10 HILARIOUS Things That Happen on Every Irish Night Out

If you have ever been on a night out in Ireland, you’ll know we Irish have a way of doing a night out.

Similar to the unwritten rules of an Irish pub, for example, these practices seem to be a given – they are understood by all but little discussed.

And, it’s pretty safe to say that these 10 elements have defined party culture in Ireland as far back as you remember.

So here it is, the 10 things that happen on every night out in Ireland…

10. Pre-Drinks Come First, Always

What would your “classic night out” in Ireland be without pre-drinks? Pre-drinks is simply where you meet with your friends before going out, to drink. Often it is called pre-game.

The reason for this is two-fold: firstly, you save a few dollars on your total spend for the night ahead, and secondly, you get a buzz on before hitting the town. Just make sure you don’t go too hard (see #2).

9. Someone Will be Turned Away

Someone will always be turned away on an Irish night out. This results from going too hard at pre-drinks (see #1).

Bouncers are seasoned veterans and have their eyes peeled for the weaker ones of the heard (i.e. the ones who are ever-so-slightly swaying, struggle to find their ID and have glassed-over eyes).

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

8. Someone Will Forget Their ID

Someone always forgets their ID. This can occur from being too drunk after pre-drinks also. Always remember to check your four key items before leaving the house: phone, keys, wallet, ID.

7. You’ll Carry Your Jacket Around All Night (and probably lose it!)

An Irish night out wouldn’t be a night out unless someone refuses to pay the standard €2 cloakroom fee, and ends up dragging around their coat all night.

A routine scan across the dance floor proves people can be extremely creative when finding ways to carry it. Usually, coats are strewn across handbags, tied around the waist (90s-style) or tied around the shoulders (golfers-style). Either way, it never looks good.

Furthermore, it’s pretty standard for at least one member of your party to end the night with one less possession than they started out with. Coats, phones and wallets are usually the most common articles.

6. You’ll Make Great Friends (with someone you’ll never meet again)

Nights out in Ireland are always top notch. Ireland is an extremely friendly place, and with that, the Irish people are generally always up for making new friends. Be nice and polite, and people will return in kind.

On a night out in Ireland, you are sure to make a new great friend, for life, the only issue is, you’ll probably have forgotten to have exchanged numbers so are unlikely ever to see them again.

5. You’ll do Shots


Shots. Shots. Shots. We’re not entirely sure of why, but it seems that every single night out in Ireland results in excessive shot-taking. Shots are fast-consumed 30ml measures of spirits, such as tequila, whiskey or vodka, for example.

They’re a recipe for mayhem, and an Irish night out wouldn’t be the same without them.

4. You’ll do Rounds


Rounds are the most common system amongst friends for consuming alcohol. On a night out in Ireland, this is the most likely way you’ll purchase drinks throughout the night.

In a group setting, the way rounds work, is, one person will buy each member of a group a drink.

Then, another person from the group will buy each member of the group a drink. This goes on until every member of the group has purchased a round. Then it starts again.

3. You’ll Spend Most of Your Night in the Smoking Area Talking Shit

Most of your night will be spent in the smoking area, talking absolute shit to strangers who you will never see again, whether you smoke, or not. Fact.

2. You’ll End Up with a Kebab (or some other equally gross take-away)


No night out in Ireland would be complete without a post-party feed. Most common meals include kebabs, “chipper” (i.e. burger/fish and chips) or McDonald’s or similar.

If you didn’t drink enough to end up with an alcohol hangover, you’ll sure as hell wake up with a food hangover.

1. You’ll Drive home in a Taxi, Blaring Tunes


Without question, every night in Ireland has to end by getting a taxi home and blaring tunes.

Most of the times the taxi drivers know what they’re in for and play along, but often you just know they hate you.

Either way, a sing-a-long will ensue. For all you taxi drivers out there: we’re sorry.

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