Harry Potter Phelps twins enjoy tour of North Coast

James and Oliver Phelps are currently capturing their golfing tour of Ireland on Instagram, which they’ve affectionately hashtagged ‘#PhelpsIrishSwing’.

The Harry Potter twins have been enjoying tour of North Coast

We thought it was exciting enough to be from the same part of the world as iconic Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch. But now, Irish Harry Potter fans have yet another reason to be excited.

After spending years surrounded by spells and magic, Harry Potter actors Oliver and James Phelps are the newest stars to have been charmed by the North Coast.

The 35-year-old actors have been taking to Instagram to share their thrilling Irish adventures with fans.

Harry Potter stars – touring the North Coast

The Harry Potter stars are enjoying the North Coast.
Credit: Instagram / @oliver_phelps

The twins are best known for bringing Fred and George Weasley to life in the movie adaptations of the Harry Potter novels. Adored by millions of fans around the world, the movies shot the Phelps twins into stardom.

Ireland offers many must-stop locations for Harry Potter fans, but clearly even stars of the films cannot resist the Emerald Isle’s charm.

A quick stop – taking in the Causeway’s charm

The Harry Potter stars are exploring the Giant's Causeway and the beauty of the North Coast.
Credit: Instagram / @jamesphelps_pictures

James and Oliver are now taking some time out to explore the wonders that Ireland has to offer. And they certainly know where the best beauty spots are.

The Harry Potter star’s latest stop has been the North Coast, where the two have spent time exploring the beauty of the ruggish and charming coastline.

Both have been eagerly posting pictures of their time spent at the Giant’s Causeway on Instagram for their combined 5.5 million followers.

Capturing the dazzling landscape – “Giants Causeway is [a] must”

Oliver is particularly enjoying 'the wishing chair'.
Credit: Instagram / @oliver_phelps

It seems they haven’t been disappointed by the sights that the World Heritage Site has to offer. James has been lapping up the local folklore, alluding to the tale of Finn MacCool in a recent post.

He captioned the image, “Legend has it this place was built by a giant who was going to fight another giant…

“If you ever get the chance to check this place out, it is stunning and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

“Big thanks to Diane who gave us a little history lesson too. #Rahh #giantscauseway #DidYouKnow #travelling”.

Oliver has also posted several images, marvelling at the NI beauty spot. He’s also been showing particular intrigue in the infamous ‘wishing chair’.

On his post, he wrote, “As geology and places to visit goes, Giant’s Causeway is must. Obviously you’ve got to make a stop at the wishing chair. #roadtripping #giantscauseway”.

Feels like home – Harry Potter’s iconic filming location in Ireland

Credit: YouTube screenshot / Wizarding World

The two must have felt at home on their coastal travels, as Giant’s Causeway wouldn’t look out of place on a Harry Potter set. In fact, an iconic scene from the critically-acclaimed franchise was actually filmed in Ireland.

The Cliffs of Moher make a cameo in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (the sixth film of the beloved series).

In the dramatic scene, Dumbledore and Harry find themselves standing precariously on the Lemon Rock.

Allured by the Irish charm – they’re not alone

Patrick Dempsey was in Ireland filming Disenchanted.
Credit: : Instagram / @patrickdempsey

Something must be in the water around the local coastline, as they haven’t been the only stars to be enchanted by the Emerald Isle’s charm. Patrick Dempsey has been spending time poring over all the sights that Ireland has to offer.

Dempsey has been filming in Ireland for Disney’s Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted. He has been spending his downtime discovering the beauty of Wicklow and Dublin.

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