Top 5 best ways to travel around Ireland for a stress-free trip

Ireland is on everyone’s travel bucket list and there are many ways to explore this beautiful land. Still, let us tell you the best ways to travel around Ireland for a stress-free trip.

Holidaying and staycationing are some of the best ways to relax and unwind away from life’s daily stresses. So, the last thing you want when travelling is more stress, but it doesn’t have to be like this (we promise).

Ireland is a relatively easy place to travel, whichever mode you choose. Still, there are certainly ways that are much more appealing than others.

So, let us break it down for you and help you plan a stress-free Irish trip. Here are the best ways to travel around Ireland.

5. Bicycle – just you and the open road

Cycling is one of the best ways to travel around Ireland.

With an array of cycle routes throughout the country, with some stunning backdrops, this is a great way to travel in general, but one of the best ways to travel Ireland.

If you are relatively fit, have some long-distance cycling experience, and can travel light, this option will ensure a fantastic experience.

You will get up close and personal with your surroundings, can save money, burn some calories, and meet many people along the way.

We recommend doing this in the summer months when the weather is mild, and you can either take your own bike or rent a good quality bicycle from your starting point.

4. Group Tour – taking all the hassle out of travelling in Ireland

Group tours are another of the best ways to travel around Ireland.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Many people love to go on group tours, especially if you are travelling solo, are not familiar with a country, or want a completely stress-free trip.

Signing up with one of the many group tours available in Ireland means everything is taken care of for you, leaving you with more time to sit back, enjoy the scenery, and make friends along the way. There are often tours of ancient sites and iconic attractions. 

By travelling in this way, you won’t need a tight schedule, and never have to worry about where you will eat, stay, or what sights you are missing out on. It will all be covered, guaranteeing you a stress-free holiday. We admit this is one of our best travel tips. 

3. Motorbike – the ultimate open-air freedom

Motorbike is third on our list of the best ways to travel around Ireland.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Imagining the feeling of freedom as the wind blows through your hair, and you take on the glorious coastal roads of Ireland? This is a dream for many, but of course, unless you have a motorcycle license, then one of the other options might be more suited to you.

However, if motorcycling is your thing, Ireland is the place to do it. We have many excellent mountain passes, narrow seaside roads, and much more to get your adrenaline pumping.

So, if you have a bike or want to rent one in Ireland, this option is very stress-free, and easy to plan and if you are a light traveller and have a tent at hand, this is the perfect recipe for adventure.

2. Car and tent – one of the best ways to travel around Ireland

Driving is one of the best ways to travel Ireland.

Of course, you might prefer a car and hotel. However, if you are up for an adventure, then having a comfy tent is the way to go to your popular destination. 

There are many wild camping areas in Ireland and many campsites, too. So, the stress of finding somewhere to bed down each night will be a lot less with this method. In fact, it will be extra exciting to wake up with a variety of views every morning.

This is also a great budget-friendly travel option and affordable car rental agencies are dotted throughout the country, making it stress-free. Ireland is a beautiful country waiting to be explored. 

There may be an additional cost of petrol, but you can find the supreme locations for panoramic views of Ireland’s top spots. 

1. Campervan – the whole stress-free package

Campervan is top of our list of the best ways to travel around Ireland.
Credit: Tourism Northern Ireland

Taking the number one spot for the best ways to travel around Ireland we have the campervan. It’s no surprise that staycations have become extremely popular since the pandemic, and travelling by campervan has become more popular.

There are a variety of campervan rental companies and sure, if you have a friend with a camper, they might even lend it to you for a long weekend or a week.

The fact that you have everything in one place takes a lot of the stress out of travelling, especially for families. Take your trip to the next level and get ahead using the essential Ireland packing list.

Gone are the days of searching for hotels, splurging on restaurants for every meal, and having to pack and unpack constantly. The campervan is the best way to travel Ireland.

If you thought planning a trip around Ireland would be stressful, you’d be wrong. With these five best ways to travel Ireland and Northern Ireland for a stress-free trip, you will have more time to enjoy and less time to worry.

Notable mentions

Walking and train are amongst the best ways to travel around Ireland
Credit: Tourism Ireland and

Public transport: There are many modes of good and cheap public transport in Ireland, such as Irish Rail, Dublin Bus, and Bus Eireann. These visit all of Ireland’s major cities and major towns. There are near unlimited travel opportunities with the bus services. 

Road trips: Road trips are a popular way to travel Ireland’s beautiful countryside and rural charm. Bus travel is also a good way for this, and you are often treated to scenic views. 

Train travel: Train travel is another very efficient way around Ireland, such as the Dublin to Belfast route. Trains in the capital city of Dublin are good, too, with a sophisticated rail network to bring you to the capital’s popular attractions. 

Walking: Sometimes walking is one of the best ways to travel around Ireland, especially in a city centre or city streets. There are plenty of walking tours available. 

FAQs about the best ways to travel around Ireland

Flying is another of the best ways to travel around Ireland.
Donegal Airport, Carrickfinn

Where are the best places to travel to around Ireland? 

These would include Belfast City, Trinity College Dublin, Blarney Castle, Dublin Castle, Galway City, and County Donegal. Others include County Wicklow, Slea Head, Inis Mor, County Cork, Titanic Belfast, Dunmore Head, and Kilkenny Castle. 

Can you fly in and around Ireland? 

Yes, it is possible to get internal flights in Donegal. Dublin Airport is Ireland’s main airport, and Aer Lingus would be one of the main providers to regional airports and can offer a cheap flight. 

What should you take into consideration when travelling around Ireland? 

You should always consider your travel insurance. Also, to work out the best tourist attractions, you may want to consult travel agents for further help. There is always plenty of day trips and bus journeys on offer. Take a travel guide like this, too. 

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