Disney issues casting call for Enchanted sequel being filmed in Wicklow

Irish Disney fans, listen up – here is your chance to step into a fairytale land without having to travel too far from home.

Great news for Irish fans of the fairytale studio! Disney has issued a casting call for the Enchanted sequel filming in Wicklow and Dublin this year.

Disenchanted is the long-awaited sequel of the 2007 live-action musical fantasy film Enchanted starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey.

Filming is to take place between May and August 2021, and the studio is on the hunt for Irish extras.

A dream come true – enter a fairytale

Disney has issued a casting call for Wicklow natives.
Credit: imdb.com

The original Enchanted, narrated by Julie Andrews, followed Princess Giselle (Adams) who is banished from her kingdom by her lover’s evil stepmother.

We then see Giselle transported to the real world, where she meets lawyer Robert Philip (Dempsey) and falls in love with him.

Comedy ensues as Giselle adjusts to life in the real world, which proves vastly different from the fairytale land she grew up in. The comedic contrasts between the real and the fairytale worlds have made Enchanted one of Disney’s most popular recent films.

The anticipated follow-up, Disenchanted, is on the way with Disney issuing a casting call for the Enchanted sequel filming in Wicklow.

Disenchanted – 14 years on

Filming will take place in Enniskerry, County Wicklow.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Childhood fans of the original Enchanted movie, which was released 14 years ago, are now fully grown adults. However, excitement remains among diehard Disney fans.

The sequel will follow Giselle ten years on from her happily ever after as she questions the life she chose. In the process, both the real world and the fantasy land of Andalasia will be turned upside down.

With part two coming soon, Disney has issued a casting call for the Enchanted sequel filming in Wicklow and Dublin.

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Who can apply? – could it be you?

Disney issues a casting call for filming in Wicklow.
Credit: imdb.com

The casting call from Disney requests extras for the Enchanted sequel before filming begins in Wicklow this year. The studio has posted the job advert online.

The advert reads, “Clocktower Productions seeks roles for the motion picture project entitled Disenchanted, a new feature-length motion picture project by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, filming in Dublin, Ireland, between May and August 2021.”

The studio has stated they are looking for “submissions for non-descript roles”, and will be employing performers on an equal opportunities basis.

They state, submissions from all performers, “regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, disability, race, colour, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other basis prohibited by law, subject to legitimate casting objectives”, will be welcomed.

Adding to the extensive list of Irish movies, filming will begin in Dublin between May and August. The cast and crew will then head to the picturesque village of Enniskerry in County Wicklow.

Successful applicants must be available for full days of filming and very early starts.

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