5 ways to test Irish luck

Whether you’re a high roller or simply like to challenge fate, these are five surefire ways to test Irish luck.

Ireland is known for many things. It is a cultural destination, home to great poetry and literature. With world-renowned entertainment and nightlife, endless heritage sites and stunning natural sights, there are many things to love about the Emerald Isle.

Another key cultural association with Ireland is luck. And with generations of folklore and mythology about leprechauns, pots of gold and rainbows to go off, it comes as no surprise.

Keen to learn more? Here are five fun ways to test Irish luck on the island of Ireland.

5. At the bookies – for a laidback bet

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Did you know that one of the most dynamic ways to test your luck is at the bookies? Dotted around the island of Ireland you will find low-key, local bookmakers as well as more mainstream commercial bookies.

Often filled with a handful of locals testing their good ju-ju on just about anything – from boxing to football, the Olympic games to international song contests – there’s much fun to be had at a local Irish bookmaker.

4. With a lotto ticket – for the jackpot prize

We’ve all seen the jackpot flash across the screen and, for one fleeting moment, considered what it would be like to win the grand prize of hundreds of millions. Well, perhaps you should keep dreaming!

Indeed, one of the ways to test your Irish luck is to purchase a (potentially winning) lotto ticket and cross all your fingers and toes.

Although we may point out that the current odds of winning the Irish lottery are 1 in 10,737,573, so keep your day job until you win big!

3. On the horses – for a day at the races

Credit: Fáilte Ireland

Care to step into your glad rags and spend a day at the races? Indeed, horse racing is a surefire way to test your Irish luck.

With 26 racecourses around the island of Ireland to choose from and endless annual events and meets, there are tonnes of opportunities for punters year-round.

If you’re hoping to enjoy a dash of horseracing from the comfort of your own home, however, there are tonnes of sites and apps which offer the first-class service in this field. Read this Betfair review on horsebetting.com to get a better idea of one of the top providers.

2. In the casino – for a fun and social setting

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The roll of the dice, the pull of the slot machine – yes, a night at the casino can be one of the most vibrant experiences to be had if you’re looking to test your Irish luck.

If this sounds up you’re alley, you’ll be delighted to know that Ireland boasts a wealth of casinos around the country. Some of the finest are located in Dublin City, and with different styles and atmospheres on offer, all sorts of gamers will be catered for.

For those looking for a fun and social setting, head to The Sporting Emporium, just off Grafton Street, on the weekend; this is when the venue will be at its most lively. If slots are your preference, the Playland Casino on Talbot Street is the way to go.

1. With the weather – the everyday gamble

Ireland is an amazing country, bountiful in hospitality, charm and the almighty craic, but one of its weaker traits has got to be the weather.

Indeed you may be a gambler and are keen to test your luck and, hopefully, reap the awards, yet one of the most consistent gambles the Irish are faced with each day is navigating the weather.

To plan an outdoor wedding in Ireland or a camping trip with some friends ahead of time is as dicey as putting down €1,000 on a single number in roulette. Saying that, it’s one of the most characteristic qualities of the Emerald Isle.

So with this in mind, always pack a rain jacket, and remember, there is no bad weather, only bad clothes!

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