Top 5 places to discover Dracula in Ireland, RANKED

From an underground crypt to a graveyard theatre, here are the top five places to discover Dracula in Ireland.

Abraham ‘Bram’ Stoker was an Irish-born author famed for his Gothic horror novel, Dracula (1897).

With the name Dracula taken from the Irish ‘dreach-fhoula’ (pronounced as ‘droc’ola’) meaning ‘bad’ or ‘tainted blood’, it is fair to guess that he likely garnered inspiration for the masterpiece from his Irish roots.   

The novel’s impact on pop culture has resulted in a steady growth regarding a fascination with the supernatural – something evidenced in its continued exploration in modern mediums today.

Alongside numerous adaptations, various Dracula-inspired tours are available and even a four-day Bram Stoker Festival, which celebrates the writer’s creation through gothic-inspired events, guided tours, and readings.

So, are you brave enough to go looking for the Prince of Darkness himself? If so, check out these top five places to discover Dracula in Ireland.

5. Dublin Castle, Co. Dublin – a lifetime of horrors

Dublin Castle is home to a lifetime of horrors.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

Shortly after graduating, Stoker joined the Civil Service and took up a position in Dublin Castle, where he later became Inspector of Petty Sessions.

As part of his duties, he oversaw civil and criminal cases in the Magistrates’ Courts. This insight into Irish life further backs the idea of the novel’s potential as a social commentary on 19th-century Ireland.

The site itself has been around since the 13th-century and, as such, has seen a lot in its many years, including rotting bodies, dreadful dungeon escapades, and enemy heads mounted on spikes at the entrance.

With such a dark history, Dublin Castle is definitely one of the best places to discover Dracula in Ireland.

Address: Dame St, Dublin 2, Ireland

4. St. Michan’s Church Crypt, Co. Dublin – ­many mummified remains

St Michan's Church Crypt is one of the best places to discover Dracula in Ireland.
Credit: Instagram / @s__daija

In the crypt of one of Dublin’s oldest churches (established 1095), through metal chained doors, and down a dimly lit narrow stone stairway, lie burial vaults of notable residents.

Two such residents are Henry and John Sheares, who partook in the 1798 Rebellion. Various holders of the Earl of Leitrim title also lie here. Wolfe Tone’s death mask and Stoker’s mother’s family burial plot are also located here.

Worn and damaged by time, the coffins now reveal the skeletal remains of their occupants. It is also thought that a young Stoker, who visited frequently, drew inspiration from here.

Address: Church St, Arran Quay, Dublin 7, Ireland

3. Dublin Writers Museum, Co. Dublin – one of the best places to discover Dracula in Ireland

You need to visit Dublin Writers Museum.
Credit: Instagram / @gorkamolero

Dedicated to celebrating Ireland’s literary icons, Dublin Writers Museum is another great place to discover Dracula in Ireland.

Located in an old 18th-century mansion, the popular attraction consists of a collection of pictures, books, and personal belongings relating to the writer – including a first edition of Stoker’s Dracula.  

Other items available to view include business letters written by Stoker. and a portrait by Aidan Hickey. A bust created by Bryan Moore was also gifted to the museum under the watchful eye of members of Stoker’s family.

Address: 18 Parnell Square N, Rotunda, Dublin, D01 T3V8, Ireland

2. Leacht Abhartach, Co. Derry – the inspiration behind the legend

Leacht Abhartach is one of the best places to discover Dracula in Ireland.

Located in a field in Slaghtaverty between Garvagh and Dungiven in County Derry lies the supposed grave of Celtic chieftain Abhartach, one potential inspiration behind Dracula.  

This evil tyrant and cruel magic-user was killed by another chieftain and buried upright in an isolated grave. However, he returned the following day seeking a bowl of blood to sustain his corpse.

Further attempts to end him proved similarly unsuccessful. So, the chieftain sought help from an early Christian saint.

The saint advised using a sword made from Yew and burying him upside down under a stone to prevent further risings.

The legend of the vampire-king and blood-drinking Irish chieftains is well-documented. So, it is assumed that Stoker’s writings were heavily influenced by such Irish folklore.

Address: Leacht Abhartach, Slaghtaverty Dolmen, Coleraine, BT51 5BX

1. Castle Dracula Experience, Co. Dublin – the ultimate Dracula deep-dive

You need to visit the Castle Dracula Experience.
Credit: Facebook / @CastleDraculaDublin

Castle Dracula Experience is arguably one of the best places to discover Dracula in Ireland. This unique interactive experience allows guests to travel through Castle Tunnels and across Spinning Bridges.

You will journey to the Vampire Courtyard, up to Dracula’s Lair, and on to the world’s sole Graveyard Theatre for a packed variety show.

Castle Dracula tops our list of places to discover Dracula in Ireland.
Credit: Facebook / @CastleDraculaDublin

Guests will get the chance to interact with famous book characters Renfield, Professor Van Helsing, and Dracula himself. There is also a Bram Stoker Vampire Museum filled with paintings and family photos.

You can read notes on Stoker’s time at Trinity College and a lock of the writer’s hair taken from his deathbed. Perhaps most impressively, however, they have the original copy of Dracula.

Address: Castle Dracula Westwood Club Clontarf Road Opposite Bram Stoker Park, Dublin, Ireland

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