After flight to Ireland is delayed, massive trad session breaks out (VIRAL VIDEO)

The world is loving Irish people after seeing this!

When a flight was delayed from Newcastle to Ireland, the mood of everyone dropped. However, that didn’t stop the Irish from having a trad party in the departure lounge!

The mood was saved by Irish trad group Daoirí Farrell, who were also waiting to fly on the flight back to Ireland.

They took out the guitar, a lute and a bodhrán to the delight of the waiting terminal, bringing a traditional Irish sing-song to the mix in Newcastle Airport.

The crowd were loving it and everyone got involved as they ‘I’ll Tell Me Ma’. Passengers from other destinations arrived from other parts of the terminal to get involved too!

You can watch them sing ‘I’ll Tell Me Ma’ below:

Travellers were also treated to an amazing cover of Wild Rover which you can see below here:

Thanks to for putting this amazing content on YouTube!

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