free adventure in Ireland and Europe.

They also have a variety of campers that are dog friendly, so even your furry friends can join in the adventure!

More information: Here.

6. Wicked Campers – budget-friendly

Wicked Campers are hilarious!
Credit: Instagram / @aurel_benaurel

Perfect for a backpacking adventure, these cheap and colourful campers are some of the most fun options out there!

The iconic campervans are fitted with double beds, so they’re best suited to solo travellers and couples.

Featuring a kitchenette, these wicked campers have everything you need to explore the island of Ireland!

More information: Here.

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5. RetroVentures- for the perfect road-trip with your four-legged friends

Halfway down our list of campervan hire in Ireland is RetroVentures.
Credit: Facebook / @RetroVentures

Only offering the latest and best campers, all of which are less than two years old, you can relax knowing you are in safe hands with RetroVentures.

With options to add on an e-bike to your booking, there has never been a better way to explore the Emerald Isle. You can even bring your pets!

More information: Here.

4. Vanderlust – perfect for outdoor pursuits

Vanderlust is great for outdoor pursits.
Credit: Instagram / @vanderlust_campervans

Not only does Vanderlust offer campervan rental, but they also offer surfboard hire and bicycle rental. Start your travels in Ireland before continuing your adventures around Europe!

Included is everything you might need while on the road such as cooking and living equipment. They also offer the option to bring your personal equipment so you can reduce the cost.

More information: Here.

3. Wild Atlantic Campers – for a modern way to explore

Wild Atlantic Campers is perfect for modern campervan hire in Ireland.
Credit: Instagram / @wildatlanticcampers

With a mix between the classic VW campervan and modern Rimor campervans, Wild Atlantic Campers offers the ultimate way to travel for groups of up to seven people.

Based midway along the Wild Atlantic Way, Wild Atlantic Campers is in the perfect location to set you off on an adventure along this magnificent route.

Some of their campers come with a toilet, a shower, and a bike rack, making this one of the most luxurious options for campervan rental.

More information: Here.

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2. Lazy Days – Ireland’s leading VW camper hire

Lazy Days Campers is a great option.
Credit: Instagram / @lazycampers

The infamous Volkswagen campervans are used across the world for completing some epic road trips!

These colourful campers ooze tonnes of character, and their handy size makes them manageable to navigate – even on the smallest of country roads.

They come stocked with everything you might need on your travels, including cooking utensils, a gas hob, and a fridge.

More information: Here.

1. Wild Way Campers – for a hassle-free experience

For hassle free campervan hire in Ireland check out Wild Way Campers.
Credit: Instagram / @wildwaycampers

Based in Kerry, Wild Way Campers is in one of the best locations to begin your travels along the Wild Atlantic Way before continuing your journey throughout the Emerald Isle.

Their Volkswagen campervan fits five people, and the upfront cost is inclusive of most camping equipment!

Offering weekly, fortnightly, and short-term rentals, this is a fantastic campervan hire company boasting epic escapes and staycations in Ireland.

More information: Here.

Your questions answered about the best campervan hire companies in Ireland

If you still have some questions then you are in the right place! Below, we have put together the most frequently asked questions from our readers and online about the best campervan hire companies in Ireland.

How much is it to hire a campervan in Ireland?

Depending on the season, hiring a campervan in Ireland can range from between 90 and 195 euros per day.

Is Ireland good for campervans?

Ireland has a good road network connecting its major cities, but there are many small rural roads which would be difficult for campervans to traverse.

Is hiring out a campervan profitable?

Yes. Especially in the high season, you will be earning at least 90-125 euros per day hiring it out.


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