The English Market, Cork: history, facts, & visit info

The English Market, Cork: history, facts, & visit info.

Cork’s English Market has been a cornerstone of trade in the city since its inception in 1788.

Not only does it provide excellent produce to the restaurants of the foodie capital of Ireland, but it also serves visitors some local specialities and international cuisines.

What’s more, visitors love the hustle and bustle of a local market that is something of a dying breed. To experience this for yourself, we’ve got all the important information ahead of your visit to the English Market.

Ireland Before You Die’s top tips for visiting the English Market:

  • Tour groups are asked to come outside peak hours (11 am-4:30 pm) to ensure that smaller groups of visitors to the market can get the most out of their visit.
  • Additionally, tour groups must register with the market ahead of their visit.
  • The market has quite narrow aisles, so visitors should be mindful of this before arrival. Please refrain from congregating in large groups along the aisles.
  • The market offers very limited public bathroom facilities: the only bathroom is located by the Market Alley entrance and is coin-operated.
  • There is no free parking. However, the market’s central location means it is easily accessible by foot or public transport.
  • Many traders only accept cash, so don’t rely solely on credit/debit cards.

Ireland Before You Die’s interesting facts about the English Market:

  • The English Market in County Cork was opened in 1788, while the city was controlled by an English Protestant corporation.
  • It gained its name to distinguish it from the nearby St. Peter’s Market, colloquially known as the “Irish” market.
  • Though there has continuously been a market on this site since 1788, the original structure has been entirely lost due to rebuilds.
  • The building as it stands today dates back to the mid-19th century. Its notable interior includes a gabled central bay, archways, and stained-glass windows.
  • Two fires in the 1980s caused severe damage to the building. Refurbishment soon restored its beauty.
  • The English Market enjoys a reputation for its fishmongers and butchers, which serve many of the city’s best restaurants.
  • It offers an excellent place to try local specialities like spiced beef, buttered eggs, and drisheen.
  • Scenes for the 2016 Irish film, The Young Offenders, were filmed in the English market.

What’s nearby

Food: The Sandwich Stall (sandwiches), Maki Sushi Rolls (Japanese food), My Goodness (vegetarian café), Café Marius, The Farmgate Café.

Drink: Mutton Lane Inn, An Bodhrán, An Bróg, The Thomand Bar, The Woodford, The Liberty Bar, The Oval.

Other attractions: National Monument, Peace Park, Crawford Art Gallery, The Butter Museum, Elizabeth Fort.

Contact and more info

Address: Princes St, Centre, Cork, Ireland


Phone: +353 (0)2 14274407

Price: Admission is free.

Opening times: Monday-Saturday, 8 am-6 pm, although some traders may work different hours during these times. The English Market closes on Sundays and bank holidays.

Your questions answered about the English Market

What day is the English Market on in Cork?

The English Market opens every day except Sundays and bank holidays.

What food is Cork known for?

Cork is known for specialities such as spiced beef, buttered eggs, and drisheen.

What day is late-night shopping in Cork?

Thursdays and Fridays are Cork’s nights for late-night shopping.

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