Irishmen create entire St Patrick’s Day parade out of Lego (WATCH)

With the usual festivities cancelled for the second year in a row, these Irishmen have taken the St Patrick’s Day parade into their own hands – literally!

Many people across Ireland and around the world miss the usual lively atmosphere that accompanies the 17 March. With many finding alternative ways to celebrate from home, two Irishmen have gone the extra mile and created an entire St Patrick’s Day parade out of Lego!

A day normally defined by a celebration of all things Irish – from the colour green flooding the streets in parades to 10 ft tall floats of St Patrick, traditional Irish music to a few too many pints – St Patrick’s Day 2021 saw quiet streets, closed pubs, and yet another day spent at home.

However, Irish people will celebrate in any way they can, and two Irishmen creating an entire St Patrick’s Day parade out of Lego exemplifies the Irish determination to have a good time!

An unusual St Patrick’s Day – cancelled festivities

These Irishmen made a St Patrick’s Day parade out of Lego.
Credit: Youtube Screenshot / Matthew Macklin

Many Irish people around the world were determined to make the best of the day at home by baking delicious Irish treats, drinking Irish-themed cocktails, and sharing their best Irish jokes.

Over 690 landmarks in 66 different countries – such as Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, and the Taj Mahal in India – lit up green to celebrate Ireland’s patron saint.

Closer to home, the skies of Dublin were lit up with an incredible green light show sharing a message of hope and images of Ireland’s cultural traditions.

Two Irishmen missed the parade so much that they decided to create their very own St Patrick’s Day parade out of Lego at home.

An impressive construction – a mini parade

The parade was even complete with a firework show.
Credit: Youtube Screenshot / Matthew Macklin

The men shared a 20-minute video online of their festive Lego parade, which is complete with commentary by Irish professional boxer Barry McGuigan.

The stop-motion video shows a crowd of Lego people lining the streets and enjoying the entertainment, floats, and music of the parade. It is even completed with a fantastic firework show!

Rory McMahon and Matthew Macklin are the creators of the impressive project, and the amazing outcome is a testament to the hard work they put into creating this festive masterpiece.

The video highlights Irish dedication to having ‘the craic’, and we are in awe that they made such an amazing St Patrick’s Day parade out of Lego – we wouldn’t blame you for feeling like you were watching the real thing!

Making the most of it – celebrating at home

These Irishmen made a St Patrick’s Day parade out of Lego.
Credit: Youtube Screenshot / Matthew Macklin

The video is full of Irish wit and humour – and even dinosaurs – and it has proved the perfect way to spread joy, celebrate Irishness, and bring people together during a time when we have to stay apart.

So, until we can enjoy the real thing again (fingers crossed for 2022), you can marvel at this amazing St Patrick’s Day parade made entirely out of Lego.

Ireland’s first lego store, opening in 2022, is one of the exciting new places to visit in Dublin!

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