Pet-friendly cabins to be added to Stena Line’s Irish Sea routes

Stena Line recognises pets are considered family members to many passengers and have made their boats more pet-friendly – here’s the scoop.

Pet-friendly cabins to be added to Stena Line's Irish Sea routes.

Pet owners will be delighted to hear that Stena Line will introduce 70 new pet-friendly cabins to various routes across the Irish Sea, meaning the whole family can travel comfortably and no one needs to stay behind.

Amidst requests from passengers regarding pet-friendly facilities onboard the Swedish ferry, Stena Line has listened and provided.

Stena Line Travel Commercial Manager Orla Noonan recently stated, “Requests for pet-friendly cabins and pet lounges are some of the most frequent we receive from our customers,” prompting the company to introduce new pet facilities.

So, what can pet owners expect on the upcoming routes this summer?

Stena Line to add pet-friendly cabins to their Irish routes – what’s in store

Pet-friendly cabins to be added to Stena Line's Irish Sea routes.
Credit: Flickr/ Leo Reynolds

The dedicated pet-friendly cabins, which have just been announced and are ready to book, will be available on the Dublin-Holyhead, Rosslare-Fishguard, and Belfast-Liverpool routes this summer.

Noonan added, “Our new policy has been carefully considered, and we sought advice from experts in pet welfare, pet behaviour, and pet health”. So, you can rest assured that you and your pets will travel comfortably aboard.

As well as the dedicated cabins, a pet lounge will be introduced on the Belfast-Cairnryan route, which will be music to any pet owner’s ears. The ferry company advises all pet owners to pre-book the pet lounge before their journey.

The Swedish ferry company, in business since 1962, have stated, “We recognise pets are considered family members to many of our passengers, and we wanted to enhance our customer experience and become the best choice for pet travel”.

Getting ready for the trip – preparation for travelling with a pet is key

Preparation for travelling with a pet is key.
Credit: Pexels/ Chevanon Photography

Pet owners are encouraged to plan when travelling with a pet and to get familiar with the rules, regulations, and documentation needed in the destination country.

Furthermore, Peter Wedderburn (Pete the Vet), who was on hand to advise the company, reminds passengers to bring toys for their pets to keep them entertained whether they remain in the vehicle or a dedicated cabin.

For those travelling with pets across the Irish Sea, the following routes will offer pet-friendly facilities:

  • Fishguard-Rosslare offers pet cabins, kennels, and an in-vehicle option
  • Liverpool-Belfast offers pet cabins, pet lodges, and an in-vehicle option
  • Rosslare-Cherbourg offers pet cabins, kennels, and in-vehicle options
  • Cairnryan-Belfast will provide a dedicated pet lounge from May 2023
  • Holyhead-Dublin offers pet cabins, kennels, pet lodges, and an in-vehicle option

It is recommended to book as early as possible when travelling with a pet, and more information can be found here.

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