The top 10 GAA clubs outside of Ireland, ranked

GAA welcome all types of people who want to play Irish sport. Check out these GAA clubs already established and doing great outside Ireland.

GAA is an acronym which refers to the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), a worldwide sporting association which represents Gaelic sports; football, hurling, and camogie.

Where once only those growing up on the Emerald Isle would be familiar with the term, nowadays it seems the seed has spread to the farthest stretches of the planet.

For all of you globetrotters keen to get involved in a team sport from abroad, check out some of these GAA clubs in the furthest flung locations from Ireland.

10. Jakarta Dragonflies – a thriving Indonesian women’s team

Jakarta Dragonflies are one of the most successful GAA clubs outside Ireland, based in Indonesia.
Credit: @jakartadragonfliesgaa / Facebook

Who would have guessed that there would be an all-female GAA club thriving in Indonesia?

Located in the sprawling capital of Jakarta, this female sports team offers people from all walks of life an excellent opportunity to get involved in an inherently Irish sport in Indonesia!

9. ISSC Vancouver – Canada’s very own slice of Ireland

ISSC Vancouver is a great GAA club outside Ireland, set in the Canadian city, this team is exceptional at what they do.
Credit: @isscvancouver / Facebook

ISSC Vancouver is a GAA club established in 1974 with the aim of “bringing the local Irish community together socially and to promote the games of Gaelic Football, Hurling, and Camogie.”

The club today is as healthy as ever and runs a bunch of successful teams, including the Vancouver Harps, Celts Men’s and Ladies Gaelic Football teams, amongst others.

8. Buenos Aires Hurling Club – a successful Argentinian team

One of the top GAA clubs outside Ireland is the Buenos Aires Hurling Club, a GAA team located in Argentina.
Credit: @HurlingClubArg / Facebook

For those of you visiting Argentina, make sure to pop your head into the Buenos Aires Hurling Club.

Contrary to what the name may imply, this GAA club covers everything from hockey and Gaelic football, to rugby and even tennis, making it the perfect (sporting) home away from home, as well as a great place to make some new friends!

7. Wellington GAA – up there with the best Irish teams

The Wellington GAA team is one of the best GAA clubs outside Ireland, located in New Zealand.
Credit: @WellingtonHuttValleyGFHA / Facebook

Another far away GAA club is in New Zealand. This club was established in 1975 and is the leading organisation for Gaelic football and hurling in the region.

For those looking to live it up with the kiwis and who want to continue to play Gaelic sports, this is the place for you!

6. South Africa Gaels – another continent, another GAA team

In South Africa you'll find one of the best GAA clubs outside Ireland, the South African Gaels.
Credit: SA Gaels Gaelic Football / Facebook

This club was the first all-African GAA team to grace the field, and they’ve only gone from strength to strength since their inception in 2010.

If you happen to be hanging out in South Africa, make sure to stop by one of their matches, they sure know a thing or two about GAA.

5. Morley Gaels – the men and women from down under

Down under in Austrailia you'll find another amazing GAA club outside Ireland, the Morley Gaels.

The Morley Gaels are one of Australia’s oldest GAA teams, having been founded in 1975.

Both men and women play for the Morley Gaels, and new members are always welcome! It’s also known for its lively social calendar which is ideal if you’re looking to make some new friends “down under”.

So, if you happen to find yourself in Western Australia and are itching to get back out onto the field, you should stop by this GAA club far from Ireland!

4. Hong Kong GAA – welcoming and triumphant

Hong Kong's GAA team is very successful and one of the furthest away from Ireland.

Did you know that a fantastic GAA club thrives in Hong Kong? This vibrant team offers people from all walks of life an opportunity to get involved in much-loved Irish team sports. People of all ages, genders, and nationalities are welcome!

Offering Gaelic football, hurling, and camogie, this club is not only the most successful in Asia but the most community-based and vibrant!

3. Ulster Gaelic Club San Francisco – Golden Gate stars

San Francisco's Ulster Gaelic Club is a great team outside Ireland, all the way in the city of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Credit: Ulster Gaelic Club San Francisco / Facebook

If you’re looking to enjoy some quality GAA while on the West Coast of America, you should check out the Ulster Gaelic Club San Francisco.

This is one of the most successful amateur sports team and vibrant GAA clubs outside of Ireland, and it’s bound to scratch that itch if Gaelic sports is what you’re craving.

2. Auckland GAA – kiwis doing us proud

Auckland, New Zealand, has a great GAA team called Auckland GAA, be sure to check them out if you can.
Credit: @aucklandgaa / Facebook

Another far-flung GAA club can be found in New Zealand. The organisation, whose mission is to promote Gaelic football, hurling, and Camogie in the Auckland region of Australia. They operate an open door policy and welcome all who wish to participate.

This club is seen as one of the best in the country and is well worth a shot if you’re missing team sports from the Emerald Isle.

1. Young Ireland Gaelic Football Club Sydney – a home far, far away

In Sydney you'll find our top GAA team outside Ireland, the Young Ireland Gaelic Football Club.

This GAA club has to be one of the most popular and successful outside of Ireland. Located in Sydney on the east coast of Australia, this club has been running since 1969 and is a legacy in itself.

It aims to be “a home away from home for people from the very day it was formed”, and those looking to get involved should get in touch! The Young Ireland Gaelic Football Club Sydney is one of our top GAA clubs outside of Ireland.

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