5 Day Road Trip From Dublin Towards The North (Itinerary)

One of the most enjoyable experiences is driving a car, especially in Ireland when you can see some of the beautiful sights in the world. If you’ve got a car, jeep or even a bus, why not set aside a few days and take on this 5-day road-trip from our capital city, all the way to the very north of Ireland!

Day 1: Dublin

The National Gallery of Ireland

Open a whopping 361 days of the year, the national gallery was reopened in June of this year. Boasting exhibitions of the work of famous artists from all over of the world, you will be captivated by the collection of artwork housed in these walls. Viewing the permanent collection of the gallery won’t cost you a cent.

The Little Museum of Dublin

Do you want to learn the secrets of our capital city? This museum takes visitors on a journey of the history of Dublin city. From U2 displays to exhibitions on the women and writers of this city, you’ll see the city in a new light. The Irish Times named this museum “Dublin’s best museum experience”.

Irish Film Institute

Discover Ireland’s rich history in film. The Institute to an archive of Ireland’s moving image heritage, with footage dating back to 1897! Catch the acting bug, or gain an appreciation for the talented work of Irish filmmakers, the Institute’s core activities are: exhibit, preserve and educate. Audiences are treated to films created within this country and beyond.

Day 2: Meath

Newgrange Passage Tomb

A reminder of the presence of the Celts in this ancient country, Newgrange passage tomb is over 5,000 years old. This is older than the Egyptian pyramids! The Winter Solstice is celebrated here with people from all other the world coming in their droves to catch a glimpse of the light shining through the window box at the front of the tomb.

Trim Castle

This is the largest Ango-Norman castle in the country! The site has had structures built on it from as far back as 1172! Learn about how this castle was used in defence and the importance its building site next to the River Boyne. The castle reopened to the public in 2000, after extensive restoration.

Tayto Park

Created by the founder of the famous Tayto crisp, this adventure park is home to a variety of adventures. Why not pop in to explore the many animal exhibits on site or brave a ride on the famous Cú Chulainn rollercoaster. Learn about the origins of Ireland’s most famous crisps!

A ticket here is the perfect gift for a road tripper!

Day 3: Louth

Beaulieu House and Gardens

This stunning mansion house was built in the 1600’s and is a rare insight into the architecture of 17th century Ireland. The giant staircase within the house was shipped from Dublin to Louth via the Boyne river in 1723. Visitors will enjoy the unique architecture, inspired by houses in The Netherlands.

Highlanes Gallery

This is situated in the former Drogheda Franciscan Church, known locally as “High Lane Church”. The gallery is home to one of the town’s most treasured heirlooms, a ceremonial sword that was presented to the town by King William III after the Battle of the Boyne!

Millmount Fort

Said to be the strongest resistance Oliver Cromwell encountered during his 1649 siege of Ireland. The tower is one of the highest points above the River Boyne and previously had a defensive motte and bailey to prevent attacks. There is some dispute over its origin, some believe the tower had its origin as an ancient passage tomb and others believe the Vikings had something to do with its construction. In any case, it boasts expansive views of Drogheda.


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