10 Irish quirks: you know you’re Irish if you do these

You know you’re Irish if you do certain things that only really make sense in Ireland. Here are our top 10 Irish quirks.

10 Irish quirks: you know you're Irish if you do these

There are certain things that Irish people do that are hard to explain to the onlooking outsider. The people of the Emerald Isle have always been a mysterious and whimsical folk, and their many quirks and eccentricities are what make them so unique.

Here are our top 10 Irish quirks—and you definitely know you’re Irish if you do any one of these.

10. Justifying doing anything fun with a simple phrase – ‘for the craic’

You know you're Irish if you do things for the craic

No one has fun like the Irish, and if you ever want to convince an Irish person to do an activity that might be fun, all you need to say is “sure we’ll do it for the craic”. Many a great story has started from doing something for the craic.

9. Answering any question about how you’re feeling with the same phrase – ‘I’m grand’

You know you're Irish if you always tell people you're grand

“I’m grand” seems to be the official standard automatic response that every Irish person gives anytime someone asks them a personal question such as how they are or how they are feeling.

8. Praying to St. Anthony – the Irish lost and found

You know you're Irish if you pray to St. Anthony

Did you lose your wallet, your car keys, or perhaps your wedding ring? Then do what every Irish person does and pray to St. Anthony, and you will be sure to find it again.

7. Compliments – can’t handle them

You know you're Irish if you can't take a compliment

You know you’re Irish if it feels like you physically can’t receive a compliment without trying to downplay it with remarks such as “oh this old thing, got it in Penney’s, reduced section”. The Irish are just too modest to accept a compliment it seems.

6. Electric fence – a shocking childhood revelation

You know you're Irish if you've had a shocking experience with an electric fence

If you ever grew up in or visited the Irish countryside, then you will most likely have made the literally shocking discovery that is the electric fence. Many a person has been dared to touch the fence by an unconsidering friend, for the craic of course!

5. Tea – always time for a cup

You know you're Irish if you always have time for a cup of tea

Whenever you have house guests, you will be sure to offered a cup or two or three, and when you visit an Irish home and are offered tea, you will always accept. Say no and you will see the looks of confusion and shock on your host’s face. To not drink tea in Ireland is a terrible crime.

4. The immersion – is it on or off?

Irish quirks include anxiety around the immersion heater

The thought “was the immersion turned off?” is one that sends chills down the spines of every Irish person. (For those outside Ireland, “the immersion” refers to an immersion heater.) If your mam asked you this when you were a kid and the answer was no, then you would be running in fear of the wooden spoon before you could count to 3. 

3. Ending a phone call – repeating bye endlessly

Irish quirks include repeating by on the phone

You know you’re Irish if you can’t end a phone call without saying ‘bye, bye, bye, bye’ at least a dozen times. It might sound silly, but once you’ve done it, you will find it’s extremely hard to break the habit.

2. Thanking bus drivers – cheers for the lift

Irish quirks include thanking bus drivers
Credit: www.bigbustours.com

Is there anything more adorably Irish than thanking the driver before you get off the bus? Such common courtesy is rare in most countries, but not in Ireland where it just seems to run off the tongue naturally.

1. Flat 7 Up – the cure

Irish quirks include having flat 7 Up as a cure for any ailment

Flat 7 Up is a well-known cure that has been employed in every Irish household throughout the ages. Whether you had the flu, a cold, a vomiting bug, or a missing leg, every mother would offer you the cure that was a glass of flat 7 Up as if it was some sort of miracle cure-all. If you were in a really bad condition, the flat 7 Up would also be accompanied with some dry toast.

So, there you have our list of things that let you know you’re Irish if you do them. If there are any other Irish quirks or things that let you know you’re Irish, then make sure to let us know!

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