10 Dublin stereotypes which are actually true

In this day and age, we’re all trying to move away from the outdated mindset of stereotypes.

As citizens of humanity, we are becoming more and more self-aware, and less and less concerned with generalizations and mass assumptions.

With all that being said, however, these ten Dublin stereotypes after often applied to the capital’s population, and often quite right!

10. Love a Good Drink

Dublin Stereotypes

A new report has found that 23% of the Irish adult population do not drink any alcohol.

However, it has also been found that nearly half of us – a whopping 48% of us – drink enough alcohol to be potentially damaging or threatening to our health in future years.

And, with a plethora of popular bars in Dublin, there’s a strong affinity for pub culture amongst our residents.

9. We’re A Friendly Bunch

Dublin Stereotypes

Dublin has been repeatedly given the nod as being one of the most friendly cities in the world!

We say please and thanks, and always greet our bus-drivers. We often, too, use the word “sorry”. This is not used as an apology, but instead, like “excuse me”. Simply put: be kind, and you are likely to receive kindness in return.

8. Our Obsession With the Weather

This is one we just can’t deny: Dubliners (like all Irish) have a strange obsession with the weather.

In the context of small talk, it has to be the most explored topic. However, with our predominantly monotone-climate of grey skies and scattered showers, you’d think we’d have grown old of it by now!

7. Our Navigational Skills

Dublin Stereotypes

Should you be talking about visiting any place outside Dublin, locals will use the term “going down”, regardless of whether it is North or South of the capital.
For example: “Ah yeah, I’m going down to Sligo on Monday”. Mayo is not South of Dublin, it is in fact Northwest.

The reason as to why this is a standard colloquialism is unknown to this day.

6. We Can’t Take a Compliment, Ever!

Dublin Stereotypes

We’re also not exactly sure where this insanely, excessively-humble (to the point of being self-deprecating) state of self-awareness spawns. But for some reason, Dubliners just can’t take a compliment.

5. Drink an Excessive Amount of Tea

Dublin Stereotypes

Ireland is home to some of the world’s biggest – if not the biggest – tea drinkers, and tea is seen at large in Dublin.

If you’re not a fan of tea, expect to be at the end of your trip to the Emerald Isle.

Insider tip: you’re likely always to be offered a cup of tea when being welcomed into someone’s home, so you may as well start getting used to the stuff!

4. We Love Potatoes

Dublin Stereotypes

Have you ever found a Dubliner, let alone an Irish person, or, well, just about anyone who doesn’t love potatoes? Again, this is one of the Dublin stereotypes that is wholly true!

Think of the versatility: chips (french fries), mash potatoes, roasted potatoes, potato gratin – the list is bountiful.

Yep, they’re damn well delicious and us Dubliners just love them. Expect to eat them a lot when you’re in the capital.

3. We Always Assume You’ll Know Someone We Do

Dublin Stereotypes

There’s a strange tendency in Ireland, particularly Dublin – given its wee size – to assume that the person you are talking to will, by some chance, know a person you do.
For example:
Person A: “Ah yeah, I was in Killiney last week, it was lovely”
Person B: “Killiney is lovely, do you know John? Tall fella.”
The funny side of this is that sometimes it turns out that we actually do know the same people, given the intimate size of the city.

2. We Wave our Colours High

Dublin Stereotypes

One thing that Dubliners share across the board is their unrequited love for their county. This is undoubtedly one of the Dublin stereotypes which is wholly true.

Dubliners – and Irish people as a whole – are tremendously proud of where we come from, and it’s a defining and positive characteristic which seems to have been passed down from generation to generation!

1. Dubliner’s Have Got “The Craic”

Dublin Stereotypes

One thing that Dubliners collectively seem to share is their ability for “the craic”. This, also known as Irish banter, is our form of humour.

It is dry, sarcastic, playful and sometimes a little like teasing – although is always meant in good humour!

Irish people, and Dubliner’s, love “the craic” so remember never to take it too hard, and that Dubliner’s receive it just as well as they dish it out!

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