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Top 20 Gaelic Irish boys names

Did your name make the list? See where it ranked on our definitive list of Gaelic Irish boys names and their meanings!

32 famous Irish people: the most well known person every Irish county

Who’s your county’s claim to fame? Here are 32 famous Irish people, one from every county in Ireland.

Top 20 Gaelic Irish girl names

Just how popular is your name? Check out where it ranked in our definitive list of the most popular Gaelic Irish girl...

The top 20 hottest modern Irish girl names right now

Wondering what the top Irish girl names are? We've compiled a stellar list! Did your name make it?

The top 10 Irish Celtic symbols and their meanings

We take a look at the ten most popular Irish Celtic symbols and their meanings.

Top 10 hilarious funny Irish jokes that will get the whole pub laughing

Looking some funny Irish jokes and jokes about Irish people? These ones are sure to get the whole pub laughing.

The 10 best Irish movies of all time, ranked

In this feature, we look at the best Irish movies of all time, ranked in order of greatness.

20 MAD Irish Phrases Which Make No Sense To English Speakers

20 Slang Phrases in Ireland which make no logical sense but are widely understood on the Emerald Isle. Like most countries, Ireland has its very...

The 10 most famous myths and legends from Irish folklore

You’ve definitely heard of these ten famous myths and legends from Irish folklore! Which is your favourite of these famous Irish legends?

The 10 best Irish bands of all time, ranked

We take a look back over the past five decades and lists what in his opinion were and still are the ten...

10 Irish traditions the rest of the world might find weird

From fairy trees to magpie salutes, here are 10 Irish traditions that people outside Ireland may find a bit odd.

50 shocking facts about Ireland you probably didn’t know

I don’t think that any Irish person ever gets bored of hearing shocking facts about Ireland.

The 10 best things to do in Mayo, Ireland (County Guide)

Located on the west coast of Ireland, Co. Mayo is just packed with hidden gems. Here are the ten best things to...

Top 10 Irish cultural traditions, customs, and their origins

Ireland boasts a characterful culture, full of unique traditions, customs, and origins so synonymous with the Emerald Isle. From Irish dancing to...

Irish insults: the 10 most savage jibes and meanings behind them

Looking some of the most savage Irish insults? Check out our list and build up your dictionary.
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