Iconic Spider-Man actor spotted in Belfast

Jacob Batalon, who plays Ned Leeds in the most recent Spider-Man instalments, has been spotted in Mikey’s Deli in Belfast.

Staff at Mikey’s Deli on Belfast’s Bridge Street had a “total geek out” when the Marvel star and friends walked through their door over the weekend.

Rumours are flying that Jacob Batalon is here filming alongside Kevin Hart. This is the film that has Belfast buzzing, his upcoming Netflix drama, Lift.

Iconic Spider-Man actor spotted in Belfast – selfie’s at Mikey’s Deli

Iconic Spider-Man actor spotted in Belfast.
Credit: Instagram / @mikeysdeli

Jacob Batalon, AKA Ned Leeds, was spotted over the weekend enjoying a bite to eat at Belfast’s popular burger spot, Mikey’s Deli.

He happily obliged when staff asked for a picture, which they captioned on Instagram, “Any friend of Spidey is a friend of ours”.

With Kevin Hart appearing in and around the Belfast area recently, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next celebrity to grace the city.

Jacob Batalon – Spider-Man’s sidekick comes to Belfast

Jacob Batalon, AKA Ned Leeds, was spotted in a Belfast deli.
Credit: imdb.com

Jacob Batalon is the iconic Spider-Man actor spotted in Belfast over the weekend. The actor from Honolulu, Hawaii, is best known for playing Spider-Man’s best friend, Ned Leeds.

He has appeared across the last three Spider-Man films as well as Avengers: End Game. Over the weekend, he brightened the doors of Mikey’s Deli in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. Staff delighted in snapping a picture with the iconic star.

So, the question everyone is wondering is, what’s he doing here? Rumours are circulating that he’s here to film alongside Kevin Hart for his upcoming film, Lift.

Other celebrity appearances in Belfast – star-dazzled Belfast

Iconic Spider-Man actor spotted in Belfast is among many this year.
Credit: commonswikimedia.org

Over the last number of months, there have been many celebrity sightings in and around Belfast.

Whether they’re here filming or enjoying a holiday, Belfast has been abuzz with a number of big and exciting stars gracing the streets.

Only last week, Kevin Hart and Australian actor Sam Worthington were shooting a scene from Hart’s new Comedy-heist film, Lift, in Ward Park in Bangor.

Also, much-loved First Dates host, Fred Sirieix, has been roaming the North Coast filming for a new BBC series, B&B By The Sea.

So now, Jacob Batalon takes to find a bite to eat at Mikey’s deli in Belfast City Centre. Who will be the next icon to grace the streets of Belfast?

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