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Who we are

Ireland Before You Die is the world leading independent Irish travel website, with over 1 million readers each month. 

Serving as the unrivalled source for information on the Emerald Isle, Ireland Before You Die is the go-to guide for visitors. 

Featuring everything from itineraries and city guides, to restaurant reviews and hotel suggestions, your Irish adventure starts and ends with Ireland Before You Die.

As a 100% Irish owned and operated company, we strive to support other businesses in the Irish tourism industry such as hotels and restaurants through a range of services. 

If you are looking to elevate your online presence and attract new customers, there are many ways we can work together. 


Our Services

Below is just a few services we offer to Irish businesses:

1. Blog Content

Our team of travel writers are on hand to help you design on-brand, SEO-optimised content for your business blog. All you need is to provide images to accompany the text. 

Delivered with sales growth and brand awareness in mind, the SEO-driven content aims to encourage new customers and bookings with your business.

2. Press Trips 

Our team of content creators are always looking to review new activities and experiences.

Invite us on a press trip to write about your service or destination, and we look forward to sharing the story with our readers.

3. Reviews 

Welcome a member of our team to your service or destination, and we will tell our readers what we thought. 

We offer unbiased and honest travel insight, making our website one of the most trusted online. 

Here are some examples of our most recent brand campaigns:

Bushmills Irish Whiskey
Titanic Belfast
Tullamore D.E.W.

4. Giveaways

We can help you generate brand awareness and grow your online presence through competitions and giveaways – the prize being a stay at your hotel, for example. 

Examples of previous giveaways can be seen here: 

Lough Erne Hotel Giveaway

5. Keyword Report

Offering in-depth keyword reporting, we can help you understand what you and your competitors rank for in search engines. 

This knowledge can help you drive traffic and increase sales while staying a step ahead of market rivals. 

6. Social Media Posts 

As the leading Irish travel advisor, we can help promote your business via sponsored Instagram, Facebook or Twitter content to our audience of over half a million people. 

7. Advert on Newsletter 

Our newsletter reaches 1,000+ subscribers. Collaborate with us and have your business seen by over a thousand followers per month. 

Offering featured placement and click-through links, newsletter advertisements help grow your following and increase brand awareness. 

8. Feature your Product on our Shop 

If you are an artist, business or designer, we’d love to discuss featuring you on our online shop that offers a potential reach of up to 1 million customers per month. 

If you are an Irish artist and would like us to feature your art in our shop, see our Artist Service Page

Irish Hotels: work with us

If you are working to promote a hotel and would like to work with us see our Hotel Service Page for more information

Who We’ve Worked With

There are various services that we offer to help you reach and influence your target market.

Our Values

1. Curiosity – we’re naturally curious, we can’t help it

2. Passion – we’re genuinely passionate about Ireland, travel and culture

3. Positivity – we’re positive, laid-back people

4. Consistency – our passion is proved through our communication and consistency

5. Honesty – we can be held accountable for our work

6. Supporting Sustainability – we proudly promote responsible tourism in Ireland

Benefits of Working With Us

1. Access new audience

2. Attract new customers

3. Grow brand awareness

4. Target active travellers

5. Increase sales

Media Kit

You can download our media kit, with more information below:

Ireland Before You Die Media Kit

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