The day after St. Patrick’s Day: the 10 worst places to be hungover

Being hungover anywhere isn’t fun, but these are the absolute worst places to be hungover, especially after St. Patrick’s Day.

The day after St. Patrick’s Day: the 10 worst places to be hungover

Ah, Paddy’s Day. The one day of the year where everyone in the world wants to be Irish. But we’re not here to talk about the exciting celebrations, we’re here to tell you the worst places to be hungover after St. Paddy’s Day.

If you aren’t Irish, then you might wonder how Irish people generally celebrate Paddy’s day, and the answer is that most of us spend it drinking in the pub… or in the streets… or at home… or anywhere really, but the main factor is that most Irish people will spend St. Patrick’s Day consuming alcohol.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a few mindful drinks now and again, but on Paddy’s Day, in particular, a lot of Irish people tend to take it too far and spend the 18th of March very hungover.

If you are planning on drinking on Paddy’s Day, then this list of the worst places to be hungover after the celebrations will interest you.

10. Public transport – makes us queasy thinking about it

One of the worst places to be hungover is definitely on a bus or public transport.

Public transport can be an awful experience even at the best of times. However, when you are hungover, being on public transport just becomes exponentially worse.

The dead heat, the strange smells, and the annoying people shouting just becomes impossible to deal with when your head is already pounding from all the vodka you had the night before. Public transport in Ireland is definitely one of the worst places to be hungover.

9. In the office – stop tapping that keyboard!

Being in the office the day after St. Paddy's is another of the worst places to be hungover.

It is the day after Paddy’s Day and you are back in the office after a mighty session in town the night before. All of the usual ambient sounds of the office you usually don’t even notice are now driving you insane.

Every click of a stapler, the squeak of a door, and the ring of a phone is making you regret opening that second bottle of wine last night. Don’t even get me started on the sound of the printer.

8. Mass – no amount of prayers can save you now

No prayers can save you in Mass as it's one of the worst worst places to be hungover.

If St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday, then you may very well be cursed with having to go to Mass hungover on Sunday. If this happens, then there aren’t enough prayers in the world that could make this experience enjoyable.

The echo from the microphone is pulsating in your ears and reverberating around your head, reminding you of the techno you were listening to only a few hours ago. Even looking at the priest drinking the holy wine is making you gag.

7. The gym – please… no more squats

Going to the gym is totally one of the worst places to be hungover after St. Paddy's Day.

Maybe you allowed yourself to go out on Paddy’s Day as long as you promised yourself that you would go to the gym the following day. It is now the next morning and you have dragged yourself out of bed and into the gym while gagging the whole way there.

You step on the treadmill and do a light jog. The first hundred metres go very well, and you think you are cured, but by the time you have run 500 metres your stomach is inside out, and you are resisting the urge not to turn off the machine, lie down, and just curl up into a ball.

6. On a plane – as if the air pressure wasn’t bad enough

As if sitting for hours wasn't bad enough, aeroplanes are another of the worst places to be hungover.

The thoughts of sitting on an aeroplane while hungover are truly horrendous. The idea of having to deal with turbulence while already feeling nauseous from your hangover is one of the worst things imaginable.

Even without turbulence, someone beside you always orders a cheese sandwich, and I don’t think any hungover person could deal with being trapped in a confined space with that smell.

5. Working with children – the screams will echo

Working with children is another of the worst places to be hungover as children can be very annoying.

If you work with children, whether you are a teacher or a childminder or whatever else you do, it must be a very challenging job when not hungover. However, once you add being hungover into the equation I am sure that the nagging, screaming, and crying of children definitely sends you over the edge and is no longer cute.

They are still little angels, but just for today, you will imagine them to be little devils.

4. On a building site – we can hardly lift ourselves nevermind lift a hammer

Being on a building site after a night of heavy drinking is another awful place to be.

It is the day after Paddy’s Day and you have used every ounce of your being to not call into work sick because of your awful hangover. You arrive at the building site feeling as if you have been hit by a bus and your only intention is making it to tea time alive.

Every ladder you go up feels like climbing a mountain, and you start experiencing motion sickness merely bending over to pick up your measuring tape — it’s a true nightmare when someone on the site begins whistling.

3. Visiting the in-laws – please… anything but this

Visiting the in-laws is one of the worst places to be when hungover.

Ah, the in-laws. It is the day after Paddy’s Day and your wife has dragged you to her parent’s house for the day. Even in the car journey, all you can think about is having to listen to her father slag off the team you support and how you are going to manage to force down her mother’s terrible cooking.

2. On a long car journey – the middle seat is the absolute worst

Long car journeys are bad at the best of times, never mind when you're hungover.

On Paddy’s Day, people often stay overnight in different towns and cities to go out drinking, which means you have to drive home the following day. If you are lucky you won’t be driving, and you can sit in the passenger seat contemplating your existence, but if you are very unlucky, you will be stuck in the middle seat in the back wedged between two other people.

You all stink of beer and every bend you go around shakes your stomach like a washing machine. If one person gets sick, everyone is going to get sick. One hour in a car hungover can feel like a week — definitely one of the worst places to be hungover.

1. Working in a pub – we’ve seen enough alcohol!

If you spent Paddy’s Day in a pub drinking, then I can only imagine the pain of returning to a pub the following day to work hungover. Every pint you pour surely makes you gag, and the smell of vodka and other spirits reminds you of bad decisions you made the night before.

There you have it, our top ten worst places to be hungover after St. Patrick’s Day. We don’t envy anybody in these situations.

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