Top 20 BEST PUBS and BARS in Dublin (2024 Update)

Exploring Dublin’s vibrant pub scene: A journey through the Irish capital’s top pubs and bars.

Top 20 BEST PUBS and BARS in Dublin (2024 Update)

Dublin, the vibrant capital of Ireland, is a city steeped in history, culture, and a rich pub tradition. When it comes to experiencing the authentic Irish pub scene, Dublin is unrivalled. 

In this 2024 update, we’re taking you on a comprehensive journey through the top 20 best pubs and bars in Dublin. 

Whether you’re a tourist exploring the bustling streets of Temple Bar or a local seeking the cosiest spot for a pint of Guinness, these establishments offer an unforgettable taste of Ireland’s finest.

Ireland Before You Die’s top tips for visiting Dublin:

  • If you plan to stay, book accommodation well in advance to secure the best deal. Consult our guide to the best hotels in Dublin before booking your stay.
  • It should go without saying, but make sure you try the Guinness in Dublin – even if you think you don’t like it!
  • Dublin boasts many historical and cultural attractions. If your time is limited, you might organise a pub crawl around Dublin’s top attractions.
  • Admittedly, some Dublin pubs can be prohibitively expensive, so don’t be afraid to vote with your feet and head elsewhere if the price doesn’t suit. There is good value to be had.
  • Irish people are well-known for their friendliness and sense of humour, so we can’t recommend talking to locals enough!

20. The Temple Bar – an iconic destination

Exterior of The Temple Bar, one of the iconic pubs and bars in Dublin, showcasing its vibrant red facade and bustling atmosphere.
Credit: Instagram / thetemplebarpub

The Temple Bar is an iconic destination for both locals and tourists alike. Located in the heart of Dublin, it’s a hub of entertainment with live music, cobblestone streets, and a vibrant atmosphere. 

Its distinctive red façade is the perfect spot to kick off your Dublin pub crawl.

Address: 47-48 Temple Bar, Dublin 2, D02 N725, Ireland

19. The Bernard Shaw – come for the drinks, stay for the pizza

A cocktail (left) and a fresh pizza (right) at the Bernard Shaw.
Credit: Facebook/ The Bernard Shaw

A vibrant and artsy pub located in the Portobello area, The Bernard Shaw is known for its eclectic décor, creative events, and spacious beer garden filled with street art and unique installations.

Don’t forget to try their fantastic pizzas while you’re there!

Address: Cross Guns Bridge, Drumcondra, Dublin 9, D09 XW44, Ireland

18. The Old Royal Oak – perfectly situated

Five pints of Guinness resting on the bar (left) and the exterior of the Old Royal Oak (right), one of the best pubs and bars in Dublin.
Credit: Facebook/ The Old Royal Oak

Almost equidistant between the historic Kilmainham Gaol and the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the Old Royal Oak is an excellent place to grab a pint during your trip to Dublin.

This fantastic pub – with an excellent pint of Guinness – is also a handy place for a few refreshments before any of the summer concerts that take place in the adjacent Royal Hospital Kilmainham, including the annual Forbidden Fruit festival.

Address: 11 Kilmainham Ln, Saint James, Dublin, Ireland

17. Mulligan’s – giving a glimpse into Dublin’s literary history

Row of Guinness pints on the counter at Mulligan's pub, one of the iconic pubs and bars in Dublin, showcasing the vibrant atmosphere and rich pub culture of the city.
Credit: Instagram / mulligans_poolbeg_st

Mulligan’s is more than just a pub; it’s a piece of literary history. Frequented by literary giants like James Joyce, it’s known for its authentic Irish feel and perfectly poured pints of Guinness. 

The walls are adorned with old photographs, giving you a glimpse into Dublin’s past.

Address: 8 Poolbeg St, Dublin 2, DO2TK71, Ireland

16. The Long Hall – stepping back in time

Interior of The Long Hall, one of the iconic pubs and bars in Dublin, showcasing its traditional decor, ornate woodwork, and cozy atmosphere.
Credit: Instagram / thelonghalldublin

Stepping into The Long Hall is like stepping back in time. Its stunning Victorian interiors, complete with ornate mirrors and a mahogany bar, transport you to a bygone era. 

The high ceilings and classic charm make it a top choice for those seeking elegance.

Address: 51 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2, D02 DV74, Ireland

15. The Palace Bar – an extensive selection of Irish whiskey

Exterior of The Palace Bar, one of the iconic pubs and bars in Dublin, showcasing its classic facade with a welcoming atmosphere on a bustling Dublin street.
Credit: Instagram / thepalacebardublin

Situated in the Temple Bar district, The Palace Bar is renowned for its drinks and rich literary history. It’s a place where writers once gathered to exchange ideas. Today, it offers an extensive selection of Irish whiskey to tempt your palate.

Address: 21 Fleet St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, D02 H950, Ireland

14. The Cobblestone – a haven for traditional Irish music

Musicians playing violins and guitar at The Cobblestone, one of the iconic pubs and bars in Dublin, capturing the lively atmosphere of traditional Irish music sessions.
Credit: Instagram / cobblestonepubdublin

For a taste of traditional Irish music, head to The Cobblestone. It’s a haven for musicians and enthusiasts alike, and you’re sure to find an authentic Irish session any night of the week. Traditional instruments adorn the walls, crafting a unique ambience.

Address: 77 King St N, Smithfield, Dublin, D07 TP22, Ireland

13. The Brazen Head – the oldest pub in Dublin

Exterior view of The Brazen Head, one of the oldest pubs in Dublin, showcasing historic architecture and inviting ambiance, ideal for exploring pubs and bars in Dublin.
Credit: Facebook / brazenhead.dublin

The Brazen Head is the oldest pub in Dublin and has welcomed patrons for centuries. A hearty menu of Irish classics complements the historic setting and, of course, a pint of the black stuff. You’ll feel the weight of history as you enjoy your drink here.

Address: 20 Lower Bridge St, Usher’s Quay, Dublin, D08 WC64, Ireland

12. Toner’s Pub – cosy nooks and friendly staff

Interior of Toner's Bar, one of the iconic pubs and bars in Dublin, showcasing its cozy atmosphere, classic wooden furnishings, and warm lighting, inviting patrons to experience the charm of Dublin's pub culture.
Credit: Instagram / tonerspub

Toner’s, located on Baggot Street, is a charming pub known for its craft beer selection and warm ambience. Its cosy nooks and friendly staff make it an excellent place to unwind after exploring Dublin.

Address: 139 Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2, Ireland

11. The Stag’s Head – a quintessential Irish pub experience

A female bartender expertly pours pints of beer from the tap behind the bar at The Stag's Head, a renowned pub in Dublin, Ireland.
Credit: Instagram / stags_head_dublin

This classic Dublin pub is famed for its ornate interiors and one of the best pints of Guinness in the city

The stained glass windows and Victorian décor add to the charm. It’s a must-visit for those looking for a quintessential Irish pub experience.

Address: 1 Dame Ct, Dublin, D02 TW84, Ireland

10. O’Donoghue’s – livery atmosphere and traditional Irish tunes

Image of a jolly group playing traditional musical instruments at O'Donoghue's, a renowned pub in Dublin.
Credit: Instagram / odonoghuespub

A hotspot for live Irish music, O’Donoghue’s on Merrion Row is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. The lively atmosphere and traditional Irish tunes make it a top choice for those seeking an authentic Irish pub night.

Address: 15 Merrion Row, Dublin, D02 PF50, Ireland

9. The Gravediggers – heaven in Glasnevin

A bartender smiles behind pints of Guinness on the counter at The Gravediggers Pub, a traditional Irish pub in Dublin.
Credit: Instagram / gravediggers2

John Kavanagh’s is a historical gem near the Glasnevin Cemetery, with a unique nickname, “The Gravediggers.” 

It’s an authentic drinking pub with a rich Irish heritage. Take advantage of their classic coddle; it’s a comforting delight.

Address: 1 Prospect Square, Glasnevin, Dublin, D09 CF72, Ireland

8. Johnnie Fox’s Pub – one of the highest pubs in Ireland

Exterior of Johnny Fox's Pub, a renowned establishment among pubs and bars in Dublin, nestled in the scenic countryside of the Dublin Mountains.
Credit: Instagram/ @johnniefoxspub

Venture to Johnnie Fox’s, one of the highest pubs in Ireland, for breathtaking views, traditional Irish music, and Irish dancing. Perched in the Dublin mountains, it’s not just a pub; it’s an experience. 

Enjoy hearty Irish dishes while taking in the panoramic vistas.

Address: Glencullen, Co. Dublin, Ireland

7. The Celt – a charming traditional pub

Vibrant evening scene at The Celt, featuring live music and traditional instruments creating a jovial atmosphere filled with energy and excitement.
Credit: Instagram / theceltdublin

Located on Talbot Street, The Celt is a charming traditional Irish pub where you can savour hearty Irish cuisine and enjoy live Irish music. 

Their Irish stew and soda bread are local favourites, and the atmosphere is always lively.

Address: 81 Talbot St, North City, Dublin, D01 YK51, Ireland

6. The River Bar – for a scenic view and a relaxed atmosphere

An assortment of bottles lined up on shelves inside a bar, showcasing various shapes, sizes, and colors of liquor and spirits.
Credit: Pexels / Photo by Chan Walrus

Enjoy a pint along the banks of the River Liffey at The River Bar. It offers a scenic view of Dublin and a relaxed atmosphere, making it a prime spot for a leisurely afternoon drink.

Address: 1 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2, D02 F243, Ireland

5. Whelan’s – the heart of the city’s music scene

Live performance at Whelan's, one of the iconic pubs and bars in Dublin, showcasing the vibrant music scene of the city.
Credit: Facebook / Whelan’s

Known for its live music performances, Whelan’s is a staple in the Dublin music scene. It’s a must-visit for those seeking a lively night out. 

The pub hosts local talent and international acts, ensuring something exciting is always happening.

Address: 25 Wexford St, Portobello, Dublin 2, D02 H527, Ireland

4. The Bleeding Horse – modernity and tradition together

A pint of beer sits on a table outside The Bleeding Horse pub in Dublin, Ireland, with the pub's iconic sign in the background.
Credit: Instagram / bleedinghorse

This iconic pub in Camden Street offers a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. The Bleeding Horse is known for its warm hospitality and great pints. 

The quirky name dates back to the 17th century, making it a unique spot to enjoy a drink.

Address: 24-25 Camden Street Upper, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin, Ireland

3. Bowe’s – a cheaper alternative to Temple Bar

The exterior of Bowe's on Fleet Street.
Credit: Flickr/ William Murphy

Bowe’s on Fleet Street is right around the corner from the Temple Bar area, but this old-school Dublin pub doesn’t charge Temple Bar prices.

Gas lighting makes for a moody atmosphere, along with excellent pints and whiskey selection. If you can, try to grab the snug by the front door.

Address: 31 Fleet St, Dublin 2, D02 DF77, Ireland

2. The Fleet Bar – perfect for people-watching

An assortment of bottles lined up on shelves inside a bar, showcasing various shapes, sizes, and colors of liquor and spirits.
Credit: Facebook / The Fleet

The Fleet Pub is famous for its prime location in Temple Bar and lively atmosphere, making it a top choice among tourists. 

It’s the ideal spot to people-watch and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of this iconic district.

Address: 29 -30, Fleet St, Dublin 2, D02 PW80, Ireland

1. The Foggy Dew – warm and inviting atmosphere

Two men cheerfully clinking their beer glasses outside the Foggy Dew pub, one of the charming pubs and bars in Dublin, Ireland, known for its lively atmosphere and traditional Irish hospitality.
Credit: Instagram / foggydewdublin

The Foggy Dew is a popular pub located in the heart of Dublin. It features live music performances, ranging from traditional Irish folk music sessions to contemporary bands.

It provides entertainment for patrons to enjoy while they relax with friends or family.

Address: 1 Fownes St Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, D02 WP21, Ireland

Notable mentions

The Horseshoe Bar: Nestled in the luxurious surroundings of The Shelbourne Hotel, it offers a sophisticated and upscale atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a cocktail or a glass of fine Irish whiskey.

Nancy Hands Bar & Restaurant: Near the iconic Guinness Storehouse, Nancy Hands is a cosy pub with a rich history and a great selection of craft beers. It’s a hidden gem for those seeking a quieter drinking experience.

The Legal Eagle: Housed in a beautifully restored Victorian building, The Legal Eagle is a gastropub that focuses on modern Irish cuisine and offers an extensive wine and cocktail menu. It is perfect for a delightful dining and drinking experience.

Your questions answered about the best pubs and bars in Dublin

The Temple Bar, with its lively atmosphere and numerous pubs, is often considered one of the city’s top destinations for locals and tourists.

What is the best pub street in Dublin?

Temple Bar is renowned as the best pub street in Dublin, offering a vibrant mix of pubs, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

Where is the main drinking area in Dublin?

The main drinking area in Dublin is diverse. Still, Temple Bar, the city centre, and areas along the River Liffey are known for their concentration of pubs and bars, providing ample options for enjoying a drink.

Which area in Dublin is best for nightlife?

Temple Bar, Harcourt Street, and Camden Street are some of the top areas known for their bustling nightlife. 

These areas feature numerous pubs, clubs, and live music venues that keep the party going well into the early hours. Dublin’s pub culture reflects the city’s rich history and vibrant spirit.

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