10 Reasons Why Irish People Make The Best Partners

Today’s dating scene can often be a bit of a minefield but with the world becoming smaller through the use of social media and air travel now a part of everyday life, expanding your dating horizons could be well worth it.

If you haven’t already fallen for our charm here are ten reasons why you should date an Irish person. Obviously, I’m a little biased but trust me – we are well worth a shot!

10. Our Tinder game is strong

By all accounts, we’re not a bad looking bunch so whether we meet on Tinder or out and about you’ll be drawn in by a cheeky smile, some mysterious charm and a wisecrack or three.

We’re not backwards in coming forward either so we’re not afraid to make the first move and ask you out for that coffee or dinner date. Just say “yes” – you won’t regret it!

9. We will put you at ease

We love the banter! If you’re nervous on a first date, those nerves won’t be around for long. A healthy dose of witticisms and repartee will put you at ease from the minute we meet.

After all, it’s much more difficult to be nervous when you’re trying not to spill your drink from laughing uncontrollably. Being comfortable in our own skin will help you relax and enjoy the date.

8. We do nights out really well

When it comes to nights out, we know what we are doing. Irish pubs and bars are renowned for their amazing atmospheres. We have plenty of fantastic restaurants too.

Never ones to go home early, a night on the tiles with us will leave you all danced out and yet still dancing with joy and amusement. Combine that with our sparkling personalities, and it’s a winning combination!

7. We do nights IN really well too

The best way to really get to know someone is quality alone time. The winter evenings in Ireland can be long and cold, so what we don’t know about cosy nights in with an open fire, bottle of wine and some yummy food isn’t worth knowing.

Curl up on the sofa and talk into the small hours. You’ll find we’re deep, intelligent and complex. If you’re lucky, you might even get a smooch to end the evening as well!

6. We LOVE food

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We work hard and play hard so expending all that energy means we love our food whether it’s dinner in a romantic restaurant or a home-cooked meal.

We’re no slouches in the kitchen either so if a surprise breakfast in bed or a romantic dinner at home is your thing then you’re in for a treat.

Our culinary repertoire might surprise you – as much as we like our Irish stews and bacon and cabbage we can rustle up a great pizza, pasta dish or curry too.

5. We are passionate

The Italians and French are known for their passion, but we are more than capable of holding our own in that regard.

Passion runs deep in everything we do and especially so when it comes to romance and relationships.

Expect to be whisked off your feet, and you’ll be left in no doubt just how attracted and captivated we are by you.

4. We are loyal and reliable

We are a small nation, but that community spirit means loyalty is very paramount to us. We take our relationships very seriously and devote ourselves to the ones we love and care for.

Through good days and bad, we’ll have your back. If you’ve had a tough day or just need a shoulder to cry on you can rely on us to be there to turn that frown upside down.

3. We are romantic

We might not be famous for it, but romance is important to us Irish. When we care about someone, we like to show it in creative and spontaneous ways.

Unexpected surprises and impromptu weekends away are all part of dating an Irish person.

They may not always be grand gestures, but those little gifts and surprises that let you know we care are the ones that really matter.

2. We are great to travel with

The urge to travel and explore is in our DNA. Ireland will always be our home, but the world is our playground.

We like to travel far and wide and soak up all the culture and wonder the world has to offer. A trip away with us is guaranteed to delight, amaze and enthral.

Life is all about making memories, and you’ll be left with plenty if you take a trip away with us.

1. Irish weddings

So you were enticed by the cheeky smile, intoxicated by the charm and romance and stayed for the passion and loyalty.

There’s only one thing left to do – an Irish wedding. When the big day arrives, we really go BIG on the whole occasion.

There isn’t anything quite like the craic and beauty of an Irish wedding. Who knows, give one of us a chance, and you might be organising one!

Irish weddings are great! If you want a laugh, you should watch the ‘Every Irish Wedding Ever’ video below:

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