15 most beautiful waterfalls in Ireland, ranked

Lured by the coasts, mountain peaks, and greenery, don’t forget to visit the magnificent waterfalls. Here are the most beautiful waterfalls in Ireland.

The Emerald Isle is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, abounding with crystal coastlines, awe-inspiring mountains, coastal cliffs, and vast parklands peppered with the green of summer and the brown of autumn.

However, perhaps what is less known is the wide range of idyllic waterfalls that descend, some slowly and some powerfully, from Ireland’s hilltops. They differ in shape and size, but all offer a tender glimpse into the shielded beauty across the country.

Here are fifteen most beautiful waterfalls in Ireland that you need to visit.

IB4UD’s top tips for visiting waterfalls in Ireland

  • Research the waterfall you want to visit before you go to ensure that it is suitable. Some waterfalls in Ireland are located on private property or are unsafe for swimming.
  • Pay attention to safety barriers and warning signs near the waterfall. They are in place to protect you and indicate potential hazards.
  • Waterfalls often create wet and slippery conditions. Be cautious while walking on rocks, trails, or viewing platforms near the waterfall.
  • Waterfalls and their surrounding areas can be habitats for various wildlife. Maintain a safe distance and avoid approaching or feeding them. Respect their behaviours and habitats.
  • Preserve the natural beauty of the waterfall by not littering, removing any trash, and avoiding damaging vegetation or wildlife.

15. Glenbarrow Falls (Co. Laois) – three tiers of waterfall

Glenbarrow Falls is a beautiful three-tiered waterfall.
Credit: Instagram / @ loveablerogue94

The first of our list of waterfalls in Ireland to visit can be found within the confines of the Slieve Bloom mountains and part of the River Barrow, the second-longest river in Ireland. It is a stunning three-tiered waterfall ideal for any trekker.

Address: Glenbarrow, Co. Laois, Ireland

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14. Tourmakeady Falls (Co. Mayo) – for a family day out

Tourmakeady falls is ideal for a family day out.
via Castlebar

The waterfall at Tourmakeady in County Mayo forms part of a 2.5 km nature trail and can be found on the shores of the Lough Mask. The track is perfect for a family day out, with overhead protection provided by the woodland and calmness provided by the accompanying Glensaul River.

Address: Tourmakeady, Co. Mayo, Ireland

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13. Clare Glens (Tipperary/Limerick border) – for the kayakers

Clare Glens is perfect for kayakers.
via Knockahopple Cottage

The Clare Glens is a charming wooded area partitioned by the Clare River. There are walkways on either side to venture to the waterfall after you take a dip and catch the views. The river is also used for kayaking.

Address: Ashroe, Murroe Wood, Co. Limerick, Ireland

12. Kilfane Warerfall & Glen (Co. Kilkenny) – for historical beauty

Kilfane Waterfalls is full of historical beauty.
Credit: @kaylabeckyr / Instagram

The Kilfane Glen has been untouched for 200 years since its garden opened in the 1790s and has been listed an Irish Heritage garden. Small bridges connect the divided woodland, while the picturesque waterfall tumbles into the ever-moving stream below.

Address: Stoneen, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

11. Glenmacnass Waterfall (Co. Wicklow) – a view from the Wicklow Hills

Glenmacnass Waterfall has incredible views of the Wicklow Hills.

One of the most unique waterfalls in Ireland is that of Glenmacnass, popular with the trekkers of the Wicklow Hills. The waterfall tumbles from a height of 80 metres. It can be located in the heart of the Glenmacnass Valley in the magnificent Wicklow Mountains.

Address: Carrigeenduff, Newtown Park, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

10. Gleninchaquin Waterfall (Co. Kerry) – one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ireland

Gleninchaquin Waterfalls is truly beautiful.
via gleninchaquinpark.com

County Kerry teems with natural beauty, and the Gleninchaquin Park and Waterfall fits right in. En route, you will stumble over mountain paths, overlook tranquil lakes, and then encounter the 140-metre high waterfall that earns its spot in the top ten waterfalls in Ireland.

Address: Gleninchaquin, Kenmare, Co. Kerry, V93 YXP4, Ireland

9. Glenevin Waterfall (Co. Donegal) – the best of Inishowen

Be sure to visit Glenevin Waterfall, the best of Inishowen.
Credit: Instagram/@amelie_gcl

The impressive Glenevin Waterfall is one of Inishowen’s most prized possessions and can be reached via a one-kilometre track within the wooded stream valley of the Glenevin Waterfall Park, armed with vantage points to catch spectacular views of the Tir Chonaill county.

Address: Straid, Clonmany, Co. Donegal, Ireland

8. Glenoe Waterfall (Co. Antrim) – discover the Glens of Antrim

Glenoe Waterfalls is another of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ireland.
Credit: @lady_ninetails / Instagram

The Glens of Antrim are one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland, and nestled deep within is the scenic Glenoe Waterfall, not far from the village of Glenoe. It is reached by a mix of steps and paths well worth trotting. Sticking to waterfalls and looking abroad, there are some stunning waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii.

Address: Waterfall Rd, Gleno, Larne BT40 3LE

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7. Aasleagh Falls (Galway/Mayo border) – a picturesque landscape waterfall

Aasleagh Falls is a picturesque landscape and another of the top beautiful waterfalls in Ireland.

The Aasleagh Falls is a picturesque landscape waterfall that crashes over lines of rocks before joining the calmness of the River Erriff just as it prepares to merge with the Killary Harbour. It is only a short walk from the car park. Salmon fishing is popular in the area.

Address: River, Erriff, Co. Mayo, Ireland

6. Mahon Falls (Co. Waterford) – one of the best waterfalls in Ireland

Mahon Falls is another one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ireland.
via UCCMC – WordPress.com

At almost 80 metres, the Mahon Falls drops from the Comeragh Plateau and cuts through the Comeragh Mountains, meaning it is immediately enveloped by natural beauty, reminiscent of that which graces Connemara in Galway.

Address: River Mahon, Co. Waterford, Ireland

5. Assaranca Waterfall (Co. Donegal) – a cascading masterpiece

Assaranca is another of our top picks for most beautiful waterfalls in Ireland.
via Lake House Hotel Donegal

Situated roughly 8 km outside of the town of Ardara, the Assarance Waterfall seems to grow bigger and bigger as it cascades into the water below. Just a short distance away are the Maghera caves and Maghera strand, not to be missed on your trip.

Address: Unnamed Road, Co. Donegal, Ireland

4. The Devil’s Chimney Waterfall (Co. Leitrim) – Ireland’s tallest waterfall

The Devil's Chimney makes our list of most beautiful waterfalls in Ireland.

At 150 metres high, the ‘Sruth in Aghaigh An Aird’ is Ireland’s tallest waterfall and rests within the woods of the Glencar Valley. The waterfall earned its peculiar name due to the phenomenon whereby the descending water is blown upward and back over the cliff during certain weather conditions.

Address: Tormore, Glencar, Co. Leitrim, Ireland

3. Torc Waterfall (Co. Kerry) – for views of Killarney National Park

Torc Waterfall is another of the top most beautiful waterfalls in Ireland.

Part of the allure of the striking Torc Waterfall is its offering of spellbinding views of Killarney National Park and one of the best waterfalls in Cork and Kerry. The waterfall can be found at the foot of Torc Mountain and is 20 metres high, ruggedly tackling the stones that separate it from the water.

Address: Rossnahowgarry, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland

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2. Glencar Waterfall (Co. Leitrim) – a waterfall that inspired W.B. Yeats

Based on the extraordinary Glencar Lough, the deft Glencar Waterfall is 50 metres high and provided inspiration to the great W.B. Yeats in his poem ‘The Stolen Child’. Make sure to catch the best of the waterfall after it rains, which is quite often in Ireland!

Address: Formoyle, Glencar, Co. Leitrim, Ireland

1. Powerscourt Waterfall (Co. Wicklow) – the most gorgeous Irish waterfall

Powerscourt Waterfall is truly one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ireland.
via Powerscourt Estate

The Powerscourt Estate is itself one of Ireland’s greatest landmarks. It is aided by the 121-metre waterfall set in the foothills of the entrapping Wicklow Mountains. A cursory glance and you can see why we selected it as the best waterfall in Ireland.

Address: Powerscourt Estate, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, A98 WOD0, Ireland

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Your questions answered about waterfalls in Ireland

If you still have questions about the most beautiful Irish waterfalls, we have you covered! In this section, we’ve compiled some of our readers’ most frequently asked questions about this topic.

What is the biggest waterfall in Ireland?

Irieland’s biggest waterfall is Powerscourt Waterfall which stands at a height of 398ft at the foot of the Wicklow Mountains.

Can you swim in waterfalls in Ireland?

There are plenty of amazing waterfalls in Ireland you can swim in, such as Clamp Hole Waterfall, Aasleagh Falls and Glencar Waterfall.

What is the most famous waterfall in Ireland?

One of the most famous waterfalls in Ireland is Torc Waterfall, which is associated with an old Irish legend.

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