5 Cocktail Bars in Belfast YOU NEED To Visit Before You Die

The Five best Cocktail Bars Belfast has to offer.

Belfast is Ireland’s second-largest city after Dublin, and with a population of 295,000 people, it is fast becoming a dynamic and modern city with an impressive reserve of culture and nightlife.

There are many different types of bars in Belfast, but like cocktails, they are a good mix, and you can be sure of the fact that you will find the type of cocktail you are looking for.

If Belfast is on your Bucket List and you’re a cocktail-lover, then tuck into the list of the five best cocktail bars in the city that we have put together.

5. Granny Annie’s – for live music and cocktails

Granny Annie’s is located in the heart of Belfast city centre and is one of the three bars in a chain across the North of Ireland. It is a family-run business, a point made clear in its name and how it’s run.

Don’t be fooled by the name: the people there are a young and vibrant group who make it a cocktail bar you have to visit in Belfast, with some of the best prices in the city.

The food throughout the day is excellent with an extensive menu on offer. Why not enjoy one of the tasty meals on offer in preparation for your cocktail later that evening?

Live music brings the bar to life at night time. With its unmistakable presence facing the courts, do yourself justice and have a ‘Granny’s Angel’ or ‘Cosmopolitan’ either indoors or in the outside area.

Address: 81 Chichester St, Belfast BT1 4JE

4. The Spaniard – for a trendy time

Located in the heart of Belfast’s hub for nightlife lies a small but fascinating bar with another one of those unique names that characterise the Cathedral Quarter bars. First opened in 2006, it has only grown in popularity since.

With remarkable and eye-catching art on the walls, take a seat inside the trendiest cocktail bar in Belfast.

It’s dark but in a way that makes you comfortable and feels at home. You will want to stay for more than just the one cocktail here.

While it can be hard at times to get a seat, you will not mind standing if you treat yourself to a ‘Dark Stormy’ cocktail popular in this little venue. Just ask one of the people standing next to you!

Address: 3 Skipper St, Belfast BT1 2DZ

3. Cuckoo – for the student experience

Located on the Lisburn Road just outside of the city centre and close to Queen’s University, Cuckoo is one of the best nightclubs in Belfast and is a hotspot for students. The bar usually opens to 1am with 2am exceptions on Friday and Saturday nights.

What makes Cuckoo stand out from the rest is that the cocktails come in jars rather than your average, run of the mill glass.

Grab hold of the handle and find out for yourself why people talk about this place as the best in Belfast for cocktails.

And it isn’t just the jars that are unique but the names of the cocktails, too. I mean, who doesn’t want to drink a Check Norris?

Address: 149 Lisburn Rd, Belfast BT9 7AJ

2. Revolucion De Cuba – for a Cuban taste

Located in Belfast city centre lies Revolucion de Cuba, famous for its Cuban food and cocktail selection, and its outstanding French-styled building.

The bar made its reputation in the likes of Liverpool, Glasgow and Manchester and it is fast becoming one of those nightlife destinations that you just have to visit when you are in Belfast, mentioned in almost any conversation about a night out.

While spending your time in Ireland, make sure you don’t leave without a taste of Cuba. Unsurprisingly, rum is a speciality of the bar, and you are sure to find the most sweet-tasting rum cocktails in Belfast made, prepared and served in Revolucion de Cuba.

Address: 25-39 Arthur St, Belfast BT1 5AR

1. The Perch Rooftop Bar – for a high time

Instagram: @perchbelfast

Located in Belfast city centre just next to the Grand Central Hotel, The Perch is Belfast’s original rooftop bar and is known for being one of the best bars Belfast has to offer.

Where better than a rooftop next to the tallest hotel in Ireland to sip on a cocktail of your choosing?

It is based on the fifth floor of the famous Linenhouse building. If you don’t want to tire yourself with the stairs, then take the lift up and spend your time there thinking of the cocktail you want most.

The Perch boasts an extensive list of the best cocktails you can think of with unique names such as ‘Skylark’ and ‘The Canary’ to remind you that this isn’t just any other bar serving cocktails.

If you get too cold outside, there is space indoors, but the people, the alcohol and the live music are sure to keep you out on the rooftop.

Address: 42 Franklin St, Belfast BT2 7GE

As you can see Belfast leaves us with plenty of options from which to choose from for a cocktail. Be it in the city centre or on the outskirts around it, there is a bar in Belfast that will sell a cocktail just for you.

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