IT’S OFFICIAL: The Irish are the happiest people in Europe

It is official everyone, Irish people are the happiest in Europe! Here in Ireland, we have a reputation worldwide for being exceptionally friendly. However, did...

TOP 10 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About The Irish Flag

The Irish tricolour is one of the most poignant symbols of the Emerald Isle. It is recognised as the national flag of Ireland worldwide...

5 Greasy Foods Every Drunk Irish Person Has DEMOLISHED

It’s argued that it’s a mass generalisation to state that the Irish love to drink alcohol. This argument is only supported by recent studies...

MOST POPULAR: What Irish People Eat For Breakfast (REVEALED)

Not Just Fry-Ups: Top 5 Irish Breakfast Choices. What do Irish people eat for breakfast? Well, contrary to what some out-of-towners may think, no we...

Titanic Belfast: 5 Reasons You NEED to Visit

Belfast is the home of many things. It is a cultural and historical hub; it is the capital of Northern Ireland; it is a...

The Jeanie Johnston: The INCREDIBLE History of Dublin’s Famine Ship

Walking in the Footsteps of Over 2,500 Irish Emigrants – A Review of Dublin’s Famine Ship, the Jeanie Johnston The Jeanie Johnston is a tall...

Broighter Gold: 5 Things We learned at A Famous Rapeseed Oil...

During January, the team at Ireland Before You Die were invited to join a tour of the family farm, Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil. Set...

10 MASSIVE Celebrities With Irish Roots

For such a small island country, Ireland has surely cross-pollinated the planet. After the Great Irish Famine, which spread like wildfire between 1845 and 1849,...

What It’s Like to Travel as a Vegetarian in Ireland: 5...

In recent years, alternative diets have become somewhat of a fad in social culture, with healthier, more sustainable and ethical options being taken into...

5 Best and 5 Worst Things About Living in Dublin

Living in Dublin in dynamic and exciting. It’s bursting with character, and the people that reside in it are characters too. It is the capital of...

10 Steps You Must Take to Be A Proper Irish Parent

Becoming a parent is the most wonderfully exhausting experience a person can go through. Add a good dollop of family traditions nobody understands and...

10 Movies / TV Shows Filmed on Ireland’s West Coast

The West of Ireland offers a landscape so stunning it boasts the longest defined coastal touring route in the world. The Wild Atlantic Way, which...

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