The 5 Best Places For A Full Irish Breakfast In Athlone

A full Irish breakfast has become a classic Irish dish alongside the likes of stew, coddle, and colcannon. Though certainly not the healthiest choice on the menu, the extensive breakfast acts as the perfect hangover cure after one too many pints. A full Irish is also the ultimate fuel for an action-packed day exploring the attractions our beautiful country has to offer. Here we list the top 5 spots to grab an Irish breakfast in the town of Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

5. Craft Bistro

Craft Bistro is one of Athlone’s most recent establishments but is already shaping up to be one of the best spots to enjoy a full Irish in the Midlands town. Located smack bang in the middle of bustling Church Street, Craft Bistro is a modern and inviting establishment with welcoming and friendly staff. The Craft Bistro has a tantalising breakfast menu which includes home-baked sausage rolls, fluffy American pancakes and the lighter option of porridge with a range of tempting toppings.

Their full Irish is the true standout on the menu, with their potato farls and free range eggs giving the dish an edge over many competitors. Craft Bistro also offers a fab vegetarian option bulked up with house greens and perfectly grilled halloumi cheese to keep veggie patrons satisfied. Craft Bistro is certainly great value for money, with their full Irish priced at €8.50 and their veggie plate at €7.50.

Address: Craft Bistro, 16 Church Street, Loughanaskin, Athlone,

4. Savoury Fare

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The Savoury Fare company has thrived since its establishment over 20 years ago and now has three locations in Athlone due to its popularity. Their Fernhill branch is perhaps the most enjoyable breakfast experience of the three. Located in Fernhill Garden Centre, Savoury Fare Fernhill has a beautiful canopied area providing the perfect place to enjoy your full Irish al fresco.

The ingredients making up your full Irish are of the highest quality, in particular, the meat – the produce is locally sourced and quality is at the forefront of Fernhill’s culinary offerings. Fernhill does not offer updated prices on their current site but rest assured the full Irish is of good value and will keep you full for hours afterwards. Their sister restaurants offer the same delicious breakfasts and top notch service so you are in for a treat whichever location you choose.

Address: Savoury Fare, Cornamagh, Ballymahon Road, Athlone

3. The Prince Bar

The Prince Bar may be better known for its dangerously delicious cocktails, but it also provides an excellent full Irish to perk you up the next morning too! Located on the thriving Church Street, The Prince is well known in Athlone for its quality kitchen concoctions. Packed full of sausage, bacon and pudding, the meatiness of the Prince’s full Irish is balanced out well with mouth-watering homemade potato cakes and an egg cooked whichever way you choose – their poached egg is a winner, with an oozing yolk to be mopped up by your potato cake and toast. Served with tea or coffee the Prince Bar full Irish comes in at €9. If you’re a little delicate from the night before there is always the option of their mini breakfast at €7.50 which is smaller in stature but just as flavoursome.

Address: The Prince Bar, Church Street, Loughanaskin, Athlone

2. The Corner House Bistro

Undoubtedly one of the best dining establishments in all of Athlone, The Corner House Bistro just narrowly misses out on the top spot in our countdown. Located on Dublingate Street, from the minute you walk through the doors you are made feel at home. Due to the impeccable standards of their food and service, the restaurant is always bustling, yet the attention given to each customer by the diligent staff will make you feel like the most important diner in the room.

All their meats are provided by Horan’s butchers, a local establishment. Forego your toast in favour of their always scrumptious home-baked treacle bread – be careful, this stuff is addictive. Before you know it you’ll be ordering a loaf to go! The full Irish will keep you full to the brim in the best possible way well into the day and is more than worth its €9.95 price tag. The breakfast can be customised to suit a gluten-free or vegetarian diet – just ask your server, they are more than happy to help.

Address: The Corner House Bistro, Dublingate Street, Athlone, Co.Westmeath

1. Murphy’s Law

The Mardyke Street Gastropub and Restaurant has earned it’s right on our countdown of places to have a full Irish breakfast in Athlone for two key reasons. The first is the extremely enjoyable full Irish itself – the usual meats, beans, and toast are accompanied by a perfectly fried egg, flavourful sautéed mushrooms and crispy hash browns for €9.50.

The second reason Murphy’s has been crowned our number one is the insane full Irish Breakfast challenge which has made the eatery famous throughout the country. Hungry? For €18 you can attempt to eat four slices of bread, 4 sausages, 4 rashers, 4 slices of black pudding, 4 slices of white pudding, four eggs, four tomato halves, 4 hash brown, beans, chips, mushrooms and wash it all down with a pot of tea…if you manage it in 30 minutes or less, your meal is free of charge. It’s no mean feat and we salute anyone brave enough to take on this monumental challenge!

Address: 23 Mardyke Street, Athlone

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