Top 5 bars for a hot date in Belfast

Looking to turn up the heat on a date night? Here are our top 5 bars for a hot date in Belfast.

Top 5 bars for a hot date in Belfast

Belfast is filled to the brim with unique and extravagant bars to impress your date, but whether you’re trying to light a spark with a new partner or turn the heat up with your current one, we think that some venues just do it better than others.

These bars offer the best chances of accelerating the chemistry between you and your partner with their unique, sexy offerings. Here are our five favourite bars for a hot date in Belfast.

5. The Woodworkers – for an intimate atmosphere

The Woodworkers is one of the best bars for a hot date in Belfast
Credit: @thewoodworkersbelfast / Facebook

Belfast’s greatest rotating taproom, The Woodworkers is constantly shifting and changing its alcohol selection to provide customers with new experiences and acquire new tastes.

But even more than for its diverse selection of renowned beers and ales, what makes The Woodworkers one of the best bars for a hot date in Belfast is its intimate atmosphere.

Enjoy a few drinks over charming wooden tables lit dimly by candlelight, accompanied by floral arrangements and historic artwork that seasons the walls.

If a bit of light competition is what you need to heat things up, then grab a board game from the back and laugh the night away. Take your date here if you want to get to know them in one of Belfast’s cosiest, most romantic bars.

Address: 20-22 Bradbury Pl, Belfast BT7 1RS

4. Café Parisien – for romantic Paris vibes

Cafe Parisien is one of the best bars for a hot date in Belfast
Credit: Galgorm Resort & Spa and Tourism NI

If you want to feel French, Café Parisien offers a European experience in the heart of Belfast’s city centre. Take in the cosmopolitan feel of the city’s sights and sounds as you sit atop a dazzling balcony overlooking Belfast City Hall.

There’s no better way to be swept off your feet than with some delicious wine, champagne, or cocktails, with a magnificent venue and outdoor view to compliment.

Plus, if the wonderful alcoholic concoctions weren’t enough, then order one of the many sexy desserts or authentically French meals that are dished up in the kitchen. No matter you choose to have, Café Parisien is sure to impress.

Address: Cleaver House, 56 Donegall Pl, Belfast BT1 5GA

3. The Observatory – for city views and lavish cocktails

The Observatory is one of the best bars for a hot date in Belfast
Credit: Grand Central Hotel and Tourism NI

Visible from any point in Belfast, it isn’t surprising that Belfast’s tallest building, the Grand Central Hotel, would also host Ireland’s tallest bar. This modern, high-rise venue masts over Belfast in a special kind of magnificence that isn’t found even in some bigger cities.

Enjoy a spectacular panoramic view over the city and Northern Ireland while you indulge in gorgeous cocktails and relax over lavish furniture. The Observatory might be pricey, but the expense is reflected in the quality of its ambience and service, which is why we believe it to be one the greatest bars for a hot date in Belfast.

Address: Grand Central Hotel, 9- 15 Bedford St, Belfast BT2 7FF

2. The Perch – for a vintage-style date setting

The Perch is a vintage-style bar in the capital of Northern Ireland

The Perch is going to charge you for its beautifully crafted beverages, but you’re paying for the entire experience. Take a vintage-style elevator up to the top floor of this converted Victorian warehouse and see the blend of colourful flora with red brick walls and open-air seating.

In the depths of winter, bury under warm blankets with your date while you pop open a bottle of champagne to keep things hot. The intimacy of one of the best bars Belfast has to offer makes it impossible not to light a spark.

They also serve famously delicious pizza, so don’t panic if you’ve had a too few many Carolina Wren cocktails, because this carby overload will have you back to charming your date in no time.

Address: 42 Franklin St, Belfast BT2 7GE

1. Bullitt Bar – for a gorgeous bar with impressive DJs

Bullitt Bar is perfect for a date in the capital of Northern Ireland

Heaving with customers on a weekend, but this bar’s wide and spacious area gives plenty of room for you and your date to cosy up at a table or tuck into a romantic corner for some privacy. The outside area is equally as lush as its interior, with cute barrels, lights and up-tempo music to keep your night interesting.

Bullitt has a rotating list of impressive DJs that will get you and your partner in the mood for fancy cocktails, craft beers, and dancing. Who knows where the night will lead in this gorgeous bar!

Address: 40a Church Ln, Belfast BT1 4QN

No matter what your date idea – some tantalising eye contact over a few board games, lavish drinks in an opulent bar, awesome views across a beautiful city sparkling under the twilight, or beer tastings with an ever-changing menu and a forever intimate setting, Belfast has you covered.

Of course, if you’ve decided that a bar wouldn’t be the best setting for your date, then we’ve got all kinds of recommendations for things to do and see in Belfast that are equally as fun.

And if you’d like to take your date outside of Belfast, then no worries, because we’ve also compiled a list of the ten most beautiful areas in Northern Ireland that might be exactly what you need to sweep your date off their feet.

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