100 popular Irish first names and their meanings: an A-Z list

Do you know what your name means? Check out our list of 100 popular Irish first names, both in Gaelic and English.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of uniquely Irish first names, with their own specific meaning or origin. Some will be familiar and some will be rare.

Many of these names derive their meaning from ancient Irish mythology, while others have evolved from words and phrases within the Irish language.

If you have an Irish first name, do you know its meaning? And its Gaelic versus English-language equivalent? Have a look at this list of the top 100 Irish first names for both males and females, listed alphabetically.

Top 100 Irish first names: A-B

Irish first names from 1 to B
Number Gaelic name English-language equivalent Meaning
1 Aine Aine Radiance, splendour, or brilliance
2 Aisling Ashling Dream or vision
3 Aodh Hugh Fire
4 Aodhan Aiden Little fiery one or born of fire
5 Aoibhinn Aoibhinn Pleasant or beautiful
6 Aoife Eve or Eva Beautiful and radiant; in Irish mythology, Aoife is known as the greatest warrior woman in the world
7 Bébinn Bevin Fair lady
8 Berach Barry Sharp
9 Blathnaid Blathnaid Irish version of Florence, meaning blooming or blossoming
10 Bran Bran Raven

Top 100 Irish first names: B-C

Irish first names from B to C
Number Gaelic name English-language equivalent Meaning
11 Brian Brian High, noble, and strong
12 Brigid Bridget Exalted one
13 Bronagh Bronagh Sad or sorrowful
14 Cairbre Carbrey Charioteer
15 Caoilfhionn Keelin Derives from the Gaelic words “caol” (slender) and “fionn” (fair)
16 Caolan Caolan Slender
17 Caoimhe Keeva Gentle, beautiful, or precious
18 Caoimhín Kevin Comely birth
19 Cara Cara A friend
20 Cathair Cahir Battle man

Top 100 Irish first names: C

Irish first names beginning with C
Number Gaelic name English language equivalent Meaning
21 Cathal Cathal Strong in battle
22 Cian Kian Ancient or enduring
23 Ciara Kiera/Keara Dark
24 Ciaran Kieran Little dark one
25 Cillín Cillian War, strife or bright-headed
26 Cliodhna Cleena Comes from the Gaelic word “clodagh,” which means shapely
27 Clodagh Cloda Named for the River Clodagh (Clody River) which runs through Tipperary and Wexford
28 Cailean  Collin Cub or puppy
29 Colm Colum Irish version for the Latin name Columba, which means dove
30 Comhghall Cole Joint pledge

Top 100 Irish first names: C-D

Irish first names from C to D
Number Gaelic name English-language equivalent Meaning
31 Conal Conal Strong wolf
32 Conan Conan Hound or wolf, or swift-footed warrior
33 Conchúr Conor Lover of hounds or high desire
34 Cormac Charles Son of defilement
35 Craig Craig Means rock, coming from the Irish word “carraig”
36 Cronan Cronan Brown or dark-skinned
37 Dáire Dara Fruitful or fertile
38 Daithí David Swiftness or nimbleness
39 Daniel Daniel God is my judge
40 Darragh Darragh Can also mean dark oak or oak tree

Top 100 Irish first names: D-E

Irish first names from D to E
Number Gaelic name English-language equivalent Meaning
41 Dearbhla Dervla ‘Dearbh’ means “truth” and “ail” means “loveliness or desire”, so the name implies “true desire”
42 Deirbhile Dervla Daughter of a poet
43 Diarmuid Dermot Without enemy
44 Doireann Darren Sullen or tempestuous
45 Domhnall Donal Ruler of the world
46 Donnchabh Donnacha Brown-haired warrior
47 Ó Eidirsceóil Driscoll Descendant of the messenger
48 Eabha Eve Life
49 Eachann Hector Brown Horse
50 Eimear Emer Swift; according to Irish mythology, Eimear was the wife of Irish legend Cuchullain

Top 100 Irish first names: E-F

Irish first names from E to F
Number Gaelic name English-language equivalent Meaning
51 Eireann Erin Ireland
52 Eithne Enya, Ena Kernel of the nut or seed
53 Eoin John Young
54 Eoghan Owen Born from the yew tree
55 Faolán Fillin Little wolf
56 Fearghal Fergal Brave and courageous
57 Fearghas Fergus Man of vigour
58 Fiadh Fiadh Coming from the Irish world for wildlife, “fiadhúrla”, it means wild
59 Fiona Fiona Fair, white, and beautiful
60 Fionn Finn Fair-headed, white or clear; refers o legendary Irish mythological figure Fionn MacCumhaill, leader of “Na Fianna”

Top 100 Irish first names: F-M

Popular names from Ireland, from F to M
Number Gaelic name English-language equivalent Meaning
61 Fionnuala Finola Fair shoulder
62 Flaithrí N/A King of princes
63 Garbháin Garvin Little rough one
64 Grainne Grace Grain or corn; in ancient Ireland, Grainne was the goddess of these
65 Cillian Killian Associated with the church
66 Laoise Leesha Radiant girl
67 Uilliam Liam Strong-willed warrior and protector
68 Lorcán Lorcan Silent or fierce
69 Mairead Margaret Pearl
70 Meabh Maeve Intoxicating; Irish legend says Meabh was the warrior queen of Connacht

Top 100 Irish first names: N-P

Popular names from the Emerald Isle, from N to P
Number Gaelic name English-language equivalent Meaning
71 Naomh Neeve Holy or saint
72 Naomhán N/A Little saint
73 Nessa Nessa Rough or not gentle
74 Niall Niall Champion, passionate or vehement
75 Niamh Nieve Radiance or brightness
76 Odhran Oran Little pale green one
77 Oisin Oisin Little deer, and in Irish mythology, Oisin was son of legendary warrior Fionn MacCumhaill
78 Oonagh Una Lamb
79 Orflaith Orla Golden princess or golden sovereign
80 Padraig Patrick Nobly born and the Irish patron saint, St Patrick

Top 100 Irish first names: P-S

Popular names from Ireland, from P to S
Number Gaelic name English-language equivalent Meaning
81 Rian Rian Little king or kingly
82 Rionach Rionach Queenly
83 Roisín Roisin Little rose
84 Rónán Ronan Little seal
85 Ruairi Rory Red-haired king
86 Sadhbh Sadhbh Sweet, lovely or wise
87 Saoirse Saoirse Freedom
88 Seamus James Derives from Jacob
89 Seán Sean God is gracious, or wise and old
90 Senan Senan Little wise person, old or ancient

Top 100 Irish first names: S-Z

Popular names from Ireland, from S to Z
Number Gaelic name English-language  equivalent Meaning
91 Shannon Shannon Wise river – “sion” (wise) and “abhainn” (river)
92 Siobhán Shauna Means God is gracious
93 Sinead Jane God is gracious
94 Siobhan Chevonne God has been gracious or full of charm
95 Sorcha Sorcha Brightness or radiant
96 Tadhg Tadhg Poet or bard
97 Tiernan Tiernan Little lord
98 Torin Torin Chief
99 Tuathal Tuathal Ruler of the people
100 Ultán Ultan Means “a man of Ulster”

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