10 BEST Celtic bars in Glasgow for every Hoops supporter

To celebrate the Bhoys regaining the Scottish Premiership again, here are the best Celtic bars in Glasgow for your next trip!

Glasgow is a city that generations of Irish immigrants have influenced. Indeed, Celtic Football Club was founded in 1887 to raise money for the poor in the East End of Glasgow. Since then, it has kept its connection with the Emerald Isle.

Having lived in Glasgow and supported Celtic all my life, I’ve been to every Celtic bar in Glasgow. Many Irish people travel over for games, so I felt it was time to share my views on the best Celtic bars in Glasgow.

Here’s my rundown of the top ten in the great city of Glasgow.

Ireland Before You Die’s top tips for visiting Celtic bars in Glasgow

  • If you want to get the best atmosphere at Celtic bars in Glasgow, then time it so that you go whenever Celtic are playing at home. The place will be electric and you will create many memories.
  • On matchdays, the Celtic bars in Glasgow can get incredibly busy. So, we would advise that you arrive early and get a good spot. Then, enjoy your pints!
  • It is also good to show your support for the Hoops when visiting. So, don your Celtic jersey, have the hat or wrap the scarf around you and join in the pre or post-match drinks.
  • For an even better time, try and learn as many chants as you can. Celtic supporters are known for the myriad of songs they have about their club, so learn the words of a few and join in.
  • Lastly, take in some of the local beers. There are plenty to choose from. And with a beer in hand, join in on the craic and soak up the atmosphere.

10. Hoops Bar – the best bar for live music on the Gallowgate

Hoops Bar is one of the best Celtic bars in Glasgow.
Credit: Facebook / @neilhoops.bar

The Hoops bar has been a pre-match favourite for Celtic supporters for many years. It was at risk of closing a few years ago, but through the help of fans, it is still open every matchday.

Although this bar doesn’t open every day, fans can enjoy a beer and live music after every home game.

Address: 283 Gallowgate, G40 Glasgow, UK

9. Bar 67 – the best Celtic bar in Glasgow for a quiet pint

Bar 76 is great for a quiet pint.
Credit: Facebook / Bar 67 Gallowgate Glasgow

If you fancy a quiet pint in a fantastic Celtic bar, then Bar 67 is your place. This wee gem has been open for decades. It has outlasted all the other bars in the area, which says how much the Irish community in Glasgow appreciates it.

Bar 67 is my favourite bar in Glasgow for a quiet pint. The regulars are friendly. Indeed, I went in here by myself on my way into town a few years ago, sat at the bar, and made friends with a few locals there.

They even have a replica of the European cup, which you can lift!

Address: 257-259 Gallowgate, Glasgow G4 0TP

8. Kitty O’Sheas – the most underrated Celtic bar

Kitty O'Sheas is one of the best Celtic bars in Glasgow.
Credit: Facebook / @kittyosheaspubs

This beautiful wee bar is often overlooked, but it is one of the best Celtic bars in Glasgow. It isn’t strictly a Celtic bar, more an Irish bar that shows Celtic matches.

Located on Waterloo Street, close to Central Station (Glasgow Central) and the Airport Express bus stop, this is a favourite for fans who fancy a pint and food before they kiss goodbye to Glasgow.

The staff have always been friendly, the Guinness is good, craft beer is on sale, and the food is reasonably priced. The bar has lovely wee booths where you have a TV all to yourself. It is a class wee bar and one of my favourites!

Address: 15 Waterloo St, Glasgow G2 6AY

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7. Turnstiles – the best bar to soak up the atmosphere before a game

Turnstiles is a great spot to soak up the atmosphere.
Credit: Facebook / @turnstillesbar

Aside from The Kerrydale (the official Celtic bar at Celtic Park), Turnstiles is the closest bar to Celtic Park. It is so close that you can finish a pint and be in your seat at Celtic Park in under ten minutes!

Although it is quite a small bar, it makes up for this with the noise before Celtic matches! It is not ideal if you are claustrophobic as the place is always packed before a match, but suitable if you want to soak up the atmosphere before a game.

Address: 1257 London Road, Glasgow G40 3HW

6. Connollys – a great addition to Merchant City

Connollys is one of the best Celtic bars in Glasgow.
Credit: Facebook / Connolly’s Irish Bar

Connolly’s only opened a couple of years ago and has quickly become a popular spot for Celtic supporters in Merchant City.

It is a lovely designed Irish bar with regular live music. It is quite a small bar, so make sure you arrive early if you want to get in for a lovely pint of Guinness! If you fancy eating before or after, check out some of the best restaurants in Glasgow city centre for all tastes and budgets.

Address: 45 Bell St, Glasgow G1 1NX

5. Celtic Social Club, London Road – your best hope of getting a pint before a game

Celtic Social Club is your best bet for getting a pint before the game.
Credit: Instagram / @ldteestore @john_hood_1967

The Celtic Social Club on London Road has it all. It is a big venue, so you shouldn’t struggle to get in for a drink before a game.

The venue has three bars over two floors. It boasts live music before every home game, and the drinks menu is very reasonable.

Address: 1524 London Rd Glasgow G31 4QA

4. Murphy’s – a favourite of celebrity Celtic fans

Credit: Facebook / Murphy’s Bar

Murphy’s is one of the newest Celtic pubs in Glasgow, but it has already established itself as one of the best. Indeed, famous Celtic fans such as rock star Rod Stewart and former England Captain John Terry have already enjoyed a drink here.

I met Mr Stewart myself before the Rangers game in February (the 3-0 game). This is an underground bar with two rooms. The décor and live music here is excellent.

Address: 49 Bell St, Glasgow G1 1NX

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3. Malones – the best Celtic bar in Glasgow City Centre

Malones is a great spot in Glasgow City Centre.
Credit: Facebook / @malonesbarglasgow

Glasgow is a hilly city, and it could be said that Malones is the best bar on top of the hill!

This pub opened about ten years ago and has become a popular spot for Celtic fans. The bar sponsors the popular ‘Celtic Fans TV’ YouTube Channel, and the channel members are regularly spotted here enjoying a drink.

Address: 57-59 Sauchiehall Ln, Glasgow G2 4AB

2. Grace’s Irish Sports Bar – the best Celtic bar in Merchant City

Grace's Irish Sports Bar is one of the best Celtic bars in Glasgow.
Credit: Facebook / @GracesSportsBar

Grace’s only opened a few years ago but has already established itself as possibly the most popular Celtic bar in Glasgow. You can expect live music from bands every week here. 

Although it is a reasonably large bar, it quickly fills up due to its popularity. It is more than a Celtic pub. It is a pub that shows all sorts of sports games throughout the week.

Massive queues are seen outside every week. So, arriving early if you want to get into this popular bar is advised.

Address: 16 Candleriggs, Glasgow G1 1LD

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1. Brazen Head – the best Celtic bar in Glasgow

Credit: Facebook / Brazenhead

Every Celtic fan is familiar with the Brazen Head. If you haven’t already been, this bar will leave you in awe when you visit.

Every inch of the wall and ceiling is covered with football memorabilia and contributions from supporters of different clubs who have visited Glasgow to support their team.

On matchdays, the Brazen Head offers a free bus to supporters who drink there, so don’t be put off going as it is a wee bit away from Celtic Park. It is an experience in itself.

This concludes my rundown of the top ten Celtic bars in Glasgow. Do you agree? Share the article and let us know!

Address: 1-3 Cathcart Rd, Glasgow G42 7BE

Two extra Celtic bars in Glasgow that deserve a mention  

Kerrydale – the official bar at Celtic park

The Kerrydale is one of the best Celtic bars in Glasgow.
Credit: Facebook / @KerrydaleBar

The Kerrydale Bar is the official bar at Celtic Park. If you want to drink here, you must have a ticket for the game.

Before Celtic matches, you can expect live music and excellent pints. If you want to get in, you must arrive at least two hours before kick-off. The atmosphere is always good!

Address: Celtic Park, G40 3RE Glasgow, Scotland

Molly Malones – the best Celtic pub for families

Molly Malones is great for families.
Credit: Facebook / @molly.malones.77

Molly Malones is the original Irish pub in Glasgow. It is another pub that isn’t strictly a Celtic pub but shows all the Celtic games, making it a great pub to watch Celtic play if you don’t have a ticket for the match.

It is an excellent pub with a friendly atmosphere that has it all. Good pints, amazing food, and live music. It is probably the best Celtic pub for families.

Address: 224 Hope St, Glasgow G2 2UG

Other notable mentions

Jinty McGuinty's is one of the best Celtic bars in Glasgow.
Credit: Facebook / @JintyMcguintysIrishBar

Wee Mans Bar: An excellent bar for Celtic supporters on the way to Celtic Park.

The Real McCoy: An excellent bar and one of the closest to Celtic Park.

The Tollbooth Bar: A great pub with friendly locals, cheap pints and live music at Glasgow Cross.

The Saracen Head: One of the bars on the way to Celtic Park. Billy Connolly first performed here.

The Squirrel Bar: One of the most notable Celtic bars in the Gallowgate area

Jinty McGuinty’s Irish Bar: A favourite of Celtic supporters in Glasgow’s west end.

Your questions answered about the best Celtic bars in Glasgow

Read our article on the best Celtic bars in Glasgow and still have some questions? Then we have you covered! Read on below for the most frequently asked questions about this topic from our readers and online.

What is the best Celtic bar in Glasgow City Centre?

Not every Celtic fan will agree on this question. However, in my opinion, the Celtic best bar in Glasgow City Centre is Malones Irish Bar.

Which is the best Celtic bar in Glasgow?

It is a matter of opinion, but I believe The Brazen Head is the best Celtic bar in Glasgow.

Which Celtic bar is closest to Celtic Park?

The Kerrydale is the closest bar to Celtic park as it is located in Celtic Park. However, Turnstiles bar is the closest outside of Celtic Park

Which area is the best to go after a Celtic game?

The Gallowgate has several Celtic bars, including Bar 67, Hoops Bar, and The Squirrel. So, if you want to go for a drink after the game, then this is your best bet.

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