Top 5 underrated and overlooked counties in Ireland

There are 32 counties on the island of Ireland and all are worthy of a visit as they are diverse and different in many ways.

Some are known for their historic monuments or beautiful beaches, while others are recognized for their lush green countryside or bustling cities and towns.

While everyone knows the reasons for going to popular places such as Dublin, Kerry, Cork, and Donegal, there are many other counties that often get overlooked. 

In this article, we will list what we believe to be the top five most underrated and overlooked counties of Ireland that, we think, deserve more love.

5. Monaghan – an underrated county

Monaghan starts our list of underrated and overlooked counties in Ireland.

Monaghan is definitely one of Ireland’s most underrated and overlooked counties. It rarely appears on any list of Irish counties to visit and explore. However, we think it deserves some love as there is a lot to like about Monaghan.

From Lough Muckno, which is a world-class centre for angling and wakeboarding, to round towers and historic houses, plus many more heritage sites, there are lots of things to do in Monaghan to help you escape boredom.

Monaghan is just waiting to be discovered, so why not go off the beaten track and try somewhere different from the norm?

4. Tipperary – worth going out west for

There is so much to see in Tipperary!

Tipperary often gets overlooked as it is bypassed by people for its popular coastal neighbours, such as Kerry, Cork, and Waterford. However, those who stay and make the trip to Tipperary will find they are in for a real treat.

Some of the best bits to enjoy in Tipperary include soaking in the history of places like the Rock of Cashel and Cahir Castle, as well as taking in the beauty of the county’s scenery by hiking the majestic Galtee Mountains.

3. Fermanagh – a scenic treat

Fermanagh is up there with the most underrated and overlooked counties in Ireland.

For those who enjoy revelling in the best beautiful scenery that the Irish countryside has to offer, look no further than County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland.

If you want to explore the stunning aquatic paradise and 154 islands of the Fermanagh Lakelands, you can do so from the comfort of a boat, canoe, or kayak.

Or maybe you’d prefer summiting the famous Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail, also nicknamed the Stairway to Heaven, to soak in the panoramic views of the surrounding low lands.

There is so much to see in County Fermanagh that makes it worth a visit.

2. Leitrim – Ireland’s best-kept secret

Leitrim is one of Ireland's best kept secrets!

Leitrim has to be one of Ireland’s best-kept secrets as not many people consider it when choosing a location for their holidays. However, a visit to the county will show you that there are a lot of great things about Leitrim. 

From ruggedly beautiful coastlines to fantastic rivers and lakes that sit nestled behind commanding mountains, to mysterious unexplored forests, there is so much natural beauty to admire.

This natural landscape also makes Leitrim a great place for many outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, rock-climbing, canoeing, and fishing.

With its small traditional towns and villages, visiting Leitrim can feel like you’re going back in time as it gives you an insight into the Ireland of old.

1. Sligo – an overlooked gem on the Wild Atlantic Way

Sligo is number one on our list of underrated and overlooked counties in Ireland.

In first place on our list of the top five most underrated and overlooked counties in Ireland is Sligo.

Sligo is one of the least visited counties on Ireland’s famous and popular Wild Atlantic Way. However, the county has plenty to offer visitors. 

From the unique and incredible natural attraction that is the Benbulbin Mountain standing at 526 meters tall, to the beautiful beaches with waves that will thrill any avid surfer, there are many activities in Sligo for any adventurer to enjoy.

If you are looking for something more relaxing during your time in Sligo, why not try the Voya Seaweed Baths in Strandhill which is one of the best seaweed baths in Ireland, which will put both your mind and body at ease.

When you feel more energized, there are plenty of great traditional Irish pubs in Sligo to enjoy, including Hargadon Bros Pub and Lillies.

That concludes our article of the top five most underrated and overlooked counties of Ireland. Do you agree with our list? Are there any other counties you think deserve a place?

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