10 Essential North Coast Stops in One Day

Over the years I have accumulated a group of International friends that I am extremely fond of. Sometimes, these internationals decide to visit. After my dear Greek friend made a 24-hour trip, I had to show off my land, I had to get creative. I came up with probably the greatest North Coast route for such a visit. One that ensures that they see the best bits, enjoy the best food and feel like they got the truest experience of Northern Ireland. Starting from airport pick up to drop off, this route is one that will give your guests the best experiences of the North.

1. The Creamery Can

Located off the A26 at Glarryford, the Creamery Can is the most endearing family owned coffee shop. I don’t know where to begin. The location is stunning, the decor is perfect, the customer service is exceptional but more importantly, the food is majestic. If I could recommend anything, I’d encourage the caramel squares. I’m an easy target, I have a sweet tooth. I only eat the main course to get to dessert and these caramel squares are everything and more. A perfect stop on the way up north from the airport.

2. Dark Hedges

If your friends are the sorts that geek out over Game of Thrones then this is the perfect place to begin. Home to the ‘King’s Road’ in Game of Thrones, these enchanting beech trees that are intertwined across a country road make for some epic photography. Keep an eye out for the road signs, I’ve been twice and have been lost each time for a significant amount of time. Thankfully the internationals didn’t know we were lost, I played it cool.

3. Ballintoy Harbour

Another Game of Thrones filming location for the ‘Greyjoy Kingdom of Pyke’ in the show. I’m going to pretend like I didn’t have to Google it so you GOT fans respect me more. A stop at Ballintoy harbour is one that I’d highly recommend. It is such a peaceful location even with tourists everywhere. The photo opportunities are endless and a lot of fun to explore climbing the rocks. There is even a giant cave on the other side of the car park, I don’t know what more this place can offer.

4. Giant’s Causeway

One of the most iconic landmarks in Northern Ireland, 44,000 naturally formed hexagonal shaped rocks that fit together perfectly. This one still blows me away when you really think about what it is. It is a gorgeous walk to go down and up from the rocks, but to save time, you can jump on the bus which is £1 each way.

5. Bushmills Inn

This may be my favourite place on my top 10 list. I choose to stop at the Bushmills in for 3 things and 3 things only, Guinness, fresh soda bread and the rocking chair by the fire. Bushmills Inn also has a lot of character which enhances the experience. Make sure to check out the ‘Secret Library’ upstairs. Though I’d hate to tell them that a sign that says ‘Secret Library’ is a little bit of a giveaway. Nice try though…