Top 5 best camping spots in County Wicklow, ranked

Deciding exactly where the best camping spots in county Wicklow is no easy task as the county is full of stunning and scenic locations.

Wicklow is commonly known as the “garden of Ireland”, so naturally, it should come as no surprise that it is considered one of the best spots for wild camping in Ireland.

To make things even better, many of the camping locations in county Wicklow, besides possessing stunning beauty, also offer a whole host of great activities to enjoy. This could be hiking, kayaking and abseiling, to name but a few!

It’s this combination of both aesthetically pleasing surroundings and an abundance of adventurous activities on offer which make these five camping spots in Wicklow so great.

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👉 Wicklow Mountains National Park is our favourite campsite in Wicklow! 
🔥 Another must-visit campsite is Wolohan’s Caravan & Camping Park
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Ireland Before You Die’s top tips for camping in Wicklow:

  • In the summer, always bring bug spray if you’re thinking about camping anywhere in Ireland.
  • The weather in Ireland is unpredictable. Bring rainproof gear, sturdy walking boots, and good-quality tents and equipment.
  • Always check out specific rules and regulations of the area before you pitch your tent.
  • Be a conscientious camper and bring home all of your rubbish from your trip.
  • Check out the amenities available at your chosen campsite before you visit to help with camping.
  • Check out Ireland’s rules on wild camping if you choose not to stay in a camping park.

5. Hidden Valley Holiday Park – a resort full of great activities

Hidden Valley Holiday Park is one of the best camping spots in county Wicklow.
Credit: Instagram / @hiddenvalleyholidaypark

The Hidden Valley Holiday Park is a family-first holiday park that is the perfect place to bring families of all ages and sizes. It boasts a wealth of activities that will keep you both busy and entertained throughout your stay.

From kayaking, paddle boats, playgrounds, fishing, laser tag, and cinema nights, there is a wide variety of activities to enjoy no matter your taste.    

The resort hosts both traditional tent camping, caravans, log cabins, and also glamping facilities for those wishing for a bit more luxury.    

Address: Lower Main St, Glasnarget North, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

4. The Irish Camping and Caravan Club (ICCC) – fun for all the family

The ICCC is a camp ground for the whole family.

The ICCC is a voluntary organisation that promotes the camping and caravan lifestyle with like-minded people.

The club has two main sites located in Drumgoff Barracks in Wicklow and Courtown in Wexford.

Membership to the ICCC is very affordable at €63 per year, and it’s well worth joining, as you will become a part of its all-inclusive and fun-filled family gatherings that guarantee fun for all the family.

Address: Drumgoff, Glenmalure, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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3. Wolohan’s Caravan & Camping Park – enjoy the sea breeze while camping

Wolohan's Caravan and Camping Park is one of the best camping spots in county Wicklow.
Credit: Facebook / Wolohans Silver Strand Caravan and Camping Park

Wolohan’s Caravan & Camping Park is located close to Wicklow town and is a scenic little park that offers excellent panoramic views for families looking to have fun at the seaside at one of the best camping sites in Ireland.

There is a swim-safe beach nearby, and for those families who are looking for the quintessential camping experience in a peaceful rural environment for the entire family, then look no further than this back-to-basics-style camping resort.

Address: Dunbur Upper, Wicklow, A67 PK31, Ireland

2. Glendalough Glamping – camping in style

Glendalough is a place to camp in style.

Visiting Glendalough is one of the best things to do in Wicklow. For those who want to go camping but also have the experience of staying at a luxury hotel, then Glendalough Glamping should be your destination of choice.

Glendalough Glamping is located on a 21-acre family farm that not only offers unique views of the rare and rugged beauty of the natural landscape but also gives guests all of the modern comforts that they could ever ask for.

The glamping cabins or pods offer guests all the indoor comforts of home while also giving them a camping experience.

Glendalough Glamping is the perfect fusion of camping and luxury where you will also, if lucky enough, get to witness wild deer grazing at dusk and sheep roaming at dawn.

Address: Laragh East, Laragh, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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1. Wicklow Mountains National Park – the ultimate wild camping experience

Wicklow Mountains National Park is one of the best camping spots in county Wicklow.
Credit: Instagram / @wicklowmountainsnp

In first place on our list of the top five best camping spots in County Wicklow is the world-renowned Wicklow Mountains National Park. This National Park offers visitors the ultimate wild camping experience.

Reaching the permitted camping area requires approximately three hours of hiking, so this camping experience is recommended for seasoned adventurers.

However, wild campers who do make the trek will be rewarded with a truly memorable camping experience while being surrounded by stunning natural beauty and unspoilt nature.  

While hiking and resting here, you must check out Scarr Mountain and Kanturk Circular, located on the eastern rim of the Wicklow National Park.

Address: Wicklow National Park, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

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That concludes our article on the top five best camping spots in County Wicklow. How many of them have you camped in?

Other notable mentions

River Valley Holiday Park has many different sleeping options.
Credit: Facebook / @rivervalleyholidays

River Valley Holiday Park: As a family, you’ll never be short of activities at River Valley Holiday Park. Here, you can camp, glamp, or even stay in a tree-house!

If you’re heading off-site, there are some great adventures nearby. Clara Lara and Wicklow Gaol, to name a few. All the makings of some happy campers.

Brushers Adirondack Shelter: One of Wicklow’s most popular wild camping spots is at Brushers Gap, on the Wicklow Way. It’s about an hour and a half hike from civilisation.

Glendalough Upper and Lower lakes: Some of the best camping trails in the Wicklow Mountains National Park are along the Glendalough Upper and Lower lakes. You can enjoy lovely views while camping comfortably on flat ground. It’s the perfect camping trip!

Your questions answered about camping in County Wicklow

If you still have questions, we have you covered! In this section, we’ve compiled some of our readers’ most frequently asked questions and popular questions that have been asked online about this topic.

Wild Camping is one of the best camping spots in county Wicklow.

What is wild camping in Ireland?

Wild camping is when you pitch your tent or park your caravan or campervan in a place that is not a designated camping area. It’s an amazing experience, but just be sure you don’t park up on private land!

Can you wild camp in Wicklow?

Yes! Wild camping all over Ireland is legal. Just watch out for any signs of private land or prohibiting wild camping, and you’re good to go!

Is it safe to camp in Wicklow?

It is perfectly safe to camp in Wicklow. Whether you’re in a designated camping spot or wild camping, Wicklow has amazing views, beautiful mountains, and great day trips from its camping areas. So, don’t miss out!

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