Hot Date? Check Out Galway’s 5 Most Romantic Bars

You’ve finally settled on an outfit, gotten your hair to cooperate and arranged a time to meet. Now just one essential question remains – what bar do you and the significant other hit for the night? Galway is renowned nationwide for its lively nightlife. Be it a first date or something a little more developed we’ve rounded up the top 5 bars in Galway city for a hot date!

5. The Quay’s

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The Quay’s is a pub with a stunning interior and one of the most interesting pubs in Galway you can choose for your date. The décor itself will provide any number of talking points as you both take in the Gothic arches and stained glass which lend a uniquely atmospheric vibe to the pub. Check out the perfectly preserved Irish pub to the left of the entrance – it’s one of the best features of The Quay’s. On a sunny evening grab a seat outside and watch the world go by together with pints in hand. The Quay’s is a superb spot for live music, with musical acts performing until 2 am nightly so you and your date are sure to be kept entertained.

Address: The Quay’s, Quay Street, Galway

4. An Pucan

A popular, lively spot just on the corner of Eyre Square, An Pucan is a stellar bar for a Summer date. Hit the bar and choose drinks from a delicious cocktail menu crafted by friendly and skilled staff – their attention to detail will add a little sparkle to your date. Their sumptuous “Yummy Mummy” cocktail is €8.50 and comes with a shot of prosecco to kick your date off in a spectacular style.

Better yet, opt for one of their cocktail jugs to share – their frozen daiquiri jug comes in strawberry and passion fruit flavours and is perfect to enjoy in their stunning outdoor area. The bar oozes good vibes and strikes the perfect balance between being relaxed and classy. Like many other Galway ventures, An Pucan are advocates for local music acts, with a varied range of acts taking to the stage on a nightly basis to add some fun to your date.

Address: 11 Forster Street, Galway

3. The Front Door

The Front Door is based at the heart of Galway’s intoxicating Latin Quarter. Although it is a popular choice for locals and tourists alike, The Front Door is also a wonderful bar for an intimate date due to its layout and décor. Though large in size – the bar actually stretches across two streets and is two storeys high – there are cosier areas to be found, from more private booths to the impressive cocktail lounge. Relax in the comfort of the lounge area with a Wild Atlantic Way cocktail for €8.50, a treat for the taste buds inspired by the rugged Atlantic coastline. Looking for a bar date with a little bit of glamour? Make sure to pop along for a Boozy Brunch on Sundays from 11 am to 3 pm. Good food, cheeky cocktails and laid back tunes provided by a DJ will ensure a second date is in the near future.

Address: The Front Door, 8 Cross Street and High Street, The Latin Quarter, Galway

2. Roisin Dubh

The Roisin Dubh is one of Galway’s most impressive music venues and is renowned throughout Ireland for its gigs. It may not be the conventional spot for a date but it is a very cool venue and will seriously impress your significant other if they are a music lover. Roisin Dubh has an eclectic mix of emerging homegrown talent and wider known acts. They are also famous for their comedy gigs and host regular events such as silent discos and UV parties, so surely ye will settle on something you both enjoy! There are even open mic nights on Sunday’s so if you’re really feeling brave why not serenade your date with your musical talent? (Liquid confidence highly recommended).

Address: Roisin Dubh, Dominic Street, Galway

1. The House Hotel

On a Friday night in Galway city, the cocktail lounge of this boutique hotel is a spectacular and striking venue which will ensure the hottest of dates. The luxurious surroundings will drench your evening in glamour and gives you an excuse to dress to impress. Despite the classy surroundings the cocktails won’t have you scrambling for cash by the end of your romantic night out. Most of their cocktails are between €8.50 and €10 so you can truly experience the champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. Staff are attentive and will make you and your date feel like superstars – if your favourite cocktail doesn’t appear on the menu they will be more than happy to conjure it up like magic right before your eyes. Sit back, relax and see where the night takes you.

Address: The House Hotel, Spanish Parade, The Latin Quarter, Galway

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