10 Things Irish Expats Love About Coming Home

The Irish are a nation of explorers, wanderers and travellers and always have been. Few people have spread themselves around the world quite like us. Be it London, New York, Dubai or Sydney, you’re sure to find a strong Irish community present. For such a small country, the Irish influence can be seen far and wide. But as much as we love globe trotting, absolutely nothing beats coming back home after a long stint away. Here are some of the things Irish expats love about coming home.

1. The Irish Slang

We’ve all made the mistake of asking an American what the craic is. Other slang words that tend to cause confusion abroad include being knackered, going to the jacks and acting the maggot. So it’s oh so satisfying when you come home and get to utter sentences like this, “Going out the lash tonight with the feens and bures, it’s gonna be pure gas. Few scoops in the gaff, stay wide of the shades, try not to get too banjaxed.”

2. People actually pronouncing your name right

Traditional Irish names are shrouded in mythology and mystery, especially when you happen to be living in another country. They set us apart and hint at our rich culture. But I feel for any Aoife, Saidhbh, Grainne or Taidgh who ventures into a Starbucks outside of Ireland. That’s why there’s nothing better than only having to say your name once and skip the spelling when you’re meeting people back home.

3. Your parents cooking

Travelling the world allows to us to taste and experience some of the best food money can buy. Real Italian pizza, proper Greek mousaka and authentic Indian curry are all well and good. But when it comes to grub, mammy/daddy know best! They’ve raised you through all your weird food phases and know the exact SuperValu sausages you like. So one of the greatest pleasures of returning to Ireland has to the full fry up after you get off your Aer Lingus flight, homemade scones on a Sunday morning, and your dads signature bacon and cabbage.

4. Irish Scenery

It’s a fact that Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth with landscapes and coastlines that cause jaws to drop. It’s another fact that the grass is always greener on the other side. It takes leaving for us to realize how truly stunning our home is. Maybe it’s walking the coral beach of Connemara, seeing the sunset behind Ben Bulben or clambering around the Giants Causeway. Whatever part of Ireland you’re from, coming home to the familiar, comforting views has to be one of your favourite things.

5. Penneys

Ahhh Penneys. Is there anything we can’t find in that treasure trove? Our adopted countries can keep their Walmarts and Kmarts. Penneys has served us too well over the years to lose our loyalty now. Where else could you get important purchases like glowsticks and glitter for teenage discos, last minute jewellery and ties for your debs and novelty Christmas presents for the office Secret Santa, all under one roof?! If you’ve lived abroad, you’ve definitely gone to stock up on socks and underwear before jetting off. Here’s to you Penneys!

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