Why IRISH people are known for their FRIENDLINESS

If there is one thing the Irish are known for, it’s their genuine hospitality and friendliness, but let’s explore why this is a key feature in Irish society both at home and abroad.

Why Irish people are known for their friendliness.

Ireland is known for its glorious landscapes, rich history, welcoming atmosphere, and friendly culture. If you are from Ireland or have visited Ireland, you will agree since this is not something you can miss when exploring the country.

Irish people are famous for their hospitality and genuine interest in others, but where does this come from, and why has it become a national symbol?

In this article, we will explore why Irish people are known for their friendliness.

Irish pub culture – the heart of interaction

People toasting with pints outside Kelly's Cellars in Belfast.
Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool/ Tourism Northern Ireland

When people think of Ireland, they think of Irish pubs, and when they think of Irish people, they might imagine everyone with a pint in their hands, having the almighty craic – and they would often be right.

But why is Irish pub culture such a big thing, and how does it relate to the friendliness of the nation? Well, believe it or not, pubs in Ireland have always been the heart of hospitality and a place for people to socialise.

You may be surprised to learn that for the Irish nation, the pub is not just a place to enjoy a pint of Guinness or watch the match; it is the cornerstone of Irish social life.

Pubs are where friends and strangers gather to share stories, laughter, and music, and many Irish pubs feature accommodation to host those passing through.

You may have noticed that entering an Irish pub resembles entering a cosy living room, with an instant sense of feeling at home – and that is genuinely what it is.

Upon entering an Irish pub, you will invariably meet with a smile and a greeting. This fantastic, homely atmosphere fosters a sense of belonging, is the heart of Irish hospitality, and is why this aspect of the culture has become so well known.

Elements of Irish friendliness – one of the nation’s best traits

Friends chatting in the Cobblestone in Dublin. Pub culture is key to why Irish people are known for their friendliness.
Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool/ Fáilte Ireland

The Irish gift for storytelling is another pivotal element of their friendliness as a nation. The Irish have a God-given talent for telling captivating stories and regularly use this talent to connect with people from all walks of life.

You may have noticed that the Irish take great pride in welcoming visitors to their country, making them feel at home, and, above all else, genuinely wanting to learn about their cultures.

Creating a bond between friends and strangers is important to Irish people, and they do this in various ways, whether it be telling jokes, sharing anecdotes, or asking questions. Because of this genuine hospitality, the Irish are well known for their friendliness.

Irish people have spread worldwide, creating new homes for themselves, but such is the importance of this warm and inclusive attitude, many have kept their culture and traditions alive and well.

Because of this, Irish friendliness can be seen in places like Boston, USA, Newfoundland, Canada, and across Australia. You have to agree that this is a beautiful thing!

Historical resilience – the legacy of overcoming hardships

Friends enjoying a pint and a chat in Taaffes in Galway.
Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool/ Fáilte Ireland

In a similar vein to the Irish use of humour to address sensitive or complex situations, the Irish have historically harnessed friendships and community support to get through tough times.

One of the fascinating aspects of Irish culture is the importance of ‘meitheal’, meaning ‘team’. This tradition involves neighbours coming together to help each other with various tasks, especially during harvest times.

This deep-rooted aspect of Irish culture is apparent in today’s society in many ways, and visitors will even notice that if they need help or find themselves lost, they won’t need to go far to find help.

It is clear that the Irish people are known for their friendliness because it is ingrained in all aspects of the culture.

Because of this, this is one of the most famous traits of Irish people and often one of the main things people expect when they visit Ireland. Needless to say, they are rarely disappointed.

One thing is for sure: the Irish certainly have a way of expressing friendliness genuinely and authentically, something that is not easy to learn but rather is deeply rooted in our heritage.

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