Top 10 Irish stereotypes that are actually true

Us Irish are known worldwide for our quirks and character. Here are the top ten Irish stereotypes that turn out to be true!

The beauty of the time that we live in is the accessibility to travel. This allows us to interact with and appreciate people that come from other cultures. More times than not, everyone that interacts with the Irish has a presumption of what they are like. The majority of their Irish stereotypes and Irish clichés couldn’t be further from reality.

However, there are still plenty that knock the nail on the head. Should some make us feel shame? Perhaps. But saying this, these are the qualities that make us the most endearing nation in the world.

10. You want to go to the Irish pub…abroad?

Another of the top Irish cliches is the fact that on holidays ever Irish person wants to go to the Irish pub.
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Yep. It turns out that we love home and the comforts that it brings. We travel the world to embrace the authenticity of the culture around until we see that there is an Irish pub. We may as well had stayed at home because the Irish pub has now become our local for the duration of our stay. A well-travelled Guinness is still better than no Guinness!

9. The Irish love tea

The Irish love tea, this is one of the top Irish cliches.

Tea is for every circumstance. It is much like love, tea is kind, tea is patient etc. Sad? Have a cup of tea. Stressed? Have a cup of tea. Tired? Have a cup of tea. Feeling sick? Have a cup of tea. Can’t sleep? Have a cup of tea. Some cultures use medication, but in Ireland, if tea can’t fix it, it’s not looking good for you, my friend. This is truly another of the top Irish clichés.

8. You say ‘wee’ a lot

The Irish say wee a lot when talking about anything.

This is one of the top Ireland stereotypes. ‘Wee’ works in most sentences, and we find it makes everything sound more endearing or just less harsh. It really works with everything, try it. You can literally say anything to anyone and get away with it as long as you sugarcoat it with ‘wee’. “That woman is such a witch” ouch…. However, “that woman is such a wee witch.” How could that cause offence?

7. You can’t take a compliment

Us Irish can't take a compliment.

No way! Well ok, this one is true, we don’t know what to do with it. “You have a nice smile”…. “Oh, you’re right, it is sunny today.” It makes us uncomfortable, what do you want from us? We appreciate your attempt, but please don’t. Consider putting it in writing.

6. The Irish are big drinkers

The Irish are big drinkers, another of the top Irish stereotypes.

This is another of our top Irish stereotypes. Let’s say this is true. I mean, who is the judge of what qualifies you for the title of a ‘big drinker’. Though we do have a gift. A special gift that gives us the ability to turn everyday staples, Irish. Coffee is a fine example of this.

It’s really a gift that keeps on giving. Alcohol seems to make an appearance at most of our life events, especially when we celebrate or mourn, or you know, have weekends and weekdays.

5. Do you know my friend from Ireland?

People assume that because Ireland is so small that we know everyone or are related to everyone. This is pretty accurate, and if we don’t know them, we know someone that does. Have you ever added someone from the other side of Ireland on Facebook and you have a few mutual friends? This happens a lot.

4. Is everyone called Mary?

Everyone being called Mary is another of the top Irish stereotypes.

Well no, we aren’t, I just introduced myself as not Mary. However, I didn’t mention that one of my middle names is or that I have two in my family. For a while, Mary was the most popular name for a girl in Ireland but is now less so. Thus, the stereotype should probably be changed to “everyone knows someone in Ireland called Mary.”

3. You are obsessed with your country

Another of the top Irish stereotypes are the fact that you are obsessed with your country.

Yes, yes, we are. We firmly believe that Ireland is the most beautiful country in the entire world and we will talk about it until you too are convinced of that. You’ll want to move here when we are done.

2. You enjoy the craic

Another of our true Irish stereotypes are that we enjoy the craic.

That is true, and we’d usually do anything for a bit of craic. Though we do not appreciate it when you assume that we mean cocaine when we say craic. We have morbid, inappropriate humour, and love anything that we can laugh at – hence there are a lot of Irish jokes.

We also use having the craic as an unhealthy way to mask our emotions and make fun of people.

1. The Irish love potatoes

The Irish love potatoes, truly one of the top Irish stereotypes.

The potato has been a big part of the Irish diet for centuries. Mentioning this stereotype is sometimes controversial because of the millions of people who starved to death during the horrible potato famine. We Irish do not take kindly to jokes about this subject, and rightly so!

However, it is still true today that the Irish do eat a lot of potatoes and we enjoy doing so. I am not going to pretend that I don’t think about carbohydrates in general several times per day. Perhaps we could learn from potatoes, they are diverse and can compliment anything perfectly and deliciously.

They do not discriminate, and they come in so many different disguises. So why would we not love them? It’s really a beautiful story of hope. We are not afraid of a little carb on carb action, specifically in the form of a crisp sandwich.

Do you know of any other Irish stereotypes that are actually true? Let us known in the comments!

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