St. Patrick’s Day in DUBLIN: the 10 BEST events (2023)

Making plans for St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin? Here are ten of the best events the city has to offer this St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin: the 10 best events in Dublin (2023).

It’s 2023, and with that comes the promise of a brand-new celebration of St. Patrick. This one is going to be a good one, and what better place to spend it than in the capital city?

We’re just as excited as you are, so we’ve made a list of the ten best events happening this St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin!

10. ‘Me Auld Flower’ Irish food and drink festival – traditional and modern food and drink festival celebrating all things Irish

The Me Auld Flower food and drink festival is one of the best ways to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.
Credit: Facebook / Me Auld Flower Festival

This exciting and quintessentially Irish festival runs for four days of festivities and is open until 10 pm for all your dining, demo, and drinks needs.

If you’re looking to experience the buzz of an old Dublin marketplace or to taste some exquisitely Irish delicacies and produce, this is the place to be.


9. See The Bogs live at The Cobblestones on St. Patrick’s eve – an Irish Celtic-Rock gig in an iconic Dublin music venue

See The Bogs live at the Cobblestones/
Credit: Facebook / The Bogs Ireland

The Bogs have been performing their Celtic, traditional, and rock blend of tunes for over 35 years, covering some of Ireland’s greatest musicians like The Dubliners, The Pogues and Christy Moore.

Tickets are €12, and the Cobblestones serve excellent pints of the black stuff.


8. A visit to the Guinness Storehouse – soak up the history of Ireland’s beloved stout and enjoy a pint overlooking the city

Visiting the storehouse is one of the best ways to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.

The storehouse is always a good choice, and for Paddy’s Day, they’re hosting live music too.

The Gravity Bar serves one of the tastiest pints in Dublin, poured to perfection, with great views of Dublin to add. We recommend booking in and watching the festivalgoers cross the city below.


7. The Irish Famine Exhibition – a powerful exhibition of artefacts and more from the ‘Great Hunger’

Head to the Irish Famine Exhibit.

While celebrating Ireland and St. Patrick’s legacy this St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, you can visit this eye-opening and emotional exhibition featuring a documentary, genuine famine artefacts and more.


6. Dance the night away at Index nightclub – celebrate St. Patrick’s night in one of Dublin’s best clubs to the beats of the country’s most promising DJs

Heading to Index is one of the best ways to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.
Credit: Facebook / Index

Index is a proud Dublin dance institution, and they’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day special event in collaboration with Subject, showcasing Saoirse, Sunil Sharpe and more Irish House and Techno talents.

End the night on the dancefloor in honour of the Patron Saint!


5. The Dublin Whiskey Tasting Experience at Lincoln’s Inn – sample five of the finest Irish whiskeys in a traditional Irish pub at the heart of Dublin.

Try the Dublin Whiskey Tasting Experience.
Credit: Facebook / The Lincoln’s Inn

The Dublin whiskey tours are informative, invaluable, intimate, and fun. This event is being held in the treasured Lincoln’s Inn, offering tasting, tales, and insider information.

We recommend booking soon as this is not one to be missed when celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.


4. Pillow Queens and Friends live at the festival quarter – an evening of Irish music and culture on the magical grounds of the National Museum

Watching the Pillow Queens and Friends is one of the best ways to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.
Credit: Facebook / St. Patrick’s Festival Ireland and Pillow Queens

The soaring successes that are the Pillow Queens have teamed up with the St. Patrick’s Day festival to create this spectacular evening of hand-picked Irish acts.

This event takes place on Saturday, so if you’re celebrating the whole weekend, we can’t recommend you enough to get tickets to this once-off event!


3. Friday Night Live, stand-up comedy from Cork – five Irish comedians in a lively and trendy Dublin city pub

Friday Night Live comedy.
Credit: Facebook / Sin É Dublin

For just €10 a ticket, you can see five hilarious comedians who all hail from the rebel county.

This event starts at 10 pm, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy some pints in some of Dublin’s oldest, most traditional bars before making your way to Sín E, one of Dublin’s coolest spots, for some laughs.


2. Cultúr Club, presented by the epic queer-club collective, Mother – a pre–Paddy’s Day dance event in the festival quarter

Heading to Cultur Club is one of the best ways to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.
Credit: Facebook / Mother Club

This event is a celebration of queer performance and the strong, welcoming Irish LGBTQ+ community.

Featuring a broad display of drag, DJs, storytelling, and art, this event is a mighty way to kick off celebrations. National treasure Pantibliss is on the line-up, and there’s an afterparty too!


1. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade – an outstanding display of festivities that never disappoints!

The St. Patrick's Day parade is, of course, a must.

The parade gets better every year, and this year boasts the most diverse and mesmerising parade affair yet. It’s one of the biggest Paddy’s Day parades around the world.

Themed around the ideals of community, togetherness, and youth, the parade will feature over 4,000 participants and plenty of magic. You don’t want to miss it, so get to town before noon!


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