TOP 10 Places You’re GUARANTEED to Get the Shift in Cork City

Ireland’s second city is no stranger to a session or two. The young and vibrant city is alive no matter what night the week you visit. It’s the place to be if you’re looking for the shift.

Be it under the mistletoe or under the influence of alcohol, Cork’s raunchy nightlife never disappoints. Spots for one hit wonders and the shift of your life or some dark and secluded nightclubs here are the 10 best places to go for the shift in Cork City.

10. The Bowery/Tip Top

Recently refurbished this nightclub is one of the first rooftop pub/clubs on our list. A classic club there is no doubt about raising the roof here nor is there any doubt about raising eyebrows. Students flood the doors on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the carry on is really no man’s business.

9. The Savoy (Gone but NEVER forgotten)

No longer with us, it is still fitting that this powerhouse of matchmaking gets a mention. Closed, for now, memories of successfully shifting an “absolute ride” will live fondly in any Cork persons’ mind.


All you are short is a slap of a chain on the way in the door. Home to some of Cork’s alternative scene, what happens in BDSM, stays in BDSM. Its rare occasion that someone will walk away from this late bar without getting the shift.

7. Suas

This trendy rooftop bar sets the scene for a dance and to get into that personal space. Get here on the right night and cheap Whoo-Whoos are up for grabs. A Whoo-Whoo is a combination of peach schnapps, vodka and cranberry juice (I know what you were thinking). Make sure to get here early to catch your Cinderella as the bar closes its doors at midnight.

6. Top of the Ferris wheel

Every Christmas, Cork gets a Ferris wheel on the Grand Parade. Soaring high above the city it offers breath-taking views and is almost perfect to bring someone for that first kiss. Hiding in plain sight, it is open enough to make that special person feel safe and secluded enough to just go for it.

5. An Bróg

Here we are again, the alt scene. An Bróg is the right spot to get messy drunk and fall in love. Bull rounds and roll the dice lead to a very sloppy night. Usually the last stop for all those hopeless romantics before a cheeky breast in a bun in Hillbillys.

4. The Voodoo Rooms

Do you voodoo? If you’re looking for the shift you do. Be it you’re absolutely giving it socks to Bongo Steve or swaying away to Pat Fitz, you’re always going to find a dancing partner here. Make sure to get here for “Wall Street @ Voodoo Rooms” when the stock market crashes, drink prices go through the floor and with them people inhibitions.

3. Chambers

Corks resident gay bar is possibly one the best spots to head out to especially on a Wednesday night. Although a gay bar, this place is welcome to all and a popular place for those looking the shift!

2. The White Lady

The May weekend is the best time to go here. The population descends on Kinsale for the “7s”. A weekend of drinking, rugby and sometimes sun just gets everyone in the mood and let’s be honest this all manifests itself in The White Lady. The Rugby lads flaunting their bruises and Ralph Lauren shirts have this place filled with excessive shifting and laddishness.

1. Reardens / The Secret Garden & The Hidden Attic / Havana Browns

Hush hush. I’m not sure if its the dark lights that just ooze secrecy or is it that what goes on on that carousel is just better off not being repeated. At 3 Stories high, there is a late bar downstairs with 2 separate night club’s upstairs. The Secret Garden & Hidden attic play host to a more sophisticated older crowd or so they say. Havana Browns is where it all goes downhill packed with fellas sprawled across each other occupying nearly every inch of the walls.

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