Ireland ranked third biggest Guinness drinking country

That’s right, Ireland is not the biggest Guinness-drinking nation. This top five list of the biggest Guinness drinking countries might surprise you.

When you think of a pint of our famous ‘black stuff’, you would automatically assume that the people who made it drink it the most.

This is not the case. In fact, Ireland isn’t even the second biggest Guinness-drinking country.

The UK and Nigeria have pipped us at the post, as Ireland is ranked the third biggest Guinness drinking country.

No.1 on the list – the UK comes out on top

The UK is the number one biggest Guinness drinking country.
Credit: Flicker / Matthias

As it turns out, the UK is the biggest Guinness-drinking country in the world. The proximity of the UK to Ireland and the original Guinness storehouse is bound to play a key role in this ranking.

Furthermore, with the amount of Irish people living and working in the UK, it comes as no surprise.

According to The Drinks Business, one in every ten pints sold in London is a Guinness. It’s a staple in pretty much every bar and restaurant across the country.

No.2 on the list – Nigeria

Nigeria is second on the list.
Credit: Instagram / @bier.ol

The second biggest Guinness drinking country might surprise you. Nigeria and its people drink more Guinness than the Irish do.

The Irish stout has been sold in Nigeria since 1827. Rather than our classic poured pints or tall cans, Guinness is sold in glass bottles there.

Looking at sales figures of Guinness in Nigeria, there’s no doubting that they are the second biggest Guinness drinking country.

Guinness Nigeria was the first Guinness brewery outside of the British Isles. There are now four Guinness breweries in Nigeria.

The rest of the list – Ireland, America, and Cameroon

Ireland is the third biggest Guinness drinking country.

While Guinness accounts for a quarter of all beer sold in Ireland, it’s still the third biggest Guinness drinking country.

A quarter is still a huge amount, considering the variety of other lagers and ales sold throughout the country.

The United States comes in as the fourth biggest Guinness drinking country in the world. Irish culture in the States is huge.

It’s well known that Irish heritage runs deep throughout the country, so it’s no surprise the number of Irish bars in every state churning out Guinness.

The second African nation on the list, Cameroon, is the fifth on the list of who drinks the most Guinness. These days, around 40% of the total worldwide Guinness volume is brewed and sold on the continent.

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