The 3 best waterfalls in Donegal, RANKED

Donegal is filled with beaches, resorts, parks and mountains, but that’s not all the county is known for; here are the three best waterfalls in Donegal, ranked.

The 3 best waterfalls in Donegal, RANKED

Donegal is a county teeming with natural beauty and enveloped in opulent landscapes, and anyone who is a regular fixture in the Tir Chonaill county can testify that this statement is not opinion but fact.

And what don’t the hills of Donegal have? For across Ireland’s fourth largest county you’ll discover castle ruins, crystal coves and coastlines, rugged cliff edges, domineering mountain sweeps and exquisite park ranges.

On top of all that, Donegal is also blessed with cascading waterfalls that add an extra layer of charm to its wild and untamed countryside. Read on to discover the three best waterfalls in Donegal, ranked.

3. Largy Waterfall – the secret hiding beneath Donegal’s largest cliffs

One of the best waterfalls in Donegal is the Largy Waterfall near the Slieve League cliffs.
Credit: @Declanworld / Twitter

The first on our list of the best waterfalls in Donegal is one found far off the beaten track and nestled deeply below the majestic Slieve League cliffs, which are three times the size of the Cliffs of Moher and rank as some of Europe’s largest sea cliffs.

The ‘Largy Waterfall’ can be found in the small village of Largy, which is around 5km from Killybegs and around 6km east of the town of Kilcar. The waterfall is found in a cave so be extremely careful when making your way there.

It’s important to check the timetable for tides in the area as the waterfall is swept up and the cave is filled by the incoming flush of the Atlantic Ocean. However, if you time it right, the scenery is worth it.

It is a true hidden gem ensconced along the Northern leg of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. Although the waterfall is not vociferous in its supply, it falls intricately from around 50 metres on to the sprawling rocks beneath it.

Donegal’s “secret waterfall cave” is truly a sight to behold, sitting at the end of the cave and highlighted by the sun that finds a breakthrough in the cave’s opening. If you are ever lucky enough to see it, you will see why it is on our list of the best waterfalls in Donegal.

Address: Kill, Largy, Co. Donegal, Ireland

2. Glenevin Waterfall – one of the best waterfalls in Donegal

The Glenevin Waterfall is one of the best waterfalls in Donegal.
Credit: Instagram/@amelie_gcl

Inishowen is one of the most stunning spots in all of Donegal, it being home to the Grianan of Aileach stone monument and the awe-inspiring Mamore Gap. Another crown in the area’s jewel is the plunging torrent that is the Glenevin Waterfall.

The Glenevin Waterfall is housed in the Glenevin Valley, and the scene can be reached by a safe, walker-friendly and sign-posted route to ensure you don’t miss out on the landmark, with picnic areas and vantage points offering panoramic views in plentiful supply.

The waterfall descends from around 40 metres above and is a just reward for the 1km trek that got you there. The waterfall is flanked either side by lush greenery and falls into Phol an eas, the basis at the foot of the waterfall.

AddressStraid, Clonmany, Co. Donegal, Ireland

1. Assaranca Waterfall – topping off your trip to Donegal

Assaranca is perhaps the best of the waterfalls in Donegal.
via Lake House Hotel Donegal

Topping our list of the best waterfalls in Donegal is the Assaranca Waterfall, situated around 8km away from the town of Ardara and not far from the outstanding Maghera Caves and Maghera Strand, if you want to make the most of your day in the area.

Eas a Ranca, as it is known in Irish, is one of the most picturesque waterfalls across the Emerald Isle, with its deluge of water trebling on a rainy day, a regular sight in Donegal and perhaps the one time we can be grateful for the bad weather!

It’s difficult to reach, so you may want to ask some locals how to get there if you are intent on seeing the fountain of water. The road leading to it is narrow and winding, but the waterfall appears abruptly, making the journey worth the hassle.

If you catch the waterfall in all its glory, you will be treated to an explosive cascade of water partition the hill it falls from, before hitting the pond beneath and flowing into the stream that takes it far and away into the hills of Donegal.

Alternatively, on a warmer day, the water falls slower, but the atmosphere is peaceful and poetic and is the perfect spot to rest before making your way around the rest of the county. One trip there and you will see why this is the best waterfall in Donegal.

AddressUnnamed Road, Co. Donegal, Ireland

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