10 Dublin Nightclubs Which Closed Down And Are Missed

While Dublin is famous for its pub scene, what is often overlooked is its booming nightclub offering. Whether you’re looking for an underground rave, college party, indie disco or glam and girly setting, nightclubs of all kinds can be found in Dublin.

Over the past couple of decades in the capital of Dublin, places have closed, and new venues have spawned. And, while we have to move with the times, there are a few places we will never forget.

Here are ten Dublin nightclubs which closed down and are missed!

10. Q Bar – for easy access

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Q Bar is a closed bar and nightclub which is greatly missed by Dublin locals and Irish out-of-towners.

What stands in its place now is River Bar, a venue of a somewhat similar calibre. Today it still holds its popularity for its super accessible location, being beside the O’Connell Street Bridge.

9. K2 – the Howth Head hangout

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Located to the rear of The Summit Inn Pub in Howth is K2, a now-closed Dublin nightclub. This was once the local haunt of disco dancers in the Howth, Sutton and Baldoyle areas on the Northside of the city.

The pub and ex-club remain under the ownership of the proprietor. And, K2 has been known to open on occasion to facilitate ad hoc events such as music nights – much to the delight of its former revellers.

8. Bar Code – the mega club

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This is another one of the Dublin nightclubs which closed down and is missed. Bar Code was located in the Westwood Club compound in Clontarf, on the Northside of Dublin city.

With huge capacity, this nightclub’s catchment in the surrounding areas was grand. Still, to this day, Dublin locals miss this mega club with its arcade games, pool tables and random Chinese takeaway located next to the dance floor.

7. Redz – for cheap drinks

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Redz is another Dublin nightclub which closed and is sorely missed by the city’s nightlife crew.

Located on the corner of D’Olier Street and the Quays, this venue garnered mass attention due to its cheap as chips drink promotions and central location.

6. The Vaults – for ravers

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The Vaults was located under Connolly Train Station on the Northside of Dublin city and offered underground vibes to all-night ravers back in the day.

Now closed down (and sorely missed) this ex-Dublin nightclub will always be remembered for its loose morals and endless parties.

5. Bondi Beach Club – for beach babies

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A big one of the Dublin nightclubs which closed down and will be missed is Bondi Beach Club. Located on the Quays overlooking the River Liffey, this venue was a hotspot for sunkissed revellers who wanted to party like it was Summer nonstop.

Old regulars will remember the space that was covered in real sand – an element of its decor, which would haunt visitors for days, post-visit.

4. Tripod – for the shift

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Tripod was, at the height of its days, one of the biggest and best-known nightclubs in all of Dublin city.

The venue was located on Harcourt Street, which still claims the title of top nightclub street in the city. Tripod was a mega-venue spread over three floors of endless dance spaces and bars.

It was also crowned of as one of the top places to “get the shift” (a colloquial term for kissing someone) on the Dublin club scene.

3. Crawdaddy – for the DJs

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When word spread that the beloved nightclub Crawdaddy was closing down, revellers’ hearts were heavy in Dublin city.

The venue, which was also located on Harcourt Street was a major underground spot for Dublin clubbers who wanted to let loose. The cave-like venue was low lit and always had cracking DJs keeping the party going ’til the early hours.

2. The Palace – for college kids

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The Palace was a top nightclub that once provided Dublin dance floor addicts with an all-night party on Camden Street.

A solid favourite of students who would line up en masse to be let loose once inside the door, it is certain to say this now-closed nightclub in Dublin is sorely missed.

1. Twisted Pepper – for the cool crew

Instagram: traviszachary

Twisted Pepper (now Wig Wam) was an alternative nightclub located on Abbey Street on the Northside of Dublin city. Once upon a time, this ravey haunt welcomed mass partiers who would dance to upcoming DJs in its subterranean recesses.

The venue, which was synonymous with party drug takers, closed its doors in 2015 after an 18-year old girl died outside, after having ingested ecstasy.

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