4 Cork Date Night Ideas To Rekindle That Flame

The date night is one of those 21st-century phenomena for which we can all be thankful.

Conceptually, the notion of booking a babysitter and going out for a “just the two of us” evening with your significant other is nothing new.

However, for many of us, it tends to involve popping out to the local pub for a couple of drinks and can become just another part of the same old routine.

Now there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with an evening in the pub, but by giving your night out the label of a date night, it forces you to think outside the box and do something a little different together.

They say that variety is the spice of life – here are some great date ideas for Cork that will help you rekindle that flame and feel like a couple of teenagers again.

1. Explore the countryside

Bantry, Cork (via filmincork.com)

Cork is blessed by being surrounded by some of the most beautiful and spectacular countrysides on the planet, so get out there and enjoy it.

It can sometimes be fun to head off with no particular destination in mind and just see where the wind carries you.

There are some top romantic spots to enjoy together, from the dramatic seascape at Bantry to the eclectic range of performances at the Briery Gap in Macroom, which reopened earlier this year following the fire in 2018.         

2. Dress up and have a night at the the casino

These days, we’re all familiar with visiting sites like Unibet.ie on our PCs and smartphones, but there’s nothing like the real thing!

From the Gold Rush on McCurtain Street to the north to The Bank on Hanover Street to the south, Cork has several good casino venues where you can place a bet before

A night at the casino is also a great excuse to dress up and feel like Danny and Tess Ocean for the night. Best of all, you might even get lucky and come home with a nice little win. Just remember to be responsible and stop when the fun stops!

3. Put it on ice

When did you last go ice skating? In your teens? Never? Well, even if you’re complete novices, it’s never too late to start, and Cork On Ice is an event that has proved increasingly popular with every passing year.

It’s fun, it’s a great work-out, and it is guaranteed to make you feel like a couple of big kids.

It will reopen for the new season in the winter – so when it does come, look out for the mid-week couple sessions, and you’ll be in similar company.

4. Make a great escape

Escape Rooms have skyrocketed in popularity over the past year or two, and there are several options in Cork, including No Escape or WeEscape in the city or Escapade in Cobh.

Escape Rooms are just as much fun for couples as they are for larger groups.

The great thing about this type of date is it takes less than an hour, so there is still plenty of time to go and get dinner together afterwards before you have to return to reality. 

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