Canine adventures: 10 cute dogs in scenic places around Ireland

Cute dogs and breathtaking Irish views? It can’t get much better than that. Here are 10 Instagram snaps of cute dogs in scenic places around Ireland.

Ireland is home to some pretty spectacular sites, and to be honest, we didn’t think they could get any better. But then we came across these pictures on Instagram of cute dogs at some of the most scenic spots in the country, and we just had to share.

Ready for some cuteness? Here are 10 adorable dogs in scenic places around Ireland.

10. Toby at Devil’s Bit, Co. Tipperary

Instagram snaps of cute dogs in scenic places around Ireland include this one of Toby at the Devil's Bit
Credit: Instagram / @toby_tobbita

This cute little Jack Russell–beagle cross, Toby, really tugged on our heart strings as he posed for his picture at the Devil’s Bit in County Tipperary. Not to mention the incredible views of the rolling Tipperary countryside on such a fabulous day.

We know our legs would be sore after climbing all the way up there, so we’re sure this little fellow felt pretty tired after his hike. He looks proud of himself, though!

Check Toby out on Instagram here.

9. Walter at Portrush beach, Co. Antrim

Instagram snaps of cute dogs in scenic places around Ireland include this one of Walter in Portrush
Credit: Instagram / @thelifeofwalter

The old English sheepdog Walter is setting standards high for future boyfriends. How cute does he look on Portrush Beach, County Antrim, holding a heart-shaped balloon that reads ‘I love you’?

We woof you too Walter, and we hope you had a fun day out at the seaside!

Check Walter out on Instagram here.

8. Pippa at Torc Mountain, Co. Kerry

Instagram snaps of cute dogs in scenic places around Ireland include this one of Pippa at Torc Mountain
Credit: Instagram / @pippacorkerspaniel

Pippa the cocker spaniel looks so majestic as she looks out over Torc Mountain in Killarney National Park. The views of this part of Ireland are absolutely incredible, and we can tell Pippa is enjoying them!

According to her Instagram page, Pippa loves ‘bananas, going on adventures and stealing tea towels from the kitchen!’

Check Pippa out on Instagram here.

7. Jess at the Burren, Co. Clare

Instagram snaps of cute dogs in scenic places around Ireland include this one of Jess at the Burren
Credit: Instagram / @happy_tails_petsitting_clare

Happy girl Jess, a white German shepherd, looks like she is having a great time on her walk in the Burren, County Clare.

The stunning landscape of the Burren is the perfect place to take your dog for a walk on a sunny day.

Check Jess out on Instagram here.

6. Darla at Carlingford Lough, Co. Louth

Instagram snaps of cute dogs in scenic places around Ireland include this one of Darla at Carlingford Lough
Credit: Instagram / @darla.moonbeam

We absolutely love this shot of poodle Darla at Carlingford Lough; she just couldn’t contain her excitement at seeing the lough for the first time. We get it, Darla; it’s stunning!

Carlingford Lough on a clear day will ensure visitors get incredible views both north and south of the border, so it’s a must-see if you’re visiting Ireland!

Check Darla out on Instagram here.

5. Duncan at Valentia Island, Co. Kerry

Instagram snaps of cute dogs in scenic places around Ireland include this one of Duncan at Valentia Island
Credit: Instagram / @theulsterscottie

Duncan the Scottish terrier is enjoying the views of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way at Valentia Island, County Kerry. Valentia Island is one of Ireland’s most westerly points, so it’s no surprise it can get pretty windy there.

If only the skies in Ireland were always this blue so we could enjoy amazing views like this more often!

Check Duncan out on Instagram here.

4. Mollie at Culdaff Beach, Co. Donegal

Mollie is a Bernese mountain dog enjoying County Donegal
Credit: Instagram / @mollie_frankiethebernes

Bernese mountain dog Mollie has got that ‘Friday feeling’ as she enjoys her walk on the beach in Culdaff, County Donegal. That stance is so powerful—we can tell she’s ready to play!

Culdaff Beach is a beautiful and peaceful spot—a must-see on a sunny day.

Check Mollie out on Instagram here.

3. Ebony at Stormont Estate, Co. Antrim

Ebony is enjoying a visit to Stormont Estate
Credit: Instagram / @ebony_labradoodle

Labradoodle Ebony looks like she had a great day out exploring the Stormont Estate in Belfast. Politics isn’t really her thing, but we heard she thought the walk was beautiful—plus, she even got to see a squirrel!

Check Ebony out on Instagram here.

2. Khaleesi at the Flaggy Shore, Co. Clare

Khaleese is enjoying a visit to the Flaggy Shore
Credit: Instagram / @khaleesilisa2k20

How cool does Khaleesi, the short-haired border collie, look as she stands facing the waves at the Flaggy Shore in County Clare?

We think a walk on the beach when the sun is out is the best way to spend a day on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way!

Check Khaleesi out on Instagram here.

1. Hollie at Slieve Donard, Co. Down

Hollie is enjoying a visit to Slieve Donard
Credit: Instagram / @beth_rose001

Springer Spaniel Hollie looks like she had a great day climbing Northern Ireland’s highest mountain, Slieve Donard in County Down. She definitely deserved a treat after that hike!

The views from the top of Slieve Donard are breathtaking on a clear day, but who would have thought little Hollie would have made them even better?

Check Hollie out on Instagram here.

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