Top 5 most AMAZING Neolithic sites in Ireland, RANKED

Ireland is a country that boasts a rich history and heritage. So it should come as no surprise that there are many stunningly beautiful Neolithic sites in Ireland just waiting to be explored.

Top 5 most amazing Neolithic sites in Ireland.

Ireland is a majestic island with a vibrant history and heritage that is just waiting to be discovered by visitors to the Emerald Isle. Archaeological evidence of prehistoric Ireland stretches back as far as 10,500 BC, with the first signs of human settlement.

Throughout Ireland, many buildings, sacred sites, burial tombs, and early Christian monasteries are to be discovered and explored. For those interested in ancient sites, there are many great Neolithic sites to visit.

This article will list what we believe to be the top five most amazing Neolithic sites in Ireland. Explore these beautiful areas that provide an amazing insight into what ancient Ireland was really like.

5. Mount Sandel Mesolithic Site – home to some of Ireland’s first inhabitants

Mount Sandel Mesolithic Site was home to some of Ireland's first inhabitants.
Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool / Gareth Wray

Have you ever wondered what life was like for people in Ireland 9,000 years ago? If so, a visit to the Mount Sandel Mesolithic Site in County Derry is a must.

Carbon dated to approximately 7,000 BC, this terrain was home to some of Ireland’s first inhabitants, who were hunter-gatherers.

This site remains the only place in Ireland where visitors can see a real example of a Mesolithic house.

Address: 2 Mountfield Dr, Coleraine BT52 1TW, United Kingdom

4. Brú na Bóinne – one of Ireland’s most well-known prehistoric monuments

Brú na Bóinne is one of the most amazing Neolithic sites in Ireland.
Credit: Flickr / Ron Cogswell

Brú na Bóinne in New Grange, County Meath, is one of the best-known prehistoric monuments in the world. Therefore, it is often used as the poster child for ancient Ireland in tourism campaigns.

This site is remarkably well preserved, and so provides a fantastic insight to archaeologists, enthusiasts, academics, and visitors into the culture and customs of the Neolithic period.

Address: Co. Meath

3. Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery – Ireland’s largest complex of ancient megalithic monuments

Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery is Ireland's largest complex of ancient megalithic monuments.
Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool / Rory O’Donnell

Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery is home to Ireland’s largest complex of ancient megalithic monuments and is undoubtedly one of the most epic ancient sites that Ireland has to offer.

Built in the Neolithic period (approximately 4000 BC), Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery comprises many stunning megalithic monuments.

This site in County Sligo is the largest complex of ancient monuments in Ireland, with a total of 30. What’s more, they remain intact to this day!

For those who visit the site, guided tours are available and an interactive exhibit for those looking to delve deeper and learn even more about Ireland’s ancient and mysterious past.

Address: Carrowmore, Co. Sligo, F91 E638

2. The Burren – one of the best ancient sites Ireland has to offer

The Burren is one of the most amazing Neolithic sites in Ireland.
Credit: Instagram / Chris Hill

The Burren in County Clare is one of Ireland’s best ancient sites. The Burren is a perfect example of an archaeological marvel and perhaps possesses the most stunning landscapes in the country.

The extensive Burren National Park covers over 1,800 hectares and contains karst limestone rocks in the form of cliffs, coastal settings, caves and, moreover, ancient monuments!

It draws its name from the Irish ‘boíreann’ (rocky place) and is internationally famous for its beautiful landscape and bounty of unique flora.

Address: Co. Clare

1. The Céide Fields – an award-winning archaeological site

The Céide Fields is an award-winning archaeological site.
Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool / Alison Crummy

In first place on our list of the most amazing Neolithic sites in Ireland to explore is the Céide Fields in County Mayo which is an award-winning archaeological site.

It’s also the oldest field system ever recorded, so it’s not hard to see why it is regarded as Ireland’s most celebrated Neolithic site.

What’s more, the bogland reserve has a visitor centre with an interactive tour for those wishing to discover more about one of Ireland’s most epic ancient sites.

Address: Glenurla, Ballycastle, Co. Mayo, F26 PF66

That concludes our article on the most amazing Neolithic sites in Ireland to explore. Have you visited any of them yet, and are there any other Neolithic sites in Ireland that you think deserve a place on our list?

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