Irish boy name ranked 3rd most popular baby name in Canada

According to annual birth statistics, one Irish boy name has ranked the third most popular baby name in Canada.

In the past, common baby name trends in the Great White North would have seen parents naming their little bundle of joy after their favourite hockey players.

However, those days are long gone, with many newborn parents looking further afield for name inspiration.

One Irish boy name has taken hold across the country in recent years, steadily rising the ranks to become the third most popular baby name in Canada.

Looking to Ireland for inspiration – a name growing steadily in international popularity

Irish boy name ranked third most popular baby name in Canada.
Credit: Pixabay / marcinjozwiak

Liam has long been a popular name across the Emerald Isle. However, throughout the past 20 years, it has steadily gained popularity among new parents worldwide.

Not only is the Irish boy name the third most popular baby name in Canada. Rather, it recently ranked in the top position in the USA and New York.

Steadily rising the ranks, Liam jumped from 25th position in the Canadian baby name charts in 2006 to enter the top ten in seventh position in 2007.

Dropping to ninth position in 2008, the name again gained popularity in 2009. Thus, making it the fifth most popular name given to baby boys in Canada for that year.

A beautiful Irish boy name – most popular baby name in Canada

Irish boy name ranked third most popular baby name in Canada.
Credit: Pixabay / ElasticComputeFarm

Entering the 2010s, Liam finally topped the polls in Canada, coming in first as the most popular name given to baby boys in the country that year.

Liam reigned supreme throughout the next decade, fluctuating among the top five positions. It even enjoyed an impressive five years at number one.

Other boy names that proved popular throughout the decade were Jackson, Noah, and Lucas. For the first time, in 2021, another Irish boy name entered the top ten, with Aiden ranking in tenth position.

Now, moving into the third decade of the new millennium, Liam continues its popularity in Canada, coming in as the third most popular baby name in 2021.

The origins of the name – a historic Irish name

Liam Hemsworth is one of the most famous Liams.
Credit: Flickr / Gage Skidmore

The Irish name Liam is a derivative of William or Uilliam in the Old Irish. Pronounced ‘LEE-umm’, the name means ‘strong-willed warrior’ or ‘protector’.

Various celebrities have donned the name Liam in recent years. Plus, it was even recently voted to be the name most likely for an attractive man.

Some of the most well-known Liams include Northern Irish actor Liam Neeson. He is most well-known for his roles in Schindler’s List, Love Actually, and Taken.

Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, who portrayed Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games, is one of the most prominent figures with the name.

Other celebrities with this Irish name include Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher and former One Direction band member Liam Payne.

The name has proven popular among the men of Hollywood. So, it is no wonder this Irish boy name has ranked third most popular baby name in Canada.

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