Irish city named one of the most affordable for families

Trying to raise a family without spending a fortune? This Irish city has been named one of the most affordable for families.

Irish city named one of the most affordable for families.

Raising a family can be difficult at the best of times, and the cost of living crisis has made matters worse.

Not only are many essentials increasingly expensive, but new parents may feel the need to return to work earlier than they would like, limiting bonding time with their children.

A new study, however, has highlighted some of the most affordable cities in which to raise a family, with one Irish city ranking highly on the list.

Shepherds Friendly – a British friendly society

Credit: Unsplash/ Lukas Blazek

Given the turbulent times of financial instability for many, Shepherds Friendly – a UK friendly society – conducted a study to determine the most affordable cities for families in the UK.

They took 39 of the UK’s most populous cities and analysed six factors that affect raising a family: property prices, rent prices, utility bills, childcare costs, average annual salary, and happiness levels.

Irish city named among the most affordable for families – Belfast

A family pointing towards Belfast City Hall during the Christmas market. Belfast is the Irish city named one of the most affordable for families
Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool/ Tourism Ireland; Brian Morrison

Though it can be an expensive city in which to socialise, Shepherd Friendly’s study found Belfast to be among the most affordable for families.

Belfast ranked second, behind only the Cambridgeshire city of Peterborough. Meanwhile, other cities on the list included Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, Glasgow, and Gloucester.

While rent and property prices in the Northern Irish capital are relatively high, utility bills are the cheapest found in the study (£126).

Moreover, though the monthly cost of childcare is also expensive (£942), it remains considerably cheaper than the likes of Leeds (£1,164), Dundee (£1,050), and Kingston Upon Hull (£1,038).

Belfast – a great city for families

A mother and child on the Black Bull Run at Colin Glen Forest Park.
Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool/ Colin Glen; Stillpoint Photo

Belfast may once have had a reputation as a dangerous city, but that is no longer the case. Moreover, those who do decide to raise a family in Belfast can avail of plenty of great things to do with kids.

For exciting yet educational activities, you can’t go wrong with W5, Belfast Zoo, and the always-excellent Ulster Museum. And, if it’s downright fun you’re after, you can’t miss Colin Glen Forest Park, We Are Vertigo, and Let’s Go Hydro.

In keeping with the affordability theme, Belfast also boasts a range of free things to do, including child-friendly options like the Tropical Ravine at Botanic Gardens, the Dome at Victoria Square, and a hike up Cave Hill.

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