23,000 people apply for summer job on remote Irish island

More than 23,000 people have just applied for a dream summer job on a remote Irish island. Can you blame them?

23,000 people apply for summer job on remote Irish island

A young couple living on the Great Blasket Island in County Kerry has just received more than 23,000 applications for two summer vacancies.

Billy O’ Connor and his partner Alice Hayes posted the vacancies onto social media and received an amazing response from people in all walks of life.

The posting asked for two candidates to run a small café and three cottages from April of this year until October. The two successful applicants would then live together for six months remotely, without any of the modern amenities that so many of us are used to. However, the recruiting couple did not expect such an incredible response.

Applications came from places as far as Iran, Argentina, Finland, and Mexico

Great Blasket Island is a remote Irish island

“It’s been unbelievable. We were worried we wouldn’t get anyone”, the couple told RTÉ.

The couple received hundreds of applications from many local areas, as would be expected. But what could not be predicted was how far and wide the job posting had garnered interest, as people from countries such as Iran, Argentina, Finland, and Mexico had also applied for the job which would see them living on a remote Irish island.

“We had a lot of interest last week but in the last few days it’s been mad […] Our email is in meltdown and our phones are just pinging constantly,” Ms Hayes said.

There will be no home comforts on the remote island of Great Blasket

23,000 people applied for the summer job on remote Irish island

According to the previous caretakers, Lesley Kehoe and her partner, Gordon Bond, there are few modern comforts on the remote Irish island of Great Blasket.

The two shared responsibility over the properties from April to October of last year, which Ms Kehoe described as “serene” and “their version of normal”.

The remote Irish island does not offer many modern comforts
Credit: @gbisland / Twitter

Applicants should not expect to have a hot bath or high-spec shower, as they will have to bathe in water from a mountain stream in the freezing Irish cold. Ms Kehoe described it as “the quickest shower in your life.”

“We were the only permanent residents. People would come and visit, but no longer than two days or a week max”, she continued.

The position is open to couples or best friends

The job calls for a couple or close friends
Credit: @gbisland / Twitter

It’s no surprise that the job received so much attention, as it is catered specifically towards couples and best friends who can work together well.

Ms Kehoe noted that any interested islanders should make sure to bring “the person they get on with best in the world”. Naturally, spending so much time in such a remote location without any of our usual day-to-day comforts would be trying on any relationship.

Although the island is inhabited, it does have caretakers. In fact, a young couple landed their dream job as caretakers of Great Blasket Island!

We imagine that this would be a tough job, but very rewarding if tasked with the right person.

Who would you bring?

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