5 INCREDIBLE Scenic Sites in County Mayo

Ireland is a truly stunning country, and County Mayo, in the West, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful spots of them all. Featuring rugged coastlines, breathtaking mountain views, and white sand beaches, a few days in the county will steal your heart.

This list was a tough one to compile due to the sheer volume of attractions in the county, but here we have whittled down these choices to bring you the top five scenic sites in Mayo.

5. The Great Western Greenway – for a family-fun day out

Stretching all the way to Achill Island from the town of Westport, the Great Western Greenway is a vision of beauty composed of flora, fauna, and spectacular views.

The trail is mostly traffic-free and is the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of modern life. Surrounded by the rolling countryside and sleepy villages, cyclists, are awarded with magnificent views of famous sites like the seven arch bridge in Newport and Burrishoole Abbey.

This cycle incorporates most of the beauty that County Mayo has to offer, and has become the perfect weekend adventure for tourists and locals. So pack the camera, strap on your helmet and drink in the memorable Great Western Greenway.

4. Clare Island – for an escape from the everyday

Clare Island is the largest in the extensive collection of 365 islands that make up Clew Bay. The island boasts many amazing amenities such as a clean blue-flag beach, an ancient medieval abbey which dates back to the 12th Century, and the rugged coastlines where wave meets cliff in mesmerising fashion on a daily basis.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this small but vibrant Island is the famous lighthouse. The landmark has been perched at the Islands most northern point for almost two centuries.

The lighthouse lies amongst the jagged rocks and on a Winters day is often shrouded in mist and fog, providing a haunting image that will resonate with you long after you have left the Connacht county.

3. Letterkeen Loop Trail Walk – for a good ole leg stretch

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The Letterkeen loop walk is an absolute joy for avid hikers, who will be rewarded for their strenuous efforts with a tantalising combination of sandy lakeside paths, vivid forestry, and breathtaking mountain views.

The Letterkeen loop is definitely one of the most stunning trails in the country and allows you to be immersed in the peace and nature that envelops you as you progress along the trails. There are three trails, ranging in difficulty, but be warned that each path here requires a decent level of fitness.

However, the effort you put out when conquering Letterkeen is more than made up for with the story-book perfect sights before you. Letterkeen is a special site that will stay with you long after you have embarked upon the winding paths.

2. Old Head Beach – for a day at the beach

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Some of the most beautiful beaches in the country hail from County Mayo, but we have decided to include the striking Old Head Beach on our elusive list.

Old Head is the proud owner of a blue flag and thus offers an idyllic place for families and more to play and swim in the Atlantic waters.

The waters are perfect for water sports fanatics, and surfers and wind sailors can often be spotted from the beach.

The beach is surrounded by magnificent sites, with a dense woodland on one side and Croagh Patrick to the other.

Old Head Beach is stunning all year round, be it at the height of Summer or the colder Winter months – the water may not be as appealing as the days grow shorter and darker but the beauty of this site still draws people to drink in its views.

1. Croagh Patrick – for a view from the top

In a county of utmost beauty, it is difficult to pinpoint the most aesthetically pleasing feature, but of course, the world-renowned Croagh Patrick must receive the number one crown.

A site of great spiritual prestige, the mountain draws crowds of people yearly from all walks of lives who wish to bask in its unabashed beauty. The hike offers breath-taking views of Clew Bay and the vast southern Mayo countryside.

Parts of the hike are undoubtedly tough, but the thought of the view from the top is motivation enough for even the most tired of muscles.

As you finally reach your destination you are met with one of the most magical sights in the whole of the Emerald Isle, with the valleys and beaches below seeming a million miles away.

Bring your cameras, because you will never want to forget the image of the most scenic site in Co. Mayo.

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