The breweries of Ireland: an overview by county

Brush up on your Irish brewhouse trivia with our overview of all the breweries of Ireland by county.

The breweries of Ireland: an overview by county

There are some things that Ireland has in abundance—for example, sheep, rain, and castles. Another example is breweries. No, the St. James’s Gate Brewery (birthplace of Guinness) isn’t the only brewery in Ireland, though it may be the most famous.

In fact, we have compiled an overview of the breweries of Ireland in every county, so that you can see for yourself.

Breweries of Ireland include Hillstown Brewery in Antrim
Credit: @hillstownbrewery / Facebook


Antrim in Northern Ireland is a hotbed for beer breweries. In fact, there are 13 breweries. If you’re looking for the ultimate thirst-quencher, head over to Hillstown Brewery for proper Northern Irish craft beer.


The top beer in Armagh is made by local brewery Clanconnel. Its product is a delicious craft beer called McGrath’s – well worth a taste when in the locale.


Carlow is home to one of the biggest craft beer breweries in the country. It is known as both Carlow Brewing and O’Hara’s Brewing Company. The top range they produce has got to be O’Hara’s – a beer so divine that it is stocked nationwide.


There are actually no listed breweries in Cavan, but we’re gonna guess that you could find a mighty pint of Guinness in the area!


Clare is home to Burren Brewery. This establishment has been listed as one of the finest craft breweries in all of Ireland, so make sure to stop by if you’re visiting the nearby Cliffs of Moher.

The breweries of Ireland include Murphy's Brewery in Cork
Murphy’s Brewery in Cork (Credit: William Murphy / Flickr)


There are a total of nine breweries listed in Cork. The biggest name of all of these would have to be Murphy’s Brewery (aka Heineken Ireland).


There are five breweries in Derry, including Dopey Dick, Heaney Farmhouse, Northbound, O’Connor Craft Beer and Walled City Brewery. In our opinion: do a brewery crawl and try all of them!


Donegal is home to three breweries. Our top pick would have to be independently owned Kinnegar Brewery who produce some seriously fine beverages.


There are ten breweries located in County Down in Northern Ireland. We suggest you check out Whitewater Brewery, they are the largest microbrewery up North and they do an epic selection of beers.

Breweries of Ireland include St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin
Credit: Doug Kerr / Flickr


Eleven breweries exist in Dublin. We could mention many epic independent brewers (5 Lamps and Porterhouse, for example), but the winner has got to be Diageo’s St. James’s Gate Brewery where Guinness was born and is still produced today!


Two top class breweries exist in Fermanagh in Northern Ireland: Fermanagh Brewing Company (formerly Inishmacsaint) and Sheelin. We suggest you check out the former and try their Inishmacsaint brew.


There are four breweries in Galway. The top of the pick – and that’s a tough one – has got to be Galway Hooker. Try it out; you can thank us later!


Five breweries operate in County Kerry but the golden ticket has got to be Dingle Brewery.

Breweries of Ireland include Trouble Brewing in Kildare
Trouble Brewing in Kildare (Credit: / Facebook)


Kildare is the site of three beer breweries. Trouble Brewing is the big shot in these waters and ales, stouts and IPA are all produced here.


Sullivans Brewing Company is located in Kilkenny and they do one of the finest ales your likely to try on the Emerald Isle.


12 Acres Brewery and Ballykilcavan Brewery both thrive in County Laois. Make sure to try both out in equal measure!


The only brewery in Leitrim is Carrig Brewing, but man does it produce some quality thirst-quenchers. Make sure to support local and drink like a local when you’re in Leitrim.


For such a vibrant city, it is unusual that there is no brewery in Limerick. Saying that, Guinness is clearly the drink of choice!

Breweries in Ireland include St. Mel's Brewing Company in Longford
St. Mel’s Brewing Company in Longford (Credit: @stmelsbrewing / Facebook)


Next time you’re in Longford make sure to fit in with the locals and drink St. Mel’s Brewing! There’s a pale ale, a larger and brown ale – meaning there is something for everyone.


Four breweries exist in Louth. The biggest and most popular would have to be Great Northern Brewery. This is where Harp Lager comes from and it’s a local favourite through and through.


Three breweries are located in Mayo: Mescan Brewery, Reel Deel Brewing, and West Mayo Brewery. If you have time, try them all! You can thank us later.


Only one brewery thrives in Meath: Brú Brewery. Saying that it is one of the best in the country! Locals live by Brú brews, so make sure to do yourself a favour and try one out.

Brehon Brewhouse in Monoghan
Brehon Brewhouse in Monoghan (Credit: @brehonbrewhouse / Facebook)


Brehon Brewhouse is the sole brewery in this County. According to locals, however, it produces one of the best beers in the country.


Bo Bristle Brewing resides in this Midlands region and its range includes a pilsner lager, amber ale, red ale and an IPA.


Roscommon locals swear by Black Donkey Brewing so do yourself a favour and hop on board. This is also the sole brewery in the county.


Lough Gill Brewery and the White Hag Brewery are Sligo’s two breweries and you’re bound to see their products splashed around every bar in the county.

White Gypsy ales are brewed in Tipperary
White Gypsy, brewed in Tipperary (Credit: @WhiteGyspyBrewery / Facebook)


Locals love products from the White Gypsy Brewery, which thrives in Tipperary. Make sure to try the Ruby Red Irish Ale.


Baronscourt and Clearsky are two breweries in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland. If you ask a local you’ll get a 50/50 response as to which one is better, so try them out for yourself and let us know!


Waterford is home to two breweries: Dungarvan Brewing and Metalman Brewing. You’re likely to see their products everywhere you go in the county so make sure to try them out.


There are no breweries in Westmeath, but then again, there’s always a lovely pint of Guinness.


Wexford is home to Yellow Belly Beer, and man is it one fine Irish craft product.


There are four breweries in Wicklow. Our top pick would have to be the aptly named Wicklow Brewing. You can thank us later!

And there you have it—the breweries in every county of Ireland. As you can see, there is no shortage!

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