The 5 best spots for vegan ice cream in Belfast

The 5 best spots for vegan ice cream in Belfast

On those days when your sweet tooth calls—especially in the summer—there’s nothing better than ice cream. But for all the vegans and lactose-intolerant folks on the Emerald Isle, finding vegan ice cream can be a challenge.

That’s why we’ve made this list—an easy guide to five of the best spots for vegan ice cream in Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland.

Whether it’s an Oreo sundae, watermelon gelato, or something as radical as a Biscoff ice-cream milkshake (the king of vegan biscuits), Belfast has plenty of options and flavours for you to try.

So no longer do you have to say no to dessert or a delicious treat if you’re vegan; with this list there’s ice cream for everyone, no matter your diet.

5. Coppi – for a fancy dessert

Coppi is one of the 5 best spots for vegan ice cream in Belfast
Credit: Instagram / @coppibelfast

Coppi, a contemporary Italian restaurant in the city centre, has an extensive menu catering to meat eaters and vegans alike. Named after Italian cyclist Fausto Coppi, the restaurant is a great spot for a date night or a catch-up with friends.

It offers everything from delicious pasta dishes to vegan vegetable bake (our top recommendation), but what we’re really here for is the dessert option: their signature Vegan Al Gelato Slider.

Keep Al Gelato in mind as it makes another appearance later on this list. At Coppi, they serve different flavours of gelato in a fine-dining way, crafted with decadent toppings and delicious sauces.

AddressSaint Anne’s Square, Belfast BT1 2LR

4. 387 Ormeau Road – for delicious sweets

387 Ormeau Road is one of the 5 best spots for vegan ice cream in Belfast
Credit: Instagram / @387ormeauroad

387 Ormeau Road is a completely vegan restaurant situated on (can you guess?) the Ormeau road. It’s a restaurant specialising in all types of vegan fare, from “Eggy” Veda and garlic chilli tofu wraps to crispy sausage rolls.

But they’re best known for their delicious sweet treats. They’ve got cupcakes, cookie dough cake (a must-try), Jaffa Cakes, and carrot cake to name a few.

But aside from all of these options, their vegan ice cream is delicious, and their milkshakes are next to none. Be sure to go to the restaurant hungry, as you’ll need plenty of room to try their savoury treats.

At the same time, leave enough room for your ice cream, the perfect finisher to any meal.

Address387 Ormeau Rd, Belfast BT7 3GP

3. Darcy’s – for Oreo lovers

Darcy's is one of the 5 best spots for vegan ice cream in Belfast
Credit: Instagram / @melissasmeal

Darcy’s is a local restaurant serving all types of food for all diets, boasting their own widely varied vegan menu. But the most delicious item on the menu, according to us anyway, is their Oreo and Fruit Sundae. I’ll let you take that in for a minute. Oreo. Fruit. Sundae.

Skip your dinner and go straight to dessert, as this is one of the most delicious ice creams you can try in Belfast. The dessert is a sundae made with coconut cream, vegan ice cream, drizzled in raspberry coulis, and topped with Oreo crumb pieces.

Oreo may just be the best vegan biscuit you can buy, so if you’re looking for vegan ice cream in Belfast, don’t miss this one.

Address10 Bradbury Pl, Belfast BT7 1RS

2. Al Gelato – for some genuine Italian dessert

The gelato at Al Gelato is one of the best you'll get in the capital of Northern Ireland
Credit: Instagram / @al.gelato

The gelato at Al Gelato is one of the best you’ll get in Belfast and perhaps on the whole island of Ireland. It’s so good, in fact, that many restaurants use their gelato on their own dessert menus.

For the uninitiated, gelato is Italian and similar to ice cream except denser and made without less whipping and more milk for a creamier taste.

At Al Gelato, there are plenty of gelato flavours for everybody, but they have a few stand-out vegan flavours, namely Biscoff, chocolate, and Oreo. These aren’t your standard ice cream flavours, though; gelato gives each flavour a deeper, richer taste, incomparable to other ice creams you’ll get in Belfast.

Al Gelato is the next parlour you should hit up when you’re looking for something cool and refreshing.

Address397 Ormeau Rd, Belfast BT7 3GP

1. Eat Street – for some bonkers flavours

Eat Street has some of the most unique desserts in the capital of Northern Ireland
Credit: Instagram / @ciaraslevinart

Eat Street, a loved vegan restaurant on the Lisburn Road, is known amongst its customers as being one of the greatest restaurants in all of Belfast, and best of all, it’s entirely vegan. But many probably don’t know the sweet treats the restaurant serves.

They have some of the most unique ice cream and ice cream creations in the city. Why not try one of their ice-cream floats that come in root beer, coke, or ginger beer. Or if you’re looking for something sweeter, grab one of their milkshakes. They have a whopping 23 flavours to try!

Stick with a classic vanilla ice cream shake or try one of their unique flavours; turmeric and ginger, beetroot, bubble-gum, and Fry’s Orange Cream. And for those watching their waistline, they offer sugar-free versions of caramel and vanilla ice cream shakes, so there’s no excuse to treat yourself.

Address231 Lisburn Rd, Belfast BT9 7EN

And there you have it: the best spots for vegan ice cream in Belfast. Worry no more about sitting out on ice cream; whether vegan or just watching your waist, these restaurants and parlours are perfect choices for a creamy treat.

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