Top 5 bars for live sports in Belfast

In search of a great place to grab a pint and catch the game? Look no further, for we’ve rounded up the top five bars for live sports in Belfast that we believe will provide you with a great match day experience!

Top 5 bars for live sports in Belfast

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, is home to a variety of bars that offer not only food, drink, and live music, but also the ability to watch a variety of sporting events.

As knowing which venue to choose can prove a little daunting at times, we have made things easier for you by putting together a list of the city’s most popular pubs in which to catch the hottest fixtures.

Below are the top five bars for live sports in Belfast.   

5. The Garrick Bar – for a more old-school viewing

The Garrick Bar is one of the top 5 bars for live sports in Belfast
Credit: TripAdvisor / Garrick Bar management

One of Belfast’s oldest bars, The Garrick offers sports fans the chance to settle in with some excellent ‘pub grub’ and watch the match. Covering a wide range of sports including football, rugby, GAA, boxing and golf on its multiple television screens (and one large projector screen), it is undoubtedly a popular city venue.

Furthermore, with screens present in both the front and back bars, it is no wonder that this place is considered one of the top five bars for live sports in Belfast.

Address: 29 Chichester St, Belfast BT1 4JB

4. Henry’s – for a more subdued setting

Henry's is one of the top 5 bars for live sports in Belfast
Credit: @henrysbelfast / Instagram

Another establishment popular for hosting regular viewings of sporting events, Henry’s offers a wide selection to choose from including football, rugby, boxing, horse-racing and more.

The position of the large screen (which hangs directly behind the bar) enables spectators to keep tabs on the game at all times – no matter whether sitting down to eat or queueing up for a pint. Additionally, with its dog-friendly policy and cosy atmosphere, it is easy to see why Henry’s is beloved by many.

Address: 4 Joys Entry, Belfast BT1 4DR

3. The Kitchen Bar – best venue for Victoria(n) vibes

The Kitchen Bar is one of the top 5 bars for live sports in Belfast
Credit: @Thekitchenbarbelfast / Facebook

This Victorian pub is well-known for its food and drink, as well as reportedly being home to the ‘biggest screen in Belfast City Centre.’ With multiple televisions situated throughout the restaurant and bar areas, it is no surprise that this popular venue – located in Victoria Square – tends to be packed out for major sporting events.

Covering mainly football and rugby, The Kitchen Bar is a great venue in which to get together with friends, enjoy some replenishment, and catch the game on one of their many widescreens.

Address: 1 Victoria Square, Belfast BT1 4QG

2. The Berliner – best place to watch a range of sports

The Berliner is a popular bar in the capital of Northern Ireland

With various showings of rugby, boxing, UFC and football matches on offer, this bar – though relatively new – has quickly become one of the best places to watch live sports in Belfast. Its numerous HD and projector screens offer diners the ability to watch the game whilst enjoying a nice meal and catch-up with friends.

Highly popular amongst students and families alike, The Berliner has been said to equal its predecessors (The Deer’s Head pub and Aether & Echo) as a reputable venue offering fine dining and live entertainment – hereby making it one of the top five bars for live sports in Belfast.

Address: 1-3 Lower Garfield St, Belfast BT1 1FP

1. Lavery’s – the best Belfast has to offer

Lavery's is a popular watering hole in the capital of Northern Ireland

Dubbed Belfast’s best live sports venue due to its wide array of LCD screens on which to watch the latest football and rugby matches, Lavery’s has become somewhat of a weekend staple. One of the best pubs in Belfast, and a great place to grab some food before the game, many make use of its numerous pool tables and roof terrace for socialising.

With three floors consisting of different rooms: Public Bar, Back Bar, The Ballroom, The Woodworkers and The Cobbles – among others – it isn’t hard to see why this venue clinches the number one spot on our list of the top five bars for live sports in Belfast.

Address: 12-18, Bradbury Pl, Belfast BT7 1RS  

And there you have them: the top five bars for live sports in Belfast.

So whether you are looking to have a quiet one with your mates in an intimate setting, or to catch the game in and amongst a large group of fellow supporters and/or spectators, there is a place for everyone. From dog-friendly venues to those with various floors and rooms, Belfast offers a wide range of bars in which to see live sports – no matter your desired match day experience.  

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